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With passing time, gemstones have established themselves as a very valuable remedy of Vedic astrology by producing quick and lasting results for many natives who have worn various gemstones. Millions of people have benefitted by wearing different gemstones which suited them according to their horoscopes, acting on advice of their astrologers.

For this reason, the trend of asking for suitable gemstones from astrologers has caught up during the recent years. As the awareness about the use of gemstones has increased among people and as more and more people have started wearing gemstones, some problems have also appeared. Many people have witnessed negative effects and losses on various fronts of their lives after wearing certain gemstones which were said to be suitable for them according to their astrologers but which turned out to be harmful or very harmful for them in actual practice.

Due to this reason, many people have started doubting the suitability of gemstones and the natives who have suffered due to wearing wrong gemstones have particularly become very reluctant to try some other gemstones as they fear that the other gemstones may also do the same kind of bad things to them, which were caused by the previous gemstones worn by them. However, it should be noted that though their sufferings may certainly have been caused by gemstones; the culprits are not the gemstones but the people who suggested these natives to wear unsuitable gemstones.

I mean you shouldn’t blame a medicine for doing bad things to your body and you should have your complaints with the doctor who prescribed such wrong medicine for you. For example, if you are allergic to increased quantities of iron in your blood and your doctor prescribes you a medicine for some health issue where such medicine has iron in it; you’re very likely to suffer from allergies due to increased quantity of iron in your blood. However, it should be noted that the medicine is not at fault here and the doctor who has prescribed this medicine for you is at fault as he gave you a medicine which contained iron.

Though you should stop taking this medicine and you also have the right to have your complaints against your doctor, it is not wise to decide that you won’t take any medicine in future as a medicine has caused problems. This is because the same medicine containing iron may do wonderful things for a native suffering from iron deficiency and hence there is nothing wrong with the medicine. It is a simple fact to understand that this medicine is not suitable for you though it may be suitable for many other people. Hence instead of rejecting the concept of medicine on the whole, you should try and find the medicine which is suitable for you and which is capable of treating the health issue you’re currently suffering from.

Same is the case with many other things and likewise, same is the case with the application of gemstones. Each and every gemstone associated with navagraha is beneficial for some people whereas it is harmful for some other people and it is the duty of the astrologer to find out whether it is beneficial for you or harmful for you. Though it may look like an easy job to find the right gemstones for you; it may not be so in many cases and the astrologer analyzing your horoscope may get confused when it comes to find such suitable gemstones.

This is because the most important factor for recommending a gemstone for you is that the planet related to that gemstone should be working positively for you; and the most difficult job in astrology is to find the working nature of a planet in your horoscope. You may not know the importance of this factor but let me tell you that more than half the job of an astrologer is done; once he is able to establish the working nature of each and every planet in your horoscope. On the other hand, an astrologer may never be able to deliver correct predictions and effective remedies, if he is not able to establish the working nature of all the planets in your horoscope. Hence the working nature of all planets among navagraha is the most important factor in astrology, though there are some other important factors also.

However, it is not an easy task to be accomplished by an astrologer and it is a very difficult job to do; if not the most difficult job. This is because the working nature of each planet among navagraha is affected by a number of factors in your horoscope and an astrologer should be able to calculate all these factors properly, in order to reach this conclusion. Whereas some of these factors may become very difficult to calculate at times, some of them are not even known to a number of astrologers. For instance, some factors which are the most important ones when it comes to decide the working nature of a planet among navagraha are this planet’s house of placement, sign of placement, nakshatra of placement, lordship of houses, combination with other planets, placement in divisional charts and the overall tone of the horoscope.

Though these factors may look simple to read, they are very difficult to master as each one of these factors involves a complex mechanism and hence it is a job in its own. The most difficult thing however is that when it comes to decide the working nature of a planet; some of these factors may bend such planet towards positivity and some of them may bend it towards negativity. This is where this calculation may become complex and tricky as the astrologer may not be able to find the resultant of these complex and contradicting influences on a planet.

Each and every part of all important factors is responsible for a percentage of positive or negative nature of a planet in question. It means if the factors in favor of a planet render positivity to it in a way that the collective positivity of these factors becomes 80% and the factors against this planet render negativity to it in a way that the collective negativity of these factors becomes 20%; the planet is broadly positive. This is because its working is 80% positive and hence it is likely to produce good results for the native; though it may introduce some side effects also; due to the partial negativity it has.

On the other hand, if the factors in favor of a planet render a collective positivity of 20% and the factors against this planet render a collective negativity of 80% to this planet, the planet is broadly negative. Such planet may trouble this native in many spheres of his life though it may give him some small benefits also from time to time; due to the partial positive working. The same calculations need to be done for each planet among navagraha and the results may be confusing at times.

It means though a planet may look broadly positive, it may not be the case as the astrologer may have ignored or miscalculated the negative impact of a major factor on this planet. As a result, the astrologer may consider it to be 90% positive whereas the planet in reality may be 60% positive and 40% negative. Though the planet is still having majority of its percentage as positive; a gemstone should not be recommended for this planet. This is because 40% is a significant percentage and hence the negative part of this planet’s energy may cause significant problems for the native; once it gains strength through the gemstone of this planet.

In this situation, a simple miscalculation of the astrologer may make him recommend this gemstone to his client and the client may suffer. However, since the planet still has a majority of its energy as positive energy; the sufferings may be significant but not of the extreme type. On the other hand, if the astrologer ignores or miscalculates many of the important factors influencing the working nature of a planet in a horoscope, the results may be disastrous. In such a case, the astrologer may think the planet is having positivity in excess of 80%; it may have negativity in excess of 80% in reality.

This is the case where the astrologer may recommend the gemstone for this planet and such gemstone may produce disastrous results for this native, depending on the running time as well as depending on the field of impact of this planet in his horoscope. For example, if this planet is having its primary impact on the profession of this native and the running time is also negative; the native may face big financial losses, disputes, court cases, bad reputation and even imprisonment through his profession; after wearing this gemstone. Similarly, if this negative planet affects the marriage of the native and the running time is also negative; the native may face serious problems in his marriage or even a broken marriage; after wearing this gemstone.

Hence all the important factors which influence the working nature of a planet in a horoscope should be analyzed properly in order to determine the net positive and negative nature of that planet; so that the possibility of recommending or not recommending a gemstone for that planet may be found out. However as this is a very complex procedure; many astrologers avoid it and they depend on some simple and easy to calculate factors while deciding the working nature of a planet in a horoscope. For example, many astrologers only pay attention to the house of placement and sign of placement of a planet though some of them also pay attention to lordship of this planet over different houses of such horoscope.

Many of these astrologers may not pay due attention to the influence of nakshatras and planetary interactions whereas most of them may not pay attention to the overall theme of the horoscope; which in reality is the most important factor among all such factors. The overall theme of a horoscope is so important that it can change each and everything. For example, if the overall theme of a horoscope is negative and it bends the native towards a life of crime; the last thing you want is a strong and active Mars placed in the sign of Aries in this horoscope, even if such Mars is positive.

This is because the overall theme of this horoscope may exploit the strong and positive energy of Mars for negative purposes. Since Mars is a planet of physical strength, courage and bravery among many other things, the overall negative theme of this horoscope may misuse these qualities rendered by strong and positive Mars. As a result, the native may engage in crimes of even higher quantum as such Mars may provide him with more physical strength and bravery which he may misuse for selfish purposes.

Hence Mars may turn out to be a negative planet in this horoscope in reality though it may look like a positive planet in theory. Therefore, the last thing an astrologer should do is recommend a Red Coral to the native having this horoscope as doing so may produce disastrous results. Mars may gain additional strength once this native wears a Red Coral and such additional strength may boost the aspects like bravery and courage. As a result; the native may start engaging in even more violent types of crimes as he has more courage and bravery now. Hence a gemstone for Mars should not be recommended in this case.

