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Heaven and Hell Within - 03

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If you listen to your intellect and you don’t go to this girl; your intellect may get out of the competition as a winner and your heart may start complaining. It is interesting that even when you’ve left this venue or the girl has left; your heart may still keep complaining but your intellect may not counteract now. This is because the event is over, your intellect is the winner and hence it may not bother competing after the result. In this case, the complaints generated by your heart remain unchallenged and they register on our subconscious mind, in the form of an emotional regret.

This is why this regret has formed after you’ve decided not to go this girl and not before that. As long as there’s a battle between any two entities; like your heart and intellect in this case; regret doesn’t form as they’re both competing and not complaining. As soon as one of them wins, it may get out of the competition and the loser may start complaining instead of competing. These complaints are the ones which form regrets. Hence a competition doesn’t form regrets and it is the end result of a competition; which may form regrets, if such end result is not liked by a competing entity.

This is why an athlete participating in a race may not even think about initiating the process of forming regrets, until the competition is over. It happens because he still has a chance to win and hence all his energy is focused on availing this chance. As soon as the competition ends and he loses, regrets may start forming and these regrets may be of many types. For instance, he may start thinking that he didn’t sleep well; he didn’t practice much or any other such things; and these reasons may be registered as regrets on his subconscious mind. Hence as long as he’s engaged in this competition; he may not have any of these ideas and all these ideas may come only after he’s lost.

Let’s now go back to the example where you’re trying to get banana or bananas in exchange for mango. In the third case, let’s say you’re a balanced mixture of intellectual as well as emotional abilities or to be precise, you have significant amount of conscience. In this case, your intellect may tell you that one banana for one mango is not fair and you should get three bananas, which is fair according to the prevailing standards of cost comparison between banana and mango. However, your heart may tell you not to worry about the cost or value factor and get the banana at the earliest.

This case looks similar to the second case and so it is, but only this far as it is going to change from here on, due to the intervention of your conscience. In this case also, your intellect and heart may try to strike a balance due to which you may once again start bargaining with the other person, but this time with a different mindset. In the first case, your intellect was dominant and hence the bargaining was fueled by the motive that you’ll either get three bananas in exchange for one mango or you’ll not accept the deal.

However, in this case, you have an inner agreement due to the intervention of your conscience that you’ll try to get three bananas for one mango if possible. If the other person doesn’t agree, you’ll try to convince him for two bananas in exchange for one mango. If that also doesn’t happen, you’ll accept one banana for one mango. You see; the deal between your intellect and heart is different now; as your conscience is mediating between them. In the present case, your heart has made it clear that it wants banana but at the same time, it can wait for your intellect to do what it wants.

It means your heart and intellect strike a deal through your conscience that the former will give latter proper time to get this banana as and how it finds fit. However, if the latter fails to get this banana in a way it wants, it’ll respect the wish of the former and it’ll get this banana at any cost available. It means your heart gives your intellect complete freedom to do what it wants in order to get this banana with the only condition that it has to get this banana. Hence in this case, your intellect starts bargaining with the other person and your heart looks at this whole process like a witness.

It is interesting to note that when you bargain in this case, your body language may be such that the other person may not be able to judge whether you’ll settle for one banana or not, contrary to the second case. This is because your heart was the one which controlled the act of bargaining in the second case whereas your intellect is the one doing this thing in this case. Since your intellect is smart enough at the art of bargaining and reasoning, the other person may not know your true feelings, though you may really want this banana.

As a result, though you’re fully interested in this banana like in the second case, the other person may not judge this interest of yours as there’s an agreement between your heart and intellect due to which, your heart is staying out of this act of bargaining. Hence this operation is being carried out by your intellect though it is being carried out for your heart. Accordingly, the goal is the same as that in the second case but the path to achieve that goal is different.

This reminds me of an interesting person who had this balance between his heart and intellect. If he wanted to purchase mangos from a shop for the first time, he’d never ask for the price of mangos straight away. He’d first ask about the price of apples, then that of oranges, than that of bananas and then only he’d ask about the price of mangos. He applied this theory to many other spheres also like while trying to purchase a specific bouquet from an array of bouquets in a flower shop; and surprisingly, he got good results most of the time.

