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Heaven and Hell Within - 03

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 The Intellect

The second important plane is called mental plane and this is the plane which deals with all the intellectual activities. Mental plane is the one which is primarily responsible for all the scientific evolution of mankind. This means it is the mental plane which gives us the ability to look at things with curiosity, the curiosity to understand their working mechanisms, the urge to try and dig deep into their mechanisms and finally the ability to have such understanding and use it in future.

Hence through our mental plane, we learn the working principles of a number of things in nature and then we use those principles to understand as well as create things working on similar principles. It is the mental plane which made someone think that if fire is created by nature at random times; there must be some mechanism behind it. Hence this person might have started looking for the working principle of creating fire and through this journey fueled by his mental plane; he may have ultimately discovered how to create fire as and when needed.

Similarly, someone may have noticed long back that when certain round type of objects like stones move on ground, it is easier for them to move, compared to the objects with other types of shapes. The mental plane of this person may once again have made him interested in finding the working principle behind the ease or difficulty which various objects experience while trying to move. This may once again have started a new mission for the mental plane and through this journey, concepts like friction may have been established and discoveries like that of wheel may have been accomplished.

The job of the mental plane is to try and understand more and more things as well as concepts and then use them to advantage. It is due to the mental plane that we have been able to create so much around us, that no other species has been able to create so far. This is because human beings have far more capable and bigger mental planes than all other species on earth, found so far. Though some other species may exhibit certain patterns of behaviors which suggest the presence of mental plane in them, such exhibitions are limited.

This suggests that these species may have the presence of mental plane in them, but the ability of this plane may be far less versatile than that of human beings. It means the mental planes of these species may only have certain specific types of orientations which may help them understand certain specific types of things and these orientations may help them have intelligence related to certain specific types of things. However, due to the limited scope of their mental planes, they may not witness the expansion of this plane on a scale as humans can.

This is why humans are considered as the most gifted species on earth as most other species don’t have mental planes as capable and versatile as humans have. The ability to rationalize and reach decisions on the basis of logics or reasons, especially when dealing with a situation for the first time is an orientation of mental plane that rarely any other species on earth but humans possess. It means even the most intelligent species other than humans may not be able to decide what to do when they face a specific type of situation for the first time.

Hence the only way possible for them may be to experience such thing, memorize the outcomes and then use this preference as and when needed in future. For example, rats are trapped by luring them with a piece of cheese attached to a spring in a rat trap. The rats come for cheese and they’re trapped. It should be noted that this trap is an open type of trap and nothing is hidden. It means if a rat has the presence of a properly capable mental plane, it can understand in a second that the cheese is attached to a spring and as soon as it tries to pull on this piece of cheese, the spring will feel the pull and the trap will tighten around it.

The eyes of the rat see this trap but it still doesn’t understand a thing, which suggests the absence of a duly developed mental plane. If this rat had a duly developed mental plane, it is easy to understand that cheese is attached to a spring and the spring is going to get it into a trap if the cheese is pulled on. Therefore, a rat falls into this trap due to absence of duly developed mental plane. It’s been happening to rats for hundreds of generations and they still don’t understand a thing about this trap. This confirms the same thing in an even more pronounced way.

Now imagine hanging a gold ornament with a spring in an open type of setup which shows that as soon as the spring experiences pressure beyond a point, it will trigger a trap which can release a dart or something like it and such dart is aimed in a way that it will hit the object trying to pull on this gold ornament. This is an imaginary trap for humans and as you understand, many of us are smart enough not to fall for it.

This is because we have duly capable mental planes which give us the ability to look into the working of things in a detailed way, in order to reach the root. Hence when a person with reasonable level of intellect sees this gold ornament, he may find it attached to a spring or a wire. His eyes may follow this wire and in no time, he may find out that the wire is attached to a dart which will be shot if he pulls on the spring. The presence of duly capable mental plane helps him understand this mechanism and he may even use it to his advantage.

Accordingly, he may first disconnect the dart from the spring; he may then take this gold ornament and move on. Let’s now try to understand the involvement of mental plane behind this small act. Among many jobs, our mental plane handles the job of raising suspicions based on logics or so to say possibilities, especially when dealing with new situations. For example, when you see a gold ornament hanging on a wire, this is what starts happening inside your mental plane.

You may start thinking that it is a gold ornament, which means it has been made by a human. It is hung by a wire, which means it has also been done by a human. Hence you understand that this gold ornament is not hanging here naturally and there is the involvement of a human being in this act. When you reach this decision, your mental plane warns you about something wrong or harmful. This is because through information stored on your subconscious mind, your mental plane understands that gold is of high value to humans and if someone has hung a piece of gold for other people to take, such person may be looking for something even more valuable than this piece of gold.

This is the time to understand that all those complex calculations of profit and loss take place on your mental plane and the other planes don’t have to do anything with these calculations, most of the time. Hence it is primarily the job of your mental plane to assign material value to things and then compare the value of one thing with that of the other things, though your ego is also involved in many cases. It is primarily due to the mental plane that we’ve established concepts like currency notes which help us assign and understand the values of a number of material things in relation to each other.

This means if you can buy six bananas for one dollar and you can buy two mangos for the same one dollar, your mental plane gives you reasoning that mangos are three times more valuable than bananas. This is the job of your mental plane, to try and understand the value of things with respect to other things. Another job of your mental plane is to understand the things with higher material values and use them to your advantage. It means your mental plane tries to bring profits for you, based on the type and amount of information or data it possesses at a particular time.

As a result, if a stranger offers you a banana and asks for a mango that you have, in exchange for this banana, you mental plane may tell you that you’ll face loss in this transaction. The intellect generated by this plane tells you that mangos are three times more valuable than bananas and hence you should be offered three bananas in exchange for one mango. As your intellect supplies you with this information, you may refuse to exchange your mango with the banana that the other person may be offering.

This is how your intellect helps you achieve more in your life, by assigning value to things and then making relative calculations based on those values. In any given situation, your intellect informs you about the profit or loss you may face if you choose to engage in a particular type of activity, based on the information stored on your mind, related to such act. Hence you may refuse to exchange mango for banana.

It should be noted that your mental plane works only on the basis of values and information fed into it and it doesn’t work on the basis of feelings, which is the job of your emotional plane. For instance, if you have ten mangos, you see a stranger having a number of bananas and you feel like having a banana, this is what may happen. The feeling of having a banana doesn’t rise in your mental plane and instead, it rises in your emotional plane or so to say, it comes from your heart.

When it comes to your emotional plane, it doesn’t bother about the material value of things or people and it assigns values to things and people on different basis, which we’ll discuss later on. Hence when your heart feels like having a banana and the other person offers you a banana in exchange for a mango, a complex process involving your heart and brain may start inside you. Your intellect may start telling you that you should not accept this deal as you face loss. On the other hand, your heart may tell you that you should accept this deal because you want banana, the other person is offering it and this is all that matters.

Have you heard about the saying, ‘the heart wants what it wants’? This is exactly what may happen in this case as well as in many other such cases. Your intellect decides the value of things or people, based on the already established material guidelines whereas your heart decides the value of things or people based on how strongly it wants them. This is why your intellect and your emotions may almost never be in harmony with each other as the values they operate on are far different from each other. In simple terms, the language of your intellect is much different and sometimes even opposite to the language of your heart.

Coming back to the example, your intellect may start telling you that one banana for one mango means loss and you should get three bananas. Hence your intellect may encourage you against this transaction. On the other hand, your heart may tell you that you want to have a banana and you can have it right now. What you offer in return is immaterial as long as you can offer it. Hence it motivates you to accept this deal and have this banana at the earliest. A battle of material value versus the emotional value of this banana starts inside you and this battle is called the battle of your intellect versus your heart.

A number of outcomes are possible here and let’s look into three of them. As this complex reaction or battle starts inside you, the resultant depends on your overall personality or your net aura. Taking the first case, if your overall personality has a far more developed mental plane and less developed emotional plane, your mental plane may win this battle as it may win over your emotional plane. If this is your personality type, it means the relative material values of things and people are far more important for you, compared to how you actually feel about those things or people.

This is the time to understand that when it comes to assign value to things or people, your mental plane works on the basis of already assigned values, which may have been assigned by other people called society, over a period of hundreds or even thousands of years. Hence all the concepts which differentiate between the rich and the poor, gold and silver, banana and mango and many other such things or people have been established by your intellect and not by your heart.