Looking at the correct approach for this native; the astrologer should find out if any one of the planets Jupiter; Saturn or Sun is working positively for this native. For example, if Jupiter is positive in his horoscope, a gemstone for Jupiter should be prescribed. As this native wears this gemstone, he may start having more and more moral sense of right and wrong since Jupiter is directly associated with moral sense of right and wrong. As this sense becomes stronger due to this gemstone, the native may now find it difficult to engage in crimes as an increasing part of his personality may start opposing such actions now.

Similarly, wearing the gemstone for positive Saturn may bless this native with more patience and a calculative approach which may do the same job, though in a different way. Whereas the additional strength gained by benefic Jupiter may motivate this native to stay away from crimes on moral grounds; the additional strength gained by benefic Saturn may motivate this native to stay away from crimes on legal and practical grounds. It means that this native may now start thinking more and more about the advantages and disadvantages of engaging in crimes; over a longer period of time. He may eventually find out that such life of crime may cost him dear in the end and he may slowly but surely walk out of it.

Though the native may disengage from crimes on moral grounds after wearing the gemstone for Jupiter and he may do the same on practical and legal grounds after wearing the gemstone for Saturn; the result is the same in both the cases and this is what matters the most. Similarly, this native may choose to disengage from crimes after wearing a gemstone for positive Sun as he may now become more and more concerned about his general image in public and he may develop a strong tendency to avoid defame; which is among the first things you may come across when you engage in crimes. Hence the native in this case may also walk out of a life of crime, though the grounds may be different in this case also.

You see, depending on the overall tone of a horoscope, how even the gemstone for a positive planet can be harmful? Hence each and every aspect should be considered carefully before deciding the overall working nature of a planet in a horoscope and before prescribing the gemstone for such planet. It should be noted that in the recent example; Jupiter, Saturn or Sun may only help this native get out of a life of crime if they are positive in the horoscope of the native in question. On the contrary, negative Jupiter, Saturn or Sun may enhance the tendency of this native to engage in more and more crimes.

This is because negative Jupiter may distort the moral reasoning of this native and he may not have a proper sense of moral responsibility. For instance, if this native engages in prostitution racket under the effect of an overall negative horoscope, he may think that he is doing a favor to the women by giving them work as otherwise, they may not be able to manage their lives in a good way. In this case, the gemstone of Jupiter may only strengthen this belief and hence it is not likely to help him. On the contrary, this gemstone may aggravate the problems as his distorted moral reasoning may become even more distorted, resulting in his engagement in more and more crimes.

Similarly, negative Saturn may distort the practical and legal reasoning of this native and he may now think that some laws have been made by fools and there is no harm in breaking them. For instance in the same situation, this native engaging in prostitution racket under the influence of negative Saturn may think that the government has no right to form laws against prostitution. He may think that if a woman is willing to offer sexual services, someone else is willing to pay for those services and he is working as a mediator; the government has no right to step in and stop them from doing so as this is their personal affair and not the affair of the government. In this case, the gemstone for Saturn may further strengthen this belief and he may start engaging in more and more crimes; instead of reducing the number of crimes committed by him.

Similarly in case of negative Sun; this native’s sense of an overall image may become distorted. Hence he may be of the view that whether good or bad; name is name. It means he may enjoy the fact that he is well known for the crimes committed by him and he may take great pride in becoming a notorious criminal. This native may engage in crimes; primarily in order to make a name for him in the crime world. As you understand; the gemstone for Sun in this case may increase this tendency and hence the native may engage in crimes of even bigger quantum; in order to become more and more known as a criminal.

You see, how complicated can it be to establish the overall theme of a horoscope, to establish the working nature of a planet based on that theme and to recommend gemstones for positive planets in that horoscope? This is why some astrologers may make mistakes while recommending gemstones for you and you may have to suffer because of such gemstones. However, it should be noted that if you’re able to find a good astrologer; he may recommend the right gemstones for you and those gemstones may do wonderful things for you. Hence the focus should be on finding a good astrologer and not on staying away from gemstones and other astrological remedies as choosing to do the latter certainly reduces your chances of achieving much more in your life.

Himanshu Shangari