Gemstones and Birth Nakshatras

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Gemstones and Birth Nakshatras

This theory is similar to that of Moon signs. The only difference is that gemstones for the planetary rulers of birth nakshatras (nakshatras of placements of Moon in birth chart) are recommended. This theory states that Moon nakshatra is the most auspicious nakshatra in a horoscope. Accordingly, the ruling planet of such nakshatra is always benefic for the native.

Taking an example, if Moon is placed in Moola nakshatra in a horoscope, it become the birth nakshatra of native. Hence Ketu being the ruler of Moola becomes the lord of birth nakshatra. It means that the gemstone for Ketu (Cat’s Eye) is suitable for the native; since Ketu is benefic for him. In reality, Ketu may be benefic, malefic or highly malefic for the native; based on his overall horoscope. Hence wearing gemstones based on this theory may prove harmful or very harmful. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better way.

Suppose a combination of malefic Moon and malefic Ketu is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Sagittarius. Suppose Moon is placed in the first quarter of Moola nakshatra and Ketu is also placed in Moola nakshatra. Moon forms Gandmool Dosh in first quarter for Moola nakshatra. This defect may prove troublesome for native’s health and lifespan; as well as for those of his mother and father.

Moon rules the eighth house in this horoscope, which deals with accidents, surgeries, lifespan and death among other things. Since both these planets are malefic; they may afflict the first house; thereby causing threat to native’s lifespan. Apart from that; both Moon and Ketu afflict each other. The affliction from Ketu to Moon may prove more troublesome. This is because Moon in general is the most important planet among navagraha and it represents a sensitive house (eighth) in this horoscope.

If the native wears Cat’s Eye; it poses direct threat to his health and lifespan; among other serious problems. Hence the native may get seriously injured in an accident, he may face serious health issues or he may face other types of serious problems; depending on his overall horoscope. In an extreme case of this type; the native may get killed in a bomb blast or in another unfortunate incident; due to increased strength of Ketu.

Let’s take another example. Suppose Moon is placed in Uttaraphalguni nakshatra in a horoscope. Sun rules this nakshatra. Hence the native may be recommended to wear Ruby. Suppose malefic Sun is placed in the sixth house of this horoscope along with malefic Venus and benefic Mercury in Leo.

This combination is very troublesome and it may create a number of problems for the native. It may prove destructive for the sphere for marriage, particularly for that of a male native. Both Venus as well as Mercury (lord of the seventh house) are afflicted and this combination is placed in a difficult house.

Wearing Ruby in this case may aggravate problems related to marriage; along with other problems. As a result, the native may witness two, three or more broken marriages; depending on his overall horoscope. Even in case of female natives; wearing Ruby can cause serious problems related to marriage, children and health among other problems. Hence this practice should be avoided and gemstones should be recommended; only for suitable benefic planets; after proper analysis of horoscope.