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Though greed is not a good virtue to have even when it comes in low quantities, it is certainly one of the worst types of negative traits that you may have when it comes to you in high quantities. Greed alone is partly or fully responsible for giving birth to many other negative habits and high amounts of greed can make you engage in more and more bad karmas thereby adding more and more negative energy to your aura, only to be punished more and more, later on.

Just like many other problems and negative habits of the subconscious mind, greed though initiates through a series of conscious acts of greed practiced by a person, it can soon become a subconscious habit which means that the person suffering from it doesn’t have to do any special efforts to be greedy and he starts acting greedy on natural basis. Once a person becomes too greedy on natural basis or so to say, once a person develops a subconscious habit of being too greedy, various types of troubles and problems start coming to him since greed can invite many negative habits on its own.

Greed initiates when a person engages in a small act of greed for the first time though such an act may have been practiced more out of need than out of greed. For example, when a person snatches someone else’s food or money for the first time as he is in great need of such food or money, he sends a signal to his subconscious mind that snatching other people’s possessions is fine as it can fulfill your needs. A new type of message which is a message of greed, has been sent to the subconscious mind by this person, by engaging in this act of greed, though this one message alone is not sufficient to write a script of greed on the subconscious mind.

Soon after the first incident, this person once again snatches, steals or wrongfully acquires what belongs to someone else and by doing so, he once again sends a message to his subconscious mind that getting the things you need is important and how you get them is not important. A second message to the same effect has been sent to the subconscious mind and this time this message is taken more seriously, though even this second message is also not sufficient to write a script on the subconscious mind. As this person keeps engaging in such acts of wrongfully acquiring what belongs to other people, he keeps sending more and more signals of greed to his subconscious mind and finally a time comes when an entire script of being too greedy is written on his subconscious mind and this is when this negative habit is born.

Many of you may have seen movies where a character tells some other character that once upon a time, he was a poor and needy person or child, he didn’t have sufficient resources to make his ends meet and no one was willing to help him out. Hence one day, out of sheer need, he decided to steal or snatch something that belonged to someone else so that he may satisfy his needs. This act fulfilled his needs on temporary basis and once a period of time passed, he started having needs once again. Since nothing else was working for him and since this act of snatching or stealing had already worked for him, he decided to try it again and so he stole or snatched again.

As the needs kept appearing from time to time and as he kept fulfilling them through snatching or stealing again and again because he found no other effective method of fulfilling his needs, he ultimately found himself in a habit of snatching or stealing and he kept engaging in these practices even when he didn’t need to do so any longer. Now that this character has more money and resources than he needs, he is still snatching or stealing and in fact he is engaging in these activities only, most of the time. It all started from need but now greed has taken place of need and now this character is not engaging in such immoral acts because of need but because he has developed a negative habit of being too greedy.

The same thing happens in real life too and in fact what we see in movies is nothing but a reflection of what is happening in real life, in most cases. This person snatches or steals for the first time, because of need and then he does it second time also for the same reason. As he keeps doing this again and again, he keeps sending more and more messages to his subconscious mind that snatching or stealing is fine and there is nothing wrong with it. As more and more such messages reach his subconscious mind, they write a script of being greedy and getting anything through any means. So it all started with need but soon it developed into a habit of greed and this person could not know when his sense of need was replaced by a strong sense of greed.

As being too greedy has now become a habit, this person keeps looking for acquiring more and more through any available means, even though he has gathered much more than he may need in order to meet his day to day needs, for his entire life. As he keeps engaging in more and more immoral acts of greed, he keeps becoming greedier, as with each act of greed practiced by him, he sends a message to his subconscious mind that he wants more, irrespective of how much he already has. As more and more such messages keep reaching his subconscious mind, it keeps encouraging him more and more to snatch or steal what other people have because the subconscious mind wants him to have more and more, as originally wished by him through his conscious acts of showing more and more greed.

This is when this problem has touched its high as it has now become almost impossible to satisfy the greed of this person because no matter how much he keeps getting and gathering, he still wants to get more and in fact, the more he gets, the more he wants. This is due to the reason that each one of his acts of getting more and more, intensifies his problem of being too greedy by sending even more messages of greed and wish for achieving even more, to his subconscious mind. Accordingly his subconscious mind starts encouraging him more to gain and gather even more. This person has now fallen into a vicious circle because his habit of being too greedy wants him to get more and as he gets more, this habit intensifies even more because he has sent more messages of greed to his subconscious mind.

This is the reason why you see that some corrupt politicians and some other people having a position of advantage or authority of some kind, keep engaging in more and more acts of corruption in order to gather more and more money and assets. An average person often wonders why these people are doing the worst type of things in order to gain more money when they already have huge amounts of money with them, the money which they can’t spend in their entire lives, the money a big part of which is lying in some anonymous bank in some foreign country, and the money, most of which will never be used by these people and it will become waste after their deaths. So why are these people engaging in more and more bad karmas and adding more and more negative energy to their auras when they have almost no chance of enjoying the pleasures which can be enjoyed through this new money, since they already have much more money than they may need for their entire lives.

Now you know the reason which is the fact that, as these people keep engaging in more and more acts of corruption in order to gain more and more money, they keep sending more messages of greed and ‘I need more’ to their subconscious minds and these messages intensify their problem of being too greedy because their subconscious minds now encourage them even more to gain more money through such acts of corruption. Hence these people have fallen into a vicious circle due to which, the more money they keep gaining through such immoral acts of corruption, the more greed and the more want for money they have. They have become the travelers of a never ending journey and the only thing that can stop them now, is their engagement in a series of conscious acts which can first weaken and then erase this script of greed written on their subconscious minds.

As this greed keeps increasing, it starts creating and intensifying many other negative habits too. A person with unhealthy amounts of greed is prone to have many other negative habits like being too selfish since greed promotes selfishness; being overambitious since greed promotes immoral ambitions; feeling dissatisfied more and more since greed can never be satisfied and on the contrary, the more you feed it, the stronger it becomes; engaging in acts of corruption, other immoral or illegal acts, engaging in company of bad people since greed intensifies all of these problems too; and many other negative habits. As more and more of these negative habits start coming to a person, he starts engaging in more and more bad karmas and accordingly, he sets himself for big punishments in future, which come as a result of such bad karmas.

All the richest criminals in the world and all other people engaging in more and more acts of corruption or crime, why do they all keep doing more and more bad karmas when they have already achieved more money and resources they may ever need throughout their lives? The answer is nothing else but greed, greed and more greed. As these people keep engaging in more and more acts of greed, they keep becoming greedier and accordingly it becomes more and more difficult for them to disengage themselves from such criminal activities. Hence they never stop as they simply can’t. Finally a day comes when each one of them is subjected to punishment for the bad karmas they have been doing for a long period of time.

But even at this stage, most of them will not realize the wrongs done by them and if some of them do realize that they have done wrong things and they should stop doing so, after their punishment is over, this feeling is temporary and they are going to engage in more acts of greed once their punishment is over, in most such cases. This is due to the reason that even though some of them have realized the wrongs done by them and they wish to disengage from doing more bad karmas, the strong script of greed written on their subconscious minds has not been erased and as long as this strong script of greed is present on their subconscious minds, they have almost no chance of disengaging from such bad karmas. Hence they have to first find a way to get rid of this excessive greed and only then they can be able to move away from a life of crime.

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To be Continued

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari