Heaven and Hell Within Part 3 03

Heaven and Hell Within - 03

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The Body

Human beings have five important planes which are the physical plane, the mental plane, the emotional plane, the psychic plane and the astral plane. Different people may possess different strengths related to all these planes and this is what makes all of us unique in our own ways. The attributes of all these planes are decided based on our experiences as well as based on our karmas from past lives and hence we’re born with specific types of personalities, based on these attributes.

After being born, each person starts his journey and by means of karmas done in his present life, he alters these planes every now and then, thereby changing his overall personality with each passing day. Since the positive or negative energies introduced by these karmas are relatively small in comparison to the sum total of energy called aura, already possessed by a person, these changes may only become noticeable after some years in most cases.

It means though people keep changing with every passing day and moment, these changes are not significant enough to be noticed in contrast to their overall personalities which are collections of millions of such incidences, occurred during the journeys of their souls. For example, even a small act of hurting someone makes a negative change in your personality on instant basis though it may not be a visible change.

This is because a negative preference has been added to your personality which already has millions of preferences from the past. Since one preference is not much relevant compared to millions of already registered preferences, the change initiated by this preference may not be noticeable instantly. However, as these negative karmas keep repeating and as the negative preferences added to your personality reach a significant quantum, the negative changes in your personality become visible.

This is the time when people around you notice that you have deteriorated as a person over some years or you have developed a specific type of negative habit over some years. Though each negative action of a specific type contributed instantly to this negative personality trait, it became noticeable only after a while. Suppose you put a bucket below a tap of water and you want to fill it. The tap is only offering drops of water and hence it is going to take many hours for this bucket to fill. Let’s suppose it takes twelve hours.

During the first minute, though a few dozen drops may have fallen into the bucket from the tap, when you look into the bucket, you call it empty. Technically, the bucket is not empty now and it has some drops of water in it. However, we prefer calling it empty as a few dozen drops are nothing compared to the number of drops a bucket can contain when it is filled to its capacity. Over the next 3 hours, the bucket is almost 25% filled with water and this is when we generally mark the first significant change.

It means we generally prefer to mark five points of distinction for this process. The first point is that the bucket is empty, the second is that the bucket is 25% filled, the third being 50% filled, the fourth being 75% filled and the fifth point being that the bucket is completely filled. Though there may be thousands of other points between each one of these points of distinctions, we prefer to ignore them for the purpose of reducing the number of points to consider and remember.

For example, a bucket may contain five thousand drops of water between 25% and 50% and hence it crosses five thousand points during its journey of getting filled with water from 25% to 50%, with each drop of water falling into it. However, we generally mark that the bucket is 25% filled and then we make the next distinction when it is about 50% filled, in order to make the entire process easy to handle. Hence the level of water keeps changing with each drop of water but we identify significant changes only after five thousand drops or occurrences have been added to this bucket.

The same happens in case of your personality or aura, though on a much bigger scale. Your aura is the sum total of all the positive and negative preferences sent by you to it, through your karmas during all your lives. Hence it can be considered as a bucket which contains millions and millions of such water drops where each drop corresponds to a karma committed by you. This way, each one of your karmas adds a particular type of drop to your aura and hence this drop changes it in one way or the other.

However, the number of drops already contained by your aura is so big that the addition of one drop doesn’t look like anything worthy of being noticed. Hence the changes initiated by a single karma may not be noticeable and accordingly, you may not understand the importance of such karma, whether positive or negative. Over a period of time, thousands of such karmas bring about noticeable changes and this is when you or the people around you notice that a positive or negative change of significant quantum has appeared in your personality, depending on whether such series of karmas was positive or negative.

This process continues in each life and hence your aura keeps changing with each passing day. If the majority of karmas committed by you in this life are positive, your aura as well as your personality starts shifting towards positivity over time. On the other hand, if the majority of karmas committed by you in this life are negative, your aura as well as your personality starts shifting towards negativity over time. This changed equation of energy changes the type of results you get from outside world, for the remainder of this life, as well as for the next life. This is why you should choose your karmas wisely as well as consciously because they are going to matter a lot in the long run.

Coming to the first plane called the physical plane or the body, some of you may not know that even your bodies are the resultants of your desires and karmas from past lives. It may sound surprising to some people but this is how it is. Since all the things in our lives are happening for reasons, why should our bodies be there without specific reasons? Have you ever wondered why some people are beautiful while some are not so good looking? Why some people have very good physiques whereas some others don’t have them? Yes, it all happens for reasons and here is how.

In order to understand this concept in proper way, you first need to understand the root of desire element in case of our physical bodies. People belong to four major categories, based on the types of karmas they wish to engage in. The first type of people are the ones who have strong desires or inclinations for gaining more and more knowledge. Most of their karmas are targeted at gaining and spreading knowledge. These people have been called Brahmins by Vedas and they are called intellectual people in today’s language.

The second type of people are the ones who have strong desires for expressing themselves physically, whether through movies, sports, defense services or something else. Most of their karmas are directed at gaining authority and recognition. These natives are called Kshatriya by Vedas and they are called physically expressive in today’s language.