Once I asked him why he did so and he explained the reason which was something like this. As a general rule, most people first enquire about the price of the item they want the most, followed by the item which is second on their list of priority and so on. Sellers know this thing and hence they’re convinced that the first item to be enquired about is most likely to be purchased. Accordingly, they tend to charge more for it as they know you’re very likely to buy it. For instance, the fruit seller in this case may quote you relatively higher price for apples as he thinks you want apples the most and so you’ll surely buy them.

By the time you go to mangos, he may not only get this idea that you may not buy mangos because you’re asking about them so late; but he may also think that you may not buy anything at all. This is because you keep asking about the price of one thing after the other and you stop at none of them. This is an indicator that you may not be much interested in any fruit at all and hence you may or may not purchase any of them. Since his job is to sell as long he makes any amount of profit, he may offer you relatively less price for mangos in order to ensure that you do purchase something. Hence you’re likely to get the thing you really want at a better price, if your intellect does this job for your heart. An interesting fact is that the seller may think that you’ve purchased mangos only because he offered a better price : )

Likewise, when you go to a flower shop for the first time and you like a specific bouquet, ask about the price of three to four other bouquets before enquiring the price of this bouquet and you may once again get a better price. This happens because the seller may assume that you’re not much interested in the bouquet you really want; as you’re asking about it very late. The same theory can be applied to many other spheres when you’re dealing with someone for the first time or you deal with someone once in a blue moon. The sellers you visit often; have relationships with you and they’ll very likely not charge you more as you’re a permanent customer. Hence this practice may not be needed there.

Coming back to the example, if your intellect succeeds in getting three bananas in exchange for one mango, both your intellect and heart are happy as both of them have accomplished what they wanted. If your intellect succeeds in getting two bananas in exchange for one mango, your intellect feels partly happy and your heart still feels completely happy. In the last possible outcome, if your intellect succeeds in getting only one banana for one mango, your heart still feels the same happiness though your intellect may only be partly happy.

This is because your intellect visualized three bananas for one mango as the best bargain, two bananas for one mango as the second best bargain and one banana for one mango as the last option. Since it has only been able to achieve the minimum, your intellect can’t feel duly happy in this case. However, it may still be somewhat happy due to the fact that it has tried its best and your heart has been kind enough to give it due time to engage in such effort. Therefore, your intellect may not generate a mental regret in this case.

Your heart on the other hand has got nothing to do with the nature of your intellect and it only cares for that banana. As far as your heart goes; three bananas for one mango is equal to two bananas for one mango, which is again equal to one banana for one mango. This may sound absurd to you as this is against the rules of mathematics but you should understand that mathematics is the language of your intellect and it is not the language of your heart : )

Your heart simply doesn’t do calculations like this. The language of your heart is qualitative and not quantitative whereas your intellect puts significant important to quantity also. This is why there is an obvious contrast between the two of them as your heart doesn’t care for numbers and calculations and it only cares for feelings. In the language of your heart, one can be equal to hundred and at times, one can even be greater than hundred. It means that for one specific thing or person, your heart may encourage you to leave hundred other things or people, if needed. We’ll discuss it in details later on.

This is why you’ll find that poets don’t seem to do justice to mathematics and even to science as both these subjects are ruled by intellect whereas poets are ruled by heart. Hence they speak in the language of heart which is understood very well by emotional type of people whereas it may not be understood at all by a strong intellectual type. I mean how can your lover be equal to Moon? It simply can’t happen for an intellectual type and it is absolutely possible for an emotional type. You’ll be surprised to know that both of them are right. More details will be discussed later on.

Hence you engage in bargaining in the third case also but things are different here. You are already resolved that you have to get this banana and everything else is secondary. However, as your intellect is also strong, you try your best to get this banana in the way your intellect wants. It should be noted that your intellect is not interested in one or even three bananas and it is your heart which is interested in bananas to start with. Your intellect is only interested in a smart deal in order to feel happy. Hence you get this banana for your heart and your try to get a smart deal for your intellect.

This is the time to understand that people dominated by heart or intellect, which means people of the isolate type generally face problems in some spheres of their lives, depending on which of the two is dominant. The people dominated by heart may enjoy things as well as relationships but they may not be able to collect much money, though they may certainly earn well. On the contrary, the people dominated by intellect may enjoy material success and accumulation of wealth but they may not be able to duly enjoy life as well as have good relationships as they tend to ignore their hearts. Coming to the example, you see how many possibilities are there, even when you want to exchange a mango for a banana.

Coming back one more step, let’s go to that gold ornament trap once again. Your intellect assigns relative values to all material things and it compare those values as and when it has the need to reach a conclusion about which one of the items among a given number of items holds maximum value. Hence your intellect knows that on this relative scale, gold holds significant value and accordingly, most people won’t offer it free of cost. Your intellect may then start relating other things to this situation and it may start building a theory.

It means your intellect may break this situation down into pieces and it may try to understand each one of these pieces and it may finally try to understand the entire equation, based on the understanding of these pieces. One piece of this situation says that gold is expensive and most people won’t offer it for free. Hence this gold may have been left here by mistake or there may be something intentional about this act.

When it comes to decide between these two facts, your intellect looks at the second piece of information which says that this gold has not been dropped and it has been especially hung with the help of a wire. Hence your intellect reaches a decision that this gold is not here by mistake and it is an intentional act committed by a human. The intellect once again breaks this conclusion into two possibilities.

The first possibility says the person who hung this gold here may not have bad intentions and the second one says he may have such bad intentions. Third piece of information says that this gold ornament has been hung by a wire which goes back to a hidden type of setup, like into some bushes or to some tree bunches. Your intellect guides you to follow this wire and as you do so, you come across the dart hidden at the other end of this wire in a way that as soon as you pull on the gold ornament with certain amount of force, the dart may be fired at you.

This way, you may unveil the mystery behind this gold ornament and you may take this gold ornament after removing the dart, if you want to take this gold ornament. This is how your intellect works. It breaks every piece of information provided by someone or by a situation into pieces and it considers all the possibilities one by one. Out of them, it chooses one possibility, it moves in that direction and whatever comes next on that path, it once again breaks it into pieces or possibilities. Your intellect keeps doing this until it has reached the final conclusion according to it or it has reached the root of the matter under consideration.

It is only due to the tendency of the intellect to break things down into smaller units that humans have found things even as small as electrons. The intellect starts from a bigger unit like an element, it divides the element into pieces, it gets molecules, it further divides molecules and it gets atoms. The intellect breaks down an atom also and it finds a nucleus, electrons, protons and neutrons. This way, the intellect starts from the biggest thing and it tries to reach the smallest unit possible in that thing so that it may understand such thing completely as well as in the deepest details possible.

Though an electron looks like the smallest particle of an element at this time, the human intellect may find an even smaller particle if it happens to exist, over the coming years. This is because the job of intellect is to keep breaking down things and situations into smaller units until it has reached the smallest unit. It will stop only when it knows for sure that it has reached the smallest unit that constitutes a thing or a situation.

As you can understand, most other species will fall into this trap as well as into other types of traps which are easy to detect if there is the presence of even reasonable amount of intellect in them. This suggests that they don’t have reasonably developed mental planes and only human beings possess developed mental planes among the species on earth. Hence most species fall into the traps which humans can easily decode and destroy. Though some of these species seem to possess some intellect but it may not be sufficient to call them intellectual.

After understanding the working of mental plane, let’s try to find out what makes different people posses different intellectual levels or so to so, why do different people have mental planes with different strengths. The primary factor that controls the level of intellect you posses is the desire element and the factor of good or bad karmas is not as relevant in this case as it is in case of physical beauty, though the factor of karmas may certainly affect the type of results you may get through the application of your intellectual abilities.

The reason why your intellect depends much more on your desire than on your good or bad karmas is that when it comes to physical form, it is short lasting. This means your physical beauty doesn’t last long on the scale of your soul’s journey and at the same time, a particular physical body may only remain with you for one life which may be a period of seventy to eighty years on average. Among these years also, you may retain your prime physical beauty for about thirty to forty years at the most, if all conditions work in your favor.

As physical beauty is short lasted and as your physical body changes in every life, it follows different patterns compared to the formation of your intellect. It is the time to understand that your intellect is not short lasted as it is not the attribute of your physical body and it is the attribute of your subconscious mind or you can say it is the attribute of your soul. As a result, your intellectual abilities are not short lasted and hence they depend on different things.

The development of intellect is a gradual process which takes place over thousands of your lives or to be exact, it keeps developing until you’ve reached the ultimate point of development, provided you keep working for such development. As the journey of a soul starts, it marks some preferences and based on those preferences, it enters into a personality type among the already explained four personality types.

