Gemstones: Magic or Science?

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Vedic Astrology is undoubtedly the oldest and most comprehensive faith of astrology among all such faiths practiced across the globe, and whereas some of these faiths have the depth and volume of a stream, some of a river, Vedic Astrology is the Ocean which can provide resources to all these faiths and which can validate or invalidate any one of these faiths.

I have studied and researched many such faiths like Numerology, Vaastu etc. but none of them holds their ground without the support of Vedic Astrology and it is the faith which is the backbone or motherboard of all such faiths. This is what inspired me to make a carrier choice with the Ocean itself and now after years and years of this voyage; I can happily say that I made the right choice, many years back.

The fact that Vedic Astrology is the oldest among such faiths, also exposes it and makes it vulnerable to many types of corruptions and adulterations from time to time which may have come in the form of selfish additions in some of the purest Vedic Astrology scriptures or which may have resulted from misinterpretations of many important concepts of Vedic Astrology, from time to time. It is only due to such adulterations, corruptions and misinterpretations, that Vedic Astrology does not look as complete and accurate to many people interested in it, as it actually is, in this day and age.

With the Grace of Lord Shiva, I have spent years in researching various concepts of Vedic Astrology and in finding where and how much, such concepts may have been misinterpreted and what could be the possible correct interpretation of these divine concepts. And whereas in their misinterpreted forms, most such concepts of Vedic Astrology do not hold ground in real practice of astrology, almost all of them hold solid ground in their modified forms.

I have found out this fact after years of intensive research on these topics and after cross checking them with thousands of horoscopes so that they should hold ground when it comes to real life and real horoscopes instead of just reflecting on paper, and after all this effort, I can say that now they do hold ground in their modified forms.

Hence this book should be understood as an effort to create such awareness among the lovers of Vedic Astrology that this faith itself is still as complete as it was when it was born, but various misinterpretations from time to time, may have caused confusions related to many important concepts of this faith. Through this book, I have tried to create awareness about various aspects related to recommending and using gemstones in order to get benefits from them.

This book contains information about various theories which are used by different astrologers to recommend gemstones to their clients. At the same time, this book tells you how a number of these theories can mislead you to wrong gemstones due to which you may have to suffer losses instead of seeing benefits after wearing such gemstones.

I have also mentioned the detailed scientific mechanism for the working of various gemstones, which explains how these gemstones actually work and how do they bring various benefits to us. Various aspects related to gemstones for Navagraha have also been explained in details where each gemstone has been discussed in a separate chapter. The quality, wearing procedure, the colors and many other aspects related to these gemstones have been discussed through these chapters.

This book also guides you how to separate a good quality gemstone from a bad quality gemstone when you go to purchase gemstones. Many tips have been mentioned not only to identify good quality gemstones but also about how to maintain your gemstones so that you may keep getting optimum results through them. This book takes a complete approach towards gemstones and you will know as much about gemstones as much you need to know after you have finished reading this book.

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari