Heaven and Hell Within Part 3 04

Heaven and Hell Within - 03

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Hence it may happen that you may like the first employer better than the second one but you may still keep working for the second one as money is your priority. It means you may still like the first job while you’re engaged in the second one which you also like. Therefore, if the circumstances are such that you’re offered a better salary by your first employer; you may once again go back to him. It means you don’t have anything against anyone of these jobs and even against anyone of these employers and you’re making these moves because of positive reasons.

Now suppose you have a terrible argument with the first employer and as a result; you develop hatred for him. In this case, you may start looking for a new job primarily because of hate for this job as this job means this employer for you; and not in order to witness growth. Hence you may accept the offer for another job even if the salary is the same or even less by 10%. This action is motivated by hate and hence it is a negative action. The chances are high in this case that you may never even think of working for the first employer again.

It is the time to know that fulfilled desires help you move away for positive reasons which means for evolution of your soul; as engaging in more and more acts of different types gives you chances to evolve more. On the other hand, forcefully suppressed desires make you move away from them for negative reasons and they become troublesome for you in the long run. This is because you have negative feelings related to these desires; and these feelings keep you attached to these desires; thereby making it difficult for you to move ahead.

For instance, you may try your best to become an actor but after five years of hard effort, you may still achieve almost nothing in this field. Since you may not want or afford to wait longer; you may choose to move to another profession. In addition to that, you may have seen a number of actors who came after you and who may even be less talented than you; but they succeeded due to various factors like having solid connections in the industry. As you move away from acting; this wish remains unfulfilled and in addition to that, you may develop hatred for movie industry as it was unfair to you.

If such is the case, you may never be able to get over this desire though you may think so at times. This is because your negative feelings and unfulfilled nature of this desire mark it strongly on your subconscious mind though you may have removed it from conscious mind or thoughts. It means you may engage in another profession and you may try your best not to even think about acting any longer; but that doesn’t change a thing and in fact; you’re making this matter worse.

The desire as well as negative feelings attached to acting is still strong inside your subconscious mind and that is all that matters. In addition to that, you keep reminding your subconscious mind to remember this desire, though you may not even realize how. For instance, you come across the trailer of a movie by chance, and this movie is made by the director who treated you unfairly. This may trigger a series of negative thoughts within you; you may consciously start cursing this director or hating him once again and all these thoughts may send messages to your subconscious mind that there is an unsettled score with movie industry.

As these messages reach your subconscious mind; it attaches even more importance to acting; thereby making it even more difficult for you to forget this failure as it may keep sending thoughts about acting; time and again to your conscious mind. We’ll discuss the way your subconscious mind sends thoughts to your conscious mind, later on. It means you won’t be able to make much progress on your spiritual journey as long as you don’t get rid of this desire which carries so much negativity now.

The best way for an average person is to try and achieve success as a movie actor in this case; no matter how long that may take; so that this desire may be fulfilled and you may feel relaxed as your subconscious mind stops sending thoughts related to this desire, to your conscious mind. You may have noticed that when you haven’t eaten for many hours, your subconscious mind may start sending you messages of hunger. If you try to suppress these messages due to any reasons, they may increase in frequency.

However, if you eat and you eat a lot; the messages stop at once and the last thing your subconscious mind may remind you for the next couple of hours is food. Hence the best way to avoid receiving more and more such messages it to pay attention to the first message related to hunger; and have something to eat. Accordingly; the best way to move out of acting is to leave it for positive reasons and not suppress it for negative reasons.

Coming back, as you don’t have anything against acting and you simply love being a scientist more than being an actor at this time; there is no negativity related to acting. Since you have expertise related to acting from past lives though you may not know it consciously, this is what may happen. Your subconscious mind may suggest you to engage in acting in order to earn money as money may be the first thing you may need at that time, in order for your life to operate in a smooth way. The ways of your subconscious mind are hidden as well as mysterious and you may not be aware of them at all.

For instance, you may have an actor friend or a director friend who’s working on a movie. As you happen to meet him randomly; you may not know but your subconscious mind may suggest you the idea of being an actor; and this is how. For instance, you may tell this actor friend that you observed him during the shoot and you feel that a particular type of emotion should be portrayed in a different way; so that it may look better. You may even try and portray that emotion in order to make him understand better; and you may do so with purely positive intentions of helping him out.

Your actor friend may not only find the emotion portrayed by you much better than the one portrayed by him; he may also be surprised at the way you portrayed such a difficult emotion without any effort at all. The reason for this is that you’ve already portrayed this emotion many times in your recent past life and hence you’ve perfected it, though you’re not consciously aware of it. Considering your friend is also a good person, he may suggest you to try acting as he sees acting potential in you.

You come back home and whenever you become free, his suggestion starts coming back to you again and again. In reality, it is the act of your subconscious mind which encouraged your friend to suggest you this idea; through the display of perfect piece of acting. Hence you may think it is your friend’s idea; he’s only been used as a medium in reality; and the root cause lies within your subconscious mind. Considering a number of logical possibilities from here, if this friend doesn’t suggest you this thing, your subconscious mind may keep putting this idea into other people’s head until a number of them suggest you to act.

Even if your friend suggests, you may give it due thought but you may still not be able to make up your mind about acting. If that happens, your subconscious mind may keep getting you such suggestions until the time you’re sure to give it a try. You try acting and you achieve success at a fast pace. All you may know consciously is that it was your friend who put this thought into your mind, but this is partial knowledge. The missing piece of this information is that it is your subconscious mind which put this thought into your friend’s mind that he should encourage you to be an actor; through the suggestion you gave him regarding that emotion; as well as through the perfect piece of acting that you delivered before him. You see, how powerful and invisible are the acts of your subconscious mind : )

Hence this native may have to engage in acting though he may want to become a scientist, as he may not be able to achieve success as a scientist or he may not even be able to become a scientist to start with; due to lack of expertise in the field of science. If this happens; kindly understand that though this native may have nothing against acting and he may even like it; he’s acting under condition and it is not his first natural wish at this time. It means that he wants to be a scientist at this time but he has to be an actor for financial reasons. Hence he has become an actor in order to earn money and not in order to fulfill a wish related to acting.

Therefore, your profession may not be the natural expression of your soul at times and it may be something done under a condition though such condition may be a subtle one and you may not even realize it. However, when it comes to your free time; it is the time when you’re not bound by any duty and you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do or anything which is not your first choice. As you’re free from all types of conditions now, you’re in a temporary state of liberation and this is when your natural expressions will come out. Hence if you’re a mixture of two personality types; the one that expresses through your free time is the one that you really want and accordingly; it is the one you’re trying to shift into.

Have you ever wondered that even if you engage in certain activities which may demand a significant amount of physical work when you’re already tired from the day’s work; you still feel relaxed? This is due to the reason that while engaging in such activities, you temporarily go into the state of liberation and all that joy is coming from being liberated which means doing what you truly want to do. For instance, you may be tired due to a long day’s work as a scientist but you may still feel the urge to dance for a while. As you do so; you feel truly relaxed and you may not even understand how you could dance after being tired so much. Well your subconscious mind can always supply you with energy which it keeps reserved for the times when you feel like expressing yourself in the most natural way; whichever is that way for you at any point in time. Hence your free time decides what personality type you’re going to be in the next life.

Looking at another possible combination in the same case, this native with type one and type two personalities has another possibility also. He may engage in a profession suitable for an intellectual person like he may become a teacher, a scientist or a researcher. At the same time, he may be fond of expressing himself physically which means he may learn to dance, he may often go to parties, he may engage in physical sports and he may engage in other such activities where physical expressions are the dominant ones.

Contrary to the first example, the intellectual side of this native may dominate his profession and the physical side of this native may dominate his personal life. It is interesting to see that though both these natives are mixtures of type one and type two personalities; the expressions of these personalities may be different. The first native may be physical in profession and intellectual in personal life whereas the second native may be intellectual in profession and physical in personal life.