If a soul bends towards intellectual personality type, this is what happens. The native having such soul starts developing the desire to understand the working of different things and secrets of nature; in any particular life. As this desire becomes stronger, this native tries to dig deep into a number of things or concepts though he may not understand much as the journey for the development of intellectual plane has just started. It means the bucket of mental plane has only received a few drops of water and there is a long time before this bucket is even half filled.

As this native tries harder and harder to understand different things, his subconscious mind registers the demand for the development of his mental plane. This is because the strong desire and the specially targeted activities of this native are asking for his energy to flow towards mental plane and this whole process is facilitated through subconscious mind.

This is the time to know that all of us have specific amounts of energy within us and the flow of this energy in various directions within our entities is decided by the desire element. If you don’t know the mechanism of channelizing this energy into specific directions or towards specific targets, this job is done by your subconscious mind, based on the desire or demand that you practice. For example, when you try to understand more and more about the working of different things and you don’t succeed, your subconscious mind starts sending more and more energy to your mental plane.

As a result, your mental plane receives more energy, which means your intellect grows. This process is subconscious or hidden as well as slow and hence it may take long or very long time for your mental plane to grow even in small units. The speed of growth of your mental plane depends directly on the intensity of your desire and the intensity of your specifically targeted activities in order to fulfill such desire. This is why if you continuously desire for something and you keep working hard to achieve it, such thing becomes easier to achieve. It happens because your subconscious mind channels a significant amount of energy towards your objective and this extra energy makes it easy for you to accomplish your task.

Another way of growing your mental plane is the conscious way. This is the way of meditation through which you learn about the energy available in your body and you also learn how to focus a significant percentage of this energy towards any specific plane. Hence if you wish to develop your mental plane more and more, you meditate in a specific way; with your focus or concentration on your mental plane whereas if you wish to develop your emotional plane, you meditate with your focus or concentration on your emotional plane.

As you do that regularly over a period of time, more and more energy in your body starts rushing towards your mental plane and as a result, you start witnessing that your intellect is growing. This is when you start understanding things that you didn’t understand earlier and your ability to reason and discriminate increases. However, the method of conscious meditation for the development of a particular plane is very technical as well as tricky. Hence it is not available for most of us and so we stick to the first method, which is the subconscious way of developing a stronger and stronger intellectual plane.

Getting back to this method, let’s suppose the maximum possible capacity of your mental plane is ten thousand units. As your mental plane grows, it becomes capable of using and channelizing more and more units of energy, which means it becomes capable of producing more and more work as more energy means more output related to the plane in action.

Hence for the sake of this example, your mental plane starts from very low capacity at the beginning of the journey of your soul and it can go up to ten thousand units of energy. It means at the beginning, your mental plane is capable of using and channelizing low amounts of energy. This is the time to note that when it comes to grow or expand your mental plane, there are two factors to be considered.

The first one of these factors is your ability to send more and more energy to your mental plane and you can do so subconsciously through desires or you can do so through conscious methods like meditation. However, this is not all that is required and there is one more factor in play. At any particular time, your mental plane has the ability to absorb and channelize a particular amount of energy and it can’t pay attention to energy more than that. It means that supplying your mental plane with more and more energy is not the only solution to your intellectual growth and you have to allow proper time to your mental plane, so that it may gradually start handling more and more energy.

Let’s consider an example from day to day life in order to understand this concept in a better way. Suppose you can eat one kg of solid food at a time, when you try to eat as much as you can. It means one kg of solid food at a time is your capacity. Now if you wish to increase this capacity, there are two important factors to be considered. The first factor is your ability to supply more and more food to your body, which can be done by eating more and more.

Though it may not look like an important factor to some people but it is. If you don’t have sufficient resources to arrange this much amount of food, you won’t be able to do so on regular basis and regular practice is a key aspect if you want to increase this capacity. Even if you have all the resources available, you have to consciously engage in the karma of eating more and more food, which requires effort. Hence this first factor includes your desire to eat more, the resources needed to arrange that food and the effort required in order to eat that food.

The second factor deals with the capacity of your stomach or digestive system to handle and process this food. If you have a capacity to eat one kg solid food at a time, it means your internal system won’t be able to handle and process food more than one kg. As you keep eating and as you reach closer to this limit, your internal system starts sending you signals to stop eating more food. Once you reach your limit of one kg, these signals become so strong that you may not be able to eat more, even if you want to. It means your stomach has reached its capacity and hence it can’t handle more food.

Himanshu Shangari