The third type of people are the ones who have strong desires for making money through trades and businesses of various types. Most of their karmas are directed at making money through management, production or trading of some type. These natives are called Vaishya by Vedas and they are called businessmen in today’s language.

The fourth type of people are the ones who have strong desires for serving the others and they are primarily inclined towards short lasting physical pleasures. As a result, they are not able to engage in long term planning as they don’t have discipline and dedication required for such planning. They are happy to earn through day’s work and enjoy in the evening, without saving much or thinking much. They are not much ambitious and they simply want to enjoy easily available pleasures. These natives are called Shudra by Vedas and they are called the service class in today’s language, especially the non-skilled type of service class.

It should be noted that this classification is based on the personality or aura of each person and it has got nothing to do with being born in a specific type of family line. These classifications are valid for souls only and they are not bound by the birth of your body in specific religion or cast. Kindly understand that the nature of your soul may decide the type of body or the type of family you may be born into, but the converse is not true. It means that your birth in a specific type of religion or caste may not decide the nature of your soul. Hence this concept should be understood properly in order to avoid confusions.

The religion or caste you’re born into may influence your soul but they are not the makers of your soul’s final nature. Your soul’s nature is the resultant of a long journey of thousands of births. Hence the chances are high that you may have been born into every religion and every cast in one of your past lives. Though specific religions or castes may try to give some personality traits to your soul through systems of societies or religions, accepting them or not is dependent on your soul.

The nature of your soul is decided by your past life karmas as well as by positive or negative preferences stored in your aura or subconscious mind. A specific religion or society may be one of many factors which may try to influence your soul; and nothing more than that. Hence you may be born into a religion and you may have a personality which defies the personality type possessed by the people following that religion, though your parents and the society may have done their best to impart their religious beliefs on you.

However, your soul may have rejected their suggestions or requests as those beliefs may have been in strong opposition to the basic nature of your soul at that time. Hence you may choose not to follow that religion though all members of your family may follow it.

A question may arise as to why a person should be born into a family which has religious beliefs opposite to those of him? The answer to this question lies in the connection of this soul with his family members as well as with those religious beliefs. Let’s suppose a native is born in the same religion as well as in the company of a number of same souls for three lives. Yes, it can happen and in fact, this happens a lot.

Since the journey of a soul is continuous, it means you start exactly from where you left in your previous life. If you keep liking and practicing a particular religion more and more, the chances are high that you’ll be born into this religion again and again. This is because you have a strong desire to be related to this religion and many of your unfulfilled desires may also be related to this religion. Hence it is logical for you to be born in this religion again and again, unless you choose against it in one of your lives.

Similarly, your family members are likely to be the same souls though the relationships may change. This is because you are likely to have the biggest karmic accounts to be settled with these souls and at the same time, you may have strong desires to be with them in a particular life. It means you have a large number of unsettled karmas with your mother from past life. Likewise, you may have a strong desire to be in relationship with your mother from past life. The same may happen in case of many other close relatives and friends.

As a result, you’re likely to be born into the same religion as well as in the company of same souls, as Mother Nature facilitates the way to your desires as well as to the settlement of your pending karmas. As I mentioned, let’s suppose it keeps happening for three lives and then in the fourth life, you maintain same strong desires as well as karmic accounts with the souls you like but you start developing liking for another religion. This is where the equation may start changing.

In your fifth life, you’re likely to have the same souls as your friends and family members but you may not practice in the same religion, though you may be born into it. The reason you’re born into this religion is that you have strong desires of being in close relationships with souls from your past life and all these souls may further desire to be in this religion. Hence you’re also born into this religion because the majority of souls want this religion, as you also wanted in some of your past lives.

Since you had developed liking for another religion in your recent past life but your liking for relationships remained the same, this is what may happen. You may be born into a family of souls practicing in a religion and you may not practice that religion. Instead, you get attracted towards a different religion and you convert into it, while other members of your family may keep practicing in the religion of your birth. By doing so, you keep the souls you wanted in your previous life and you also keep the religion you wanted in your previous life.

Hence your family members may convince you to stay in the same religion but you choose the one that you already chose in your past life. This way, the final nature of your soul is dependent on you alone and the outside world has got nothing to do with it directly, though it may try to influence you in different ways. But choosing to listen to them or not is your choice and no one can snatch this right from you.

Moving on, though there are four main categories for souls, a number of mixed classes also exist. It means a majority of souls may be the mixtures of two or even more than two of these categories and they may not be of an isolate type. For example, a person with significant knowledge and intellect may also have desires to express himself physically. This person is a mixture of type one and type two. As a result, he may become an intellectual army officer or an intellectual actor in this life and both types of personalities may find evident expressions through him.

It means if he becomes an actor, he may prefer to act in movies which are based on the themes of knowledge or which deliver meaningful messages. Even while playing his role, he may often deliver meaningful and valuable dialogues in his movies and some of these dialogues may be created by him. Looking into his personal life, though he may become a very successful actor on the public front, he may not be the one to drown himself deep into the world of celebrity.

