God is Kind

Heaven and Hell Within
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Once their was a person named Somdutt who was a minister and consultant to the king of his state. Somdutt was a very wise, kind and humble person and he believed in Supreme power and ultimate benevolence of God so much that whenever something significant happened around him, he would say ” God is Kind “.

Once he went to the nearby Jungle with King and a brigade of king’s army, as the king wanted to do hunting and some other Jungle adventures. When they were in the middle of the Jungle, the horses of the chariot in which the king and Somdutt sat, got disturbed on account of something and they started running here and there like mad ones.

In a matter of short time only, they were not only separated from the army but they also crossed the border of their state and even before they could assess the situation, the chariot struck a big stone on the way and it overturned. The king, Somdutt and the driver, they all fell off the chariot but no one was injured seriously. Somdutt got up and said, ” God is Kind “. The king did not like this at the moment but he remained silent. The chariot driver told the king after inspecting the chariot that it was unable to move forward and it needed to be fixed, to which Somdutt again said, ” God is Kind ” which the king did not like again but remained silent.

The king then told the driver to fix the chariot and in the meantime, he decided to have a look around in search of water. Somdutt accompanied the king and they started looking for water in the Jungle. Soon they found a deserted place in the Jungle and there was a Well nearby which had a bucket on its edge for drawing water. Somdutt drew some water out of the well and he started pouring water to the king. As the king started drinking water, the bucket full of water fell out of Somdutt’s hands and it landed directly on king’s right foot. The impact was so severe that the little finger of king’s foot got cut off the foot.

Upon seeing this, Somdutt’s first reaction was ” God is Kind “. The king who was dying of pain, got so angry that he shoved Somdutt in to the well. Somdutt fell in the well and his first reaction was once again, ” God is Kind “. The angry king tied his foot with some cloth and started moving back to the chariot and as he was about mid way to the chariot, some tribal people attacked him, tied him up and took him with them. Very soon, the king found himself tied to a wooden pole with the statue of some tribal God in front of him and with many tribal people dancing around him. The king understood that he was chosen as a sacrifice to their God.

The king tried to convince them by saying that he was the king of a state and that he could give them many gifts if they left him but all his efforts were vain and no one seemed to had any impact of his words. As the time for Sacrifice reached, the tribal priest rose from his seat and went near the King. After inspecting the king from top to toe, he suddenly announced that the king cannot be sacrificed to the tribal God as he did not have one finger in his right foot and a dismembered person cannot be sacrificed as a rule. Upon hearing this, the tribal people released the king and set him free as he could never be sacrificed to the tribal God.

The king who had almost considered himself dead by now, got a new life and when he thought about all of it, he felt that the dismembered finger had saved his life and God was in fact kind to him. He felt regret on what he had done to Somdutt and he started moving to the well. When the king reached there, he saw that Somdutt was already out of the well and he was accompanied by the chariot driver as well as a couple of soldiers from his brigade. The king reached near them and after narrating the whole incident, he apologized to Somdutt. After hearing everything Somdutt smiled and said,

” You see my Lord, God is in fact very Kind, your dismembered finger was his act to save your life and had you not shoved me into this well, the tribal people would have caught me with you and they would have sacrificed me in our place, so you shoved me into the well only in order to save my life. The chariot driver did not come with us and hence his life was also saved. And to your greatest surprise my king, two members of the brigade of our army that accompanied us have come here and they have told that your enemy king knew about your Jungle visit and he was waiting to attack you with a big army in order to kill you. We got separated and all he found was a small brigade of our army which was useless for him and he made them captives otherwise most of them would also have been killed in order to save your life. These two soldiers have escaped and they have come to warn us. So you see my king,  God is Kind “.

Moral : God is always kind to his loved ones but we should also remember that God works in mysterious ways and many times, we may not be able to understand his kindness in the beginning of some of his mysterious acts, but we will finally get to know his kindness in the long run if we keep the faith and stick to the right path. Leaves of the trees fall only because he wants them to bless with new and fresh leaves. Likewise, miseries, failures and pains come to us many times in life only because he wants to make us stronger and stronger by putting us through such things.

Look around you and you will find that most of the great people in the history of world, had one thing in common ; They were all chosen to go through a great number of failures, pains, miseries and challenges many times in their lives and with the grace of God, they came out of them every time, becoming stronger, wiser and greater. Even your teachers and coaches put you through hard tests which bother and trouble you a lot until you pass them, but their intent is not to trouble you, but to make you a better, more capable and stronger person. Most of the great lessons and great things in life will come only after hard tests and challenges which is fair enough as every reward has the right to choose best candidate for it and in order to achieve the best, you have to become the best which will happen only when you go through many hardships and challenges in your life, and you come out of them as a winner after learning and adopting so much value from those challenges. So keep the faith and take every challenge of your life as a God given opportunity to improve yourself.



Himanshu Shangari