Gemstones and Sun Signs

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Gemstones and Sun Signs

The awareness about the use of gemstones has increased among people over the years. Hence more and more people have started wearing gemstones. Some of them have witnessed good results whereas some others have faced negative effects and losses by wearing certain gemstones.

Negative effects are generally caused if gemstones for malefic planets are worn, though gemstones for mixed planets can also cause problems. Though gemstone for suitable benefic planets may produce good or very good results; those for malefic planets may create serious problems.

For this reason, the use of gemstones is a practice which should be carried out with great care. At times, an astrologer may end up recommending an unsuitable gemstone to a native; as he may not be able to properly understand native’s horoscope. In some other cases; people may wear gemstones on their own; after reading some content related to gemstones on various types of media.

The web in particular is full of a number of theories related to which gemstones are suitable for various natives; usually belonging to a specific class. It means such theories divide people into different classes on the basis of certain criterion. After that, all natives belonging to the same class are recommended to wear the same gemstone or gemstones.

If there’s one thing about horoscopes; it is the fact that each one of them is unique in its own way. Hence no two horoscopes may be the same though they may look similar at times. Since every horoscope is unique and it has its own theme; the practice of recommending gemstones by dividing people into classes may often end up causing more problems than benefits. Let’s discuss some of the prevalent theories which divide people into classes on account of different reasons and they recommend the same gemstone or gemstones to all people in a particular class.

A school of thought says that gemstones may be worn on the basis of Sun signs. This theory states that Sun is the most important planet in a horoscope. Accordingly, the lord of the sign of placement of Sun in a horoscope carries great importance. Hence the gemstone for such planet is suitable for the native. Taking an example, if Sun is placed in Aries; the gemstone for Mars (Red Coral) which rules Aries; is suitable for the native.

The primary reason behind such practice seems to be the fact that it is one of the most convenient ways to recommend gemstones. It is so simple and convenient that even horoscope is not required in most cases. Sun spends about a month in each sign, during its transitory movement. Hence Sun completes one cycle of transit through 12 signs in a year. Since it follows the same predictable pattern again and again; the Sun sign of a native may be guessed without much trouble.

In general, Sun leaves one sign and it enters into the next one; between 14th and 16th of every month. On 14 or 15 April, Sun enters Aries, in general. This is when the Vedic New Year begins. This day is celebrated as a festival in many parts of India. Whenever Sun enters a sign; that particular day is called Sakranti (transmigration of Sun from one sign to the next) in India.

Hence we have a broad idea that Sun transits through Aries between 14 April and 14 May. It means most natives born during this period every year; have Aries as their Sun sign. Likewise, most natives born between 15 May and 14 June have their Sun sign as Taurus. This trend continues like this and most natives born between 15 March and 14 April have their Sun sign as Pisces.

Hence it is easy to tell from the date of birth; which Sun sign you may belong to. The lord of such Sun sign is considered to be benefic for all such natives; born during a specific set of dates. Hence they are recommended to wear gemstone for such planetary lord. This way, all natives are divided into 12 categories, based on Sun signs and every native in a specific group is supposed to benefit by wearing the same gemstone.

It may be a convenient theory but it may create serious problems. Every planet among navagraha may change its functional nature, hundreds of times during a month. It means that the lord of Sun sign may also do so. Hence wearing gemstones based on this theory may prove harmful or very harmful. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better way.

Suppose a malefic combination of exalted Sun and Mars is placed in the eighth house of a horoscope in Aries. Virgo rises in the ascendant. Since Sun is placed in Aries; the gemstone for Mars (Red Coral) should be benefic for the native and this recommendation may be made; even without preparing a horoscope.

In reality; both Sun and Mars are malefic in this horoscope; they are very strong and they are placed in one of the most difficult houses of horoscope; the eighth house. This malefic combination of Sun and Mars poses direct threat to native’s life. Hence the native may die young in an accident or he may get killed; depending on his overall horoscope. If the native wears Red Coral; the threat to his lifespan may become even more prominent. As a result, he may suffer from serious accidents, limb loss, diseases, surgeries, organ loss, financial losses and a number of other problems; apart from sudden death.

Such extreme example has been chosen to have an idea as to how destructive this practice may be. Hence this practice should be avoided and gemstones should be recommended; only for suitable benefic planets; after proper analysis of horoscope.


Himanshu Shangari