Harsha Yoga

Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology Part 02

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology Part-2’.

Harsha Yoga

According to the prevalent definition of Harsha Yoga; if in a horoscope, the lord of the sixth house is placed in the eighth or twelfth house, Harsha Yog is formed in the horoscope. This yoga may bless the native with health, wealth, good family life, financial gains, respect and influence in society, position of authority and other good results. The placement of the lord of the sixth house in the sixth house itself is not considered to form Harsha Yoga and it is considered as an exception to the formation of this type of Vipreet Rajyoga.

As already discussed in the chapter named Vipreet Raj Yoga, Harsha Yoga is one of three types of Vipreet Rajyoga. For any of these Yogas to be formed in a horoscope, two additional conditions should also meet, apart from the condition mentioned in its prevalent definition.

The first additional condition is that the lord of the sixth house forming this Yoga in a horoscope by virtue of its placement in the eighth or twelfth house of the same horoscope should be benefic. The second additional condition is that the overall horoscope should be benefic and strong. They seem like two conditions but in reality; they are one. It is because of the overall benefic and strong horoscope that that lord of the sixth house may turn benefic and form Harsha Yoga in such horoscope.

Coming to the benefic results produced by this Yoga, it is a type of Vipreet Rajyoga and it is not a usual type of benefic Yoga. A usual type of benefic yoga is formed in favourable conditions in a horoscope whereas Vipreet Raj Yoga is formed in unusual or somewhat negative conditions. The world Vipreet means opposite and hence this yoga is formed in seemingly opposite or unusual conditions in a horoscope. Therefore in case of Harsha Yoga, the native under its impact may come across adverse or unusual type of opportunities and he may witness gains through such opportunities, if his overall horoscope is supportive.

For example, if Harsha Yog is formed in a horoscope due to placement of lord of sixth house in the eighth house, the native may come across sudden opportunity to achieve gains through sudden death of a close relative. The father or some other close relative of such native may die in an accident or in some other sudden incident; and the native may gain money, wealth or even authority due to his death.

Once the formation of Harsha Yoga is confirmed in a horoscope, the next thing to check is its strength. Contrary to most other yogas; the strength of this Yoga is not measured only by the strength of the planet forming this yoga in a horoscope. The strength of this yoga is measured by drawing a relative comparison between the strength of the planet involved in the formation of this Yoga; and the overall strength of the horoscope.

It means if the planet forming Harsha Yoga is strong in a horoscope, the overall horoscope should be even stronger. Likewise, if the planet forming this Yoga has average strength only; a relative less strong horoscope may be capable of handling it. In the second case, the overall results produced by this Yoga may decrease in quantum; since the planet forming this yoga as well as the overall horoscope is not that strong.

However, if such planet is strong but the overall horoscope is not capable of handling such strong and difficult planet; such planet may end up causing problems instead of a producing benefits. For this reason; Harsha Yoga is among the most difficult to detect yogas featured in Vedic astrology. The formation and working of this yoga hangs in fine balance. As long as the overall horoscope is strong enough to handle the planet forming Harsha Yoga; this yoga may produce benefic results. The moment a horoscope becomes incapable of controlling such planet; this yoga may start causing problems. It means this Yoga may cause problems; even when it is actually formed in a horoscope. This may happen in cases where the difference between the strength of the planet forming Harsha Yoga and that of the overall horoscope is not much.

In such cases; the key to the working of this yoga lies with the Mahadashas (planetary periods). As long as the Mahadashas of benefic planets controlling this yoga are in effect; Harsha Yoga may produce good or very good results. This is because the overall balance of the horoscope may shift more towards positivity; as these planets gain more strength through their Mahadashas. On the other hand, when the Mahadasha of the planet forming this Yoga is in effect, the native may face problems. This is because such planet gains extra strength through its Mahadasha. As that happens, the overall balance of the horoscope may shift more towards negativity. Hence the native may witness problems.

However, if the difference between the strength of the overall horoscope and that of the planet forming Harsha Yoga is big as well as in favor of the overall horoscope; even the Mahadasha of the planet forming this Yoga may produce very good results.

Hence Harsha Yoga is a different and special type of yoga and it is nothing like the regular yogas in Vedic astrology. Its formation as well as its strength primarily depends on the overall theme of horoscope. Hence the overall theme of horoscope holds the key to this Yoga.

Harsha Yoga indicates gains through risky and adverse looking situations. Hence the overall horoscope should be strong enough to benefit through such adverse and/or risky circumstances. Taking an example, suppose the situation of law and order becomes so bad in a city or state that most officers or administrators may not be willing to be posted there. Let’s assume it is a terrorism affected state and the post in question is the head of police force for such state. In this case, a native with Harsha Yoga may be promoted out of turn or he may be requested on deputation from another state; to deal with such terrorism.

This native may have dealt with such situations many times in his life and he may have achieved success in most cases. Hence his reputation may bring him this opportunity and he may grab it; owing to his overall horoscope. The situation is dangerous and most other officers may not be willing to take such high risk. However, this native may take such risk and he may be rewarded with a number of benefits.

Taking another example, suppose a native having Harsha Yoga in his horoscope suffers from a fatal health problem related to his heart. With time, his heart may deteriorate and he may reach a stage where heart transplant may be the only option left. During the same time, someone may meet with a fatal accident and such native or his family may agree to donate his heart to save the life of the native having Harsha Yoga. Here again, the native may be able to save his life by virtue of someone’s death.

Likewise, Harsha Yoga may bless the natives under its influence with benefic results through other risky, sudden, mysterious, adverse and/or unfortunate situations.


Himanshu Shangari