It means this native may not behave like a celebrity in his personal life and he may not prefer to attend many celebrity events or gatherings. This is not the type of native who may be often seen throwing parties or arranging get-togethers at his place. On the contrary, he may prefer to spend his free time in a way that he may use it to gain more knowledge and dig deep into himself. Physical expression may dominate his profession and intellectual expression may dominate his personal life. Hence this native is a mixture of type one and type two personalities.

It should be noted that if you’re a mixture of two types of personalities, the type of personality expressing through your profession is likely to be the one you’re moving away from whereas the type of personality expressing through your free time is the one you’re trying to achieve. This happens because of the rule of free will practiced by each soul. It should be noted that whenever a person is absolutely free from each and every type of condition, compulsion and duty; whatever he chooses to do at that time represents his natural liking at that time.

For instance, though this native may have a strong desire to shift into the intellectual type; he may still have to engage in a profession related to physical type as he may not have much expertise related to the professions of the intellectual type. On the other hand, he may be exceptionally good at some professions of the physical type as he’s been engaging in them for a number of his lives; immediately before this life. Though he may want to engage in a profession related to intellectual type, he may not find the amount of success through such professions when he tries them; which may be required to live a resourceful life.

On the contrary, he may simply try to test if he may succeed at a particular type of profession related to physical type; and he may start finding success though he may not understand why. It means that when it comes to the conscious mind of this native; it may not give him any reasons as to why he is able to succeed in a profession he doesn’t want much and why he is not able to achieve the same level of success in a profession that he really wants. Hence according to his conscious mind, the desire element may seem to produce opposite types of results; but this is only because of his inability to connect to his subconscious mind.

His subconscious mind knows well that at this stage in the journey of his soul; his expertise for certain physical types of professions is much more than that in case of intellectual types of professions because he’s been engaging in the former types of professions a lot, in his recent past lives. On the other hand, he may not have engaged in intellectual types of professions in many of his recent past lives due to which, the expertise related to any one of these professions if it exists on his subconscious mind from many lives back; is not easy to get back.

Hence when he tries at an intellectual type of profession, things may seem to move at a relatively slower pace. On the other hand, a particular type of physical profession may also keep catching his attention though he may not know the conscious reason for this attention. For instance, he may truly want to become a scientific researcher or an astronomer; but the expertise related to this field on his subconscious mind may still not be sufficient to make it happen.

Suppose this native wanted to be an actor five lives back and through the processes already explained, he managed to reach the peak expression for this desire in his recent past life. It means he was able to achieve the level of success as an actor in his recent past life; which he wanted to achieve about five lives back. As this happens, the desire is fulfilled and his subconscious mind starts looking for the next desire related to his field of profession. Suppose this desire happens to be that he wants to be a scientist now, though he may have nothing against being an actor.

It should be noted that you may move away from a profession, person or anything else for that matter; primarily due to two reasons. The first reason is that you don’t like this thing or person and hence all you want is to move away from it. In this case, your true desire is to move away from this thing and nothing more than that. It is a negative type of desire as you’ve created dislike for something or someone and the reason you want to move away from this thing or person is because of your dislike for it.

The second reason is that you still like this thing or person but you also start liking something else; much more than this thing or person. The situation is such that you can only have one of the two at a time and hence you choose to go with the one you like more. In this case, the reason for this movement is positive because you have nothing against the first thing and you’re leaving it because you want to have the second thing now. The process may happen so naturally that you may only feel like catching the second thing and you may not consciously feel like leaving the first thing at any time during this process.

In the first case, your primary focus is on moving away from the thing you don’t like and hence you’re consciously aware of this thing during all this time. This is because your primary focus can’t be formed without active contribution from your conscious mind and the acts of your conscious mind are always known to you. Hence you move away from this thing and during all the time it takes you to do so; you’re fully aware that you’re intentionally trying to move away from it. This feeling can be considered as active dislike or hate for something or someone; where you’re in control of this dislike or hate in a conscious manner.

Coming to the second case, your approach is different here. Your primary focus which means your conscious effort is fixed on achieving the second thing and you may not even realize that as you’re getting closer to this thing, you’re moving away from the first thing. The act of moving away from the first thing is happening on the level of your subconscious mind and hence there’s no chance you may be aware of it on conscious level. Therefore, all you may realize is that you tried and achieved the second thing and you may never think consciously; that you did any effort to move away from the first thing. In this case, your conscious action is not generated due to hate for the first thing and it is generated because of love for the second thing. Hence you may not have anything against the first thing and you may simply want the second thing more than the first thing. In this case, you may like both of these things but you may like the second one more than the first one at the time in question; and that is why you make a choice.

Taking an example; suppose you like money and you like it a lot. When it comes to earn money through profession, all you care for is money and you don’t bother about the nature of job at all. Suppose a job offers a salary which is higher than the salary offered by your current job. Owing to your preference for money, you may accept the offer for this job at the earliest and hence you may switch. However, you may have nothing against your current job or employer; and you’re simply trying to achieve something better.

Himanshu Shangari