The reason for this obvious difference is the shift of these natives from one personality type to another. Whenever a soul tries to shift to another type of personality, it may behave as a mixed type of soul for a number of lives, in order to complete this transition. In this example, the first native has lived and enjoyed as a physical type for many lives and he is now in the process of shifting into an intellectual type. Since the transition is still taking place, physical type is dominating his profession whereas intellectual type is his preferred choice for personal life or free time.

It should be noted that though this native has chosen to shift to another personality type, the abilities learnt by him while having previous type of personality also remain with him. The subconscious mind has a record of each and everything learnt by you in each one of your lives.

Hence whenever you try to do something which you mastered in one of your past lives, it starts coming to you easily. The time taken by you to master this act in this life depends on how far back you had learnt this act. It means if you mastered this act in your recent past life, it may come to you naturally or so to say, you may be gifted with it in this life. Hence you may not have to engage in much effort to learn it and as soon as you try, it may start happening.

However, if you had mastered this act about fifty lives back and you once again wish to learn it in this life, it may take more time. This is because so much time has passed and so many other preferences have been stored on your subconscious mind, after that life. Hence it may take some time for your subconscious mind to retrieve all that expertise, though it may still come to you easier than it may come to many other people.

Coming back to the example, though this native now wants to shift to intellectual type, he may not have much expertise in professions related to this personality type. On the other hand, he may have very good expertise in some professions related to physical type of personality as he has recently spent many lives being a person of this type. Hence it may be easy for him to earn money through physical type than intellectual type. For this reason, this native may become an actor as a professional and he may choose to spend most of his free time in pursuit of knowledge. This trend may continue for a couple of lives and then he may finally move on to the intellectual type.

When that happens, this native may become an isolate intellectual type. It means he may become a scientist or a researcher and he may also spend most of his free time in pursuit of knowledge. In simple words, it may become difficult for him to draw boundaries between his professional and personal life. He may work as an intellectual type and he may live as an intellectual type. You may often find this native talking about his profession and looking for more knowledge.

This is the mark of an isolate type. There may be no obvious boundaries between his professional and personal life; and they may look like being one. So when you find a native living his profession most of the time whether he’s officially working or not, you should know he’s an isolate type. A scientist engaging in researches even when he’s home, an actor who’s delivering acting performances even in his personal life and a businessman doing business even in family gatherings, they’re all isolate types. It means they have transformed to this personality type some time back and at this time, they’re enjoying it a lot, with no intention to shift to another personality type.

Looking at the native in second case, he is shifting from an intellectual type to a physical type. Since he has much more expertise in intellectual fields, he may do better in intellectual type of professions. However, as he now wishes to shift to the physical type, he may choose to spend most of his free time in physical type of activities. Like the first native, this native may also continue this trend for a couple of lives until his transition is complete. Once it happens, he may become an isolate physical type. For instance, he may become a dancer and he may simply love dancing.

He may not become a professional dancer because he wants to earn money through dance; he may become a professional dancer because he simply can’t imagine himself doing anything but dance. This is what happens when you become an isolate type. Whatever may your primary aim be like research, dance, acting or business; it may dominate your professional as well as your personal life. In fact, it may start dominating your personal life right from your early age and it may then dominate your profession also, at a relevant age.

Hence a number of people may have mixed personality types, though there are primarily four types of personalities. All these souls are in transition from one personality type to another and this transition may take different times in case of different natives. It means a particular soul may change into another type of personality in three lives whereas another soul may take thirty lives to complete the same transition. This is because the first soul may have a strong desire to shift into another personality type as it may have lived its present personality type to the fullest.

On the other hand, the second soul in question may have a desire to shift into another personality type but at the same time, its desire for its present personality type may also not die. Hence this soul may want to change into another personality type and it may also want to enjoy its present personality type. The transition becomes slow in this case as the soul is not completely willing to shift into another personality type. This soul may be born as a mixture of these two types of personalities in a number of lives, until it finally decides to quit one personality type and shift into the other one completely.

It is interesting to note that some people may keep oscillating between two personality types for many of their lives. For example, a native may take thirty lives to shift from a physical to intellectual type and during these thirty lives, different personality types may dominate his preference. It means he may bend more towards intellectual type for two lives and he may start bending towards the physical type for his next 3-4 lives. The journey of each soul is amazing and there are many milestones it has to cross before reaching its destination.

Coming to the plane called physical plane, your body is the biggest expression of this plane for you and hence it becomes the most important factor related to this plane. The kind of body you may get in this life depends on a number of factors from your past lives but the foremost two are your desires and the fruits of your karmas from past lives, whether such fruits are good or bad. Though both these factors are very important, your desire may at times become more important than your karmas when it comes to have a specific type of body.

It may sound strange to some readers but this is how it logically should be. The first thing lying in the root of each and everything is the desire element and hence it is but logical for the same desire element to lie at the root of your physical form. You may think at this time that if desire is the foremost element, all people in the world should be beautiful as everyone certainly wants to be beautiful and no one wants to have bad physical form. Well it may be true but there are some catches and here they are.

As already mentioned in the first part of this book, your desires need the support of positive energy earned through good karmas, in order to be fulfilled. Not all of us have net positive auras and a number of us may have auras ruled by negativity. In case of these natives, the desires are there but there may not be sufficient positive energy to fulfill those desires and hence they may remain unfulfilled. However, this is not the only reason and there is an even more significant reason behind this.

Almost all of us have hundreds of desires to be fulfilled and almost none of us has sufficient positive energy to fulfill all those desires. In fact, the reason why these desires are unfulfilled so far is because we don’t have sufficient positive energy to fulfill them. Now among these unfulfilled desires, not all the desires are wanted with same intensity and different desires have different intensities in case of different people.

For example, though being beautiful may be the desire of everyone but this is what may happen. For one native, being rich may be a desire of much higher intensity than being beautiful, though the desire to be beautiful is certainly there. Suppose this native doesn’t earn sufficient positive energy to fulfill all his desires and let’s suppose, only his top two desires may be fulfilled as they may be big ones and they may consume majority of positive energy earned by him.

If these two desires are being rich and being famous, they’ll be fulfilled and the desire of being beautiful may remain unfulfilled. In fact, there may be many other desires which may be more in intensity, compared to the desire of being beautiful. Hence the desire of being beautiful is there but it is not the primary desire. Accordingly, it may not be fulfilled in this case.

Taking one more example, another person may earn positive energy and his primary desire may be to be beautiful. This person may become beautiful in next life though many other desires of this native may remain unfulfilled. This brings us to another interesting fact and it also gives us another way of looking at this entire equation. It is the time to understand that the more intense a desire is, the more likely it is to be fulfilled at the earliest.

When you desire something again and again, your subconscious mind starts putting its strength behind this desire. It means your subconscious mind marks this desire as most important one and as soon as your aura receives sufficient positive energy for this desire to be fulfilled, your subconscious mind draws this energy from your aura and it fulfills this desire. It should be noted that the circumstances and conditions have to be in harmony with the fulfillment of your desire.

For example, if being beautiful is your primary desire and you turn 60 by the time you have sufficient positive energy to fulfill this desire, the circumstances are not in favor of fulfillment of this desire in true sense, for this life. Hence this desire is likely to be fulfilled in next life and so you may be beautiful in your next life.

Coming to the topic, now consider a scientist who spends all his life in research, constantly wishing that he may one day come across an important invention or discovery. However, the same may not happen during his lifetime as he may not have sufficient positive energy to fulfill this desire. Closer to his death, this scientist may have very intense desire of reaching such discovery or invention and he may die. Look at the mindset of this scientist now.

He may absolutely not want to spend any amount of his positive energy to fulfill any other desire, before his desire of inventing or discovering something significant is fulfilled. He may not think about being beautiful and in fact, he may not have properly attended to his body, even in this life. There is an obvious disregard for physical beauty and there is an obvious craving for an invention or discovery. In other words, this scientist has subconsciously opted against a beautiful physical form, in order to use all his positive energy for his primary desire.

Himanshu Shangari