Your heart on the other hand, assigns values to things and people on individual basis and not on the basis of already established guidelines. It means your heart assigns value to a banana based on how much it wants this banana and not on the basis of the already assigned material value. Hence your intellect is more like a repetitive thing and your heart is more like a fresh, on the spot and spontaneous thing. This is why you’ll find that people with less developed emotional planes are sort of dry and a little too practical type of people as they don’t have freshness or spontaneity in them.

If your overall personality is strongly mental type, a strong sense of loss will be conveyed and you may refuse this deal, though your heart may keep crying for this banana. Looking at the need of your heart, your intellect may suggest you to engage in bargaining with this person and this is what you may do. You may try to convince him with rational logics that one mango is equal to three bananas in terms of value and hence he should give you three bananas in exchange for one mango. If the other person agrees, your intellect as well as your heart may both feel satisfied.

This is because your intellect doesn’t have anything to do with banana or mango to start with. All it cares about is profit or loss in every transaction that you make. Hence if the overall deal works out well on the basis of profit and loss theory, your intellect is satisfied. Talking about your heart, it doesn’t care about how you get that banana and all it cares for is that you do get that banana. Hence in this case, you may get three bananas after bargaining and this way, both your intellect and heart are satisfied.

Looking into the second possibility in the same case, you engage in bargaining and the other person refuses to bargain straight away. It means he says one banana for one mango or no deal. If this is the case, your intellect will refuse this deal and as you’re controlled by your intellect, this deal is doomed. Hence this deal doesn’t happen and now you have two different types of reactions related to these two planes.

Your intellect is once again as happy as it was in the first case. This is because it got you a fair deal in the first case and it prevented you from facing a loss in the second case. Hence its job has been done equally well in both the cases and so it feels happy. Getting profit out of something or preventing loss through something; are two important things for your intellect and if it achieves any one of these objectives, its job is done. Hence your intellect feels happy in this case also.

Your heart on the other hand, starts protesting and crying out for banana. As your intellect has dominance over your heart, the wish of your heart is rejected again and again. This is when you may feel that though you’ve rejected the offer, the offer is still taking place inside you again and again. It means that though the deal seems over on the surface, it is not over inside you. Your heart keeps asking for this banana and your intellect keeps refusing.

As a result, you won’t get this banana and all you get is a regret generated by your heart that you wanted this banana and you couldn’t have it. This emotional regret may cause a conflict within you, the conflict between your heart and intellect. This conflict as well as all other such conflicts which may rise from time to time; may affect your overall personality and they may create some distortions in your personality. We’ll discuss this topic in details, later on.

In the second case, suppose your personality is dominated by your emotional plane and not by your mental plane, which means listening to your heart is more important for you, than listening to your intellect. In this case, when you want to have a banana and the other person offers only one banana for one mango, you may not take much time and you may accept this deal. It may also be the case that the amount of intellect that you have may still encourage you to bargain in order to get three bananas for one mango and you may even do so.

However, as you’re controlled by your heart, even the act of bargaining may be weak enough for the other person to observe that you really want a banana and you’ll not walk out of this deal. Remember, when you go to a shop, you like an item a lot and this liking clearly shows on your face; it becomes difficult to bargain for that item? This is because the seller notices that you have deep liking for this item and you’ll definitely purchase it. Hence he doesn’t offer much reduction in price so that he may profit more.

On the other hand, when you look at an item in the same shop, you’re not much interested in it, which means you can afford to buy or not buy it and then you try to bargain, the result may be different. The seller may be more flexible in this case and you may get a better deal. This is because he observes that if not offered a good deal, you may not purchase this item and hence he offers you a relatively better deal. Considering yet another possibility, you look at another item in this shop, you’re partly interested in this item like in the second case and you ask for its price; this is what may happen.

If for some reason, the seller really wants to get rid of this item, which means he wants to sell it at the earliest, he may offer you good discount even without asking. It means when you ask for its price, he may promptly tell you that the price is Rs. 1000 but you can have it for Rs. 800. When he does so, it means he wants to sell this item, which means he’ll settle for even less. You see, how much is going on inside you as well inside the seller, even when engaging in simple acts like buying or selling an item.

Therefore, even if you try to bargain, it may be obvious from your face and body language that you’ll settle for one banana in exchange for one mango as your heart is controlling this act of bargaining and not your intellect. Hence this is what you may get and you may end up having one banana for one mango. In this situation, your heart may be completely satisfied as it wanted banana and it got banana; which is all it cares for. Your intellect on the other hand may start giving you negative vibes and these vibes may especially become significant once you finish eating this banana.

