Gemstones and Debilitated Planets

Gemstones - Magic or Science Revised Edition

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Gemstones and Debilitated Planets

This theory states that gemstones should never be worn for debilitated planets since they are always malefic. As already mentioned, the placement of a planet in a sign is more a measure of its physical strength than that of its functional nature in a horoscope. Hence gemstones for debilitated planets may be worn; provided such planets are benefic in a horoscope under consideration. In fact, benefic debilitated planets are often the ones which may need attention on urgent basis, in most cases. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better manner.

Suppose debilitated Moon is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Scorpio. Moon rules the ninth house in this horoscope and it is highly benefic. However due to debilitation, it is weak. Hence the native may face problems related to general as well as specific significances of Moon. It means the native may suffer from problems related to emotional disturbances, psychological issues, spiritual growth, education and luck factor among other things.

Hence the native may not perform well in studies and he may be emotionally weak which may make him susceptible to psychological problems. The native may also witness that time and again, his efforts may not bring desired fruit. This is because the luck factor goes weak due to weakness of Moon. Hence Pearl may help this native a lot in this case. As the native wears Pearl, Moon may gain strength and it may start doing its job in a better way. As a result, the native may witness better results related to education, emotional wellbeing, spiritual growth and luck factor.

Likewise, gemstones for other debilitated planets may also be worn; if they are benefic and they tend to restore balance in the horoscope. At times, a benefic debilitated planet may get stuck in a difficult situation. In such cases; its gemstone should be recommended; only after carefully analysing the overall horoscope or else; it may cause problems.

Taking an example, suppose benefic debilitated Moon is placed in the eighth house of a horoscope in Scorpio along with malefic Rahu. Moon is debilitated, it is corrupted by Rahu and the eighth house is a difficult to handle house. If Moon gains strength through Pearl in this case, battles may begin between Moon and Rahu as well as between Moon and the eighth house. The initial disturbances created by such battles may be too much to handle for the native since Moon is already weak and the eighth house is a very sensitive house. Hence Pearl should not be worn in this case; unless the overall horoscope gives the native the strength to bear problems created by such battle and win it.


Himanshu Shangari