Gemstones and Moon Signs

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Gemstones and Moon Signs

It is a similar type of belief with the only difference that in this case; gemstones for planetary lords of Moon signs are recommended. This theory states that Moon is the most important planet in a horoscope, which is true in general. Hence the planetary lord of Moon sign is always benefic for native; which may or may not be true, depending on the overall horoscope of a native under consideration.

Taking an example, if Moon is placed in Aquarius in a horoscope; Saturn becomes the lord of Moon sign. Accordingly, Blue Sapphire is suitable for all natives having Aquarius as their Moon sign. Moon spends about 2 and a half days in each sign, on average. Within this period of time; the lord of Moon sign may change its functional nature; dozens of times. Hence wearing gemstones based on this theory may prove harmful or very harmful. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better way.

Suppose a malefic combination of Moon and Saturn is placed in the twelfth house of a horoscope in Aquarius. Pisces rises in the ascendant. Moon represents the fifth house and Saturn represents the eleventh and twelfth house in this horoscope. Saturn is highly malefic in this case. Moon is benefic but it is troubled by malefic Saturn as well as by the twelfth house. Saturn is much stronger than Moon in Aquarius. Hence the overall combination in the twelfth house is led by Saturn; which means it becomes malefic.

Due to strong malefic influence of Saturn; Moon may also turn partly malefic. If the native wears Blue Sapphire; Saturn may gain more strength. Hence the overall combination may become even more malefic. As a result, the native may face serious problems related to the general significances of Moon as well as those related to the significances of the fifth and twelfth house. It means the native may face problems related to mental and emotional health; mother, love life, children, addictions, vices and a number of other problems.

In an extreme case of this type; the native may become literally insane and he may have to spend significant amount of time in a mental asylum. For example, if both Moon and Saturn are placed in Shatabhisha nakshatra within the sign of Aquarius; the native may go insane after wearing Blue Sapphire; unless there are strong benefic planets in his horoscope, which may counteract this effect. Even then; the native may suffer from serious psychological problems.

Looking at another serious problem, the native may become a drug addict and he may face serious problems due to such addiction. Prolonged use of Blue Sapphire may cause significant damage to the health of the native; through drug abuse. Hence this practice should be avoided and gemstones should be recommended; only for suitable benefic planets; after proper analysis of horoscope.


Himanshu Shangari