As your heart is dominant over your intellect, the latter may not do much until you eat this banana and it may wait for that moment. This is because until you eat this banana, you’re heart is completely involved in this equation and as it is dominant, your intellect may not be listened to. As soon as the banana is finished, your heart gets out of this equation because the only thing it wanted at this time was to have this banana, it has had this banana and hence its job is accomplished. So it gets out of the equation and it doesn’t care what happens next.

Imagine a long queue for anything like movie tickets. Suppose you have a friend behind the ticket counter, he offers you a ticket out of turn, you get this ticket and you’re happy. You may notice that a number of people standing in the queue for long time may resent and they may even say something negative about you as well as your friend because you’re both breaking the established rule for this queue. However, you may also remember that as soon as you get this ticket, you don’t care for what other people say and you walk away, leaving them in the queue and letting them say whatever they want to say.

Likewise, when a politician wins an election, a number of people may criticize the way he may have won such election as he may have used unfair means; but he doesn’t care. This is because he’s got what he wanted and hence he’s relaxed. This is the time to understand that if there are two or more parties engaged in a situation, the party which gets everything it wants may almost never complain and in fact, it may not even want to get into an argument. It is only the party or parties which don’t get much or anything; which will engage in arguments and complaints.

Hence there are either achievements or complaints. This is why you may find that the winner of a competition generally doesn’t complain about anything because he’s got the best this competition has to offer. On the other hand, the ones who have not won may have a number of negative things to say about this competition, the judges or even about the winner. Hence you either achieve or you complain; and both these things generally don’t happen together. It should be noted that even if you don’t achieve, you’ll complain only if you’re driven by your ego and not if you’re driven by your conscience; unless your complaints are genuine ones. We’ll talk more about this topic, later on.

As your heart has got the banana it wanted, it gets out of the equation and only your intellect is left now, to make complaints. It should be noted that as long as you don’t get this banana, both your heart and intellect are competing inside you. In the queue for movie tickets, imagine a couple of people trying to tell you that you should not bypass the queue and this happens before you get the ticket. If that happens, you may engage in a conflict as you want to get this ticket at the earliest and they’re trying to stop you from doing so. Hence you may engage in a conflict or competition until your interest is taken care of.

However, as soon as your interest is taken care of, which means as soon as you get this ticket, you may get out of this equation and you may not want to argue with these people any longer. This is because the need to engage in argument in the first place was there because you wanted to get this ticket and this need died the moment your objective was achieved. Hence as soon as you get this banana, the heart wins and it gets out of this competition; leaving only your intellect to complain as the competition may not have been decided fairly; according to your intellect.

Accordingly, your intellect may keep complaining that you did a bad thing by accepting one banana for one mango and you should have got three bananas or you should have walked out of this deal. As your intellect is alone in this competition now, there’s no one to compete with it. As a result, whatever it says may not receive any opposition and this is what may cause an intellectual regret inside you. It should be noted that until you get this banana, each action of your intellect is counteracted by your heart and hence; regret doesn’t form as a completion is there.

However, as you get this banana, your heart gets out of the equation and only your intellect is playing now. As a result, there may be no opposition to whatever it says and hence its opinions may be marked on your subconscious mind. Since these opinions are negative and they’re not counteracted by any other entity inside you, they are registered in the form of complaints or regrets. This is because in order for a real competition to take place, there should be at least two entities competing and a competition cannot happen if there is only one. Hence in the second case, you may once again have regrets though they’re mental regrets this time.

Have you noticed that all regrets are caused after you’ve done or not done something in a situation and they are not caused during those moments when you’re engaged in the act of deciding or doing something? This is because as long as you’re engaged, more than one entity is involved in competition and hence the regrets don’t form. As soon as you choose to go with one of these entities, such winning entity may get out of the competition and the losing entity may start making complaints of not being given a fair chance.

These complaints are called regrets. For instance, if you like a girl and you want to ask her out on a date; your heart and intellect may engage in a competition. Suppose this girl is higher or much higher than you in social status, established standards of beauty or in anything else. In this case, your intellect when influenced by your ego may start scaring you that on a logical scale, you don’t stand a chance and hence you shouldn’t ask her out as she may very likely refuse and that too in an insulting manner. Your heart may supply its own reasons and it may encourage you to take a chance.

Himanshu Shangari