Gemstones Astrology and Auras

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Gemstones Astrology and Auras

Gemstones Astrology and AurasIn the previous chapter named Mechanism of Gemstones, we have discussed the mechanism involved behind the working of gemstones and we have seen that a gemstone transmits the energy of a particular planet into your body, and that particular planet gains strength by means of this extra energy. If that planet is a good planet for you, it will not only start giving its positive results more quickly and with more quantum but it will also become stronger to face the bad aspects or effects of bad planets. It means that such a positive planet will be in a better position to deal with the afflictions given to it by negative planets either by virtue of conjunction or by virtue of aspect.

Moving on, we will now look into some magical aspects involved behind the working of the gemstones, on scientific basis. What I mean to say is that I will try to cast some light on the mechanism through which the gemstones are able to do magic for you once they start transmitting energy of a particular planet into your body. To understand this concept better, let’s try to understand the concept of Aura that every person as well as every other entity in this world has around it, in the form of an invisible pattern of energy.

From ancient times, Indian spiritual philosophy has been asserting that there is an Aura around every person and in the recent years, many scientists have claimed to prove this theory as they have been able to take pictures of the Aura around many people. This Aura consists of electromagnetic radiations including Microwaves, Infrared and Ultraviolet radiations and most of the good as well as bad things are happening to us due to the effects of this Aura around us. This Aura is unique for everyone depending on the good deeds and bad deeds done by them in their past and present lives according to the spiritual philosophy. It means that the Aura of a person is nothing but the sum total of positive and negative energy patterns gained by that person through his good and bad karmas. To learn about this concept in details, kindly read my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’.

Scientifically, this Aura is formed by the energy radiations of particular strengths and particular natures belonging to particular planets, which may be good as well as bad planets for the person whose Aura is being studied. As soon as a person is born at some place on the earth, the Constellations, the Signs as well as the planets register their positive or negative energies with different energy centers present inside the body of that person. As these energy centers then start emitting the energy or combination of energies registered with them and stored in them, an Aura is formed around that person, which stays with him for the rest of his life.

This Aura keeps changing more or less, depending on different time periods in the life of that person, good or bad karmas done by that person as such good or bad karmas keep adding more good or bad energy which means more positive or negative energy to the Aura of that person, and depending on some other important factors. All these factors have been discussed in details, in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’ and interested readers should read this book to know more about this topic.

As the formation of this Aura around us has been explained, let’s try to find out, how this Aura works and how it brings all the good as well as bad things to us. To understand this concept in an easier manner, let me once again take the help of an established scientific concept. This time, we are going to look at the formation of volcanic rocks which will help us understand the concept of how this Aura around every person works. When a volcano erupts and the lava flows out of it, it gradually starts cooling down due to the atmospheric conditions like temperature etc. and it proceeds towards the formation of volcanic rocks.

As this lava cools down and goes through the process of changing into rocks, it witnesses some important things going around it at that time, as this lava contains some magnetic minerals which are capable of recording the magnetic properties present in the atmosphere at that time. In simple language, this lava records the orientation and strength of earth’s magnetic field as it settles down to form a volcanic rock and the impressions recorded on it remain within it as a signature for the rest of its life. Layers and layers of lava keep erupting from volcanoes and they keep depositing fresh layers of volcanic rocks on the already formed rocks.

It should be noted that each and every layer of the volcanic rock formed through such process, records the orientation and strength of the earth’s magnetic field present at that time. Various scientists have been studying these signatures present inside different layers of some ancient volcanic rocks for various purposes. Some of these rocks are as old as the volcanic rocks found on the north shore of Lake Superior in North America which date back to 1 billion years. From these signatures, they’ve been able to predict the strength and orientation of earth’s magnetic field at different times in the past. Doesn’t it seem amazing that the signatures recorded at the birth of a volcanic rock remain intact within that rock even after 1 billion years? Well as surprising as it may be, it is an established fact now.

Leaving the volcanic rocks and getting back to astrology, similar concept is involved in the formation and working of the Auras around people. The Aura once formed around a person keeps its signatures intact and then different layers of changes in planetary radiations are deposited on the already formed layers and the process goes on. As the scientists can dig out the older layers and interpret the signatures, in the same way it is possible to read the different layers of an Aura around a person and tell him about the things that happened to him in this life and also tell him about the things he did or the things that happened to him in his past lives going back to as many of his past lives as many were there.

But only a very advanced spiritual person is able to do this and the scope of astrology is not this vast as astrology takes a different approach. When a person is born, the resultants of his good or bad karmas are recorded in the form of an Aura which according to astrology is the outward expression of the combined impact of good and bad planets which have registered their negative or positive energies at the time of birth of that person. This is called the net energy equation of that person, the horoscope of that person or the Aura at the time of birth of that person.

The same impressions can be drawn in the form of a horoscope knowing the birth details of a person and through such horoscope, the impact of good and bad planets at the time of birth of that person can be known. Starting from there, the coming good times or bad times in the life of a person can be predicted as they are nothing but the resultants of the good or bad impressions of different constellations, signs and planets recorded at the time of birth of a person, the planetary periods and sub periods and the transit impacts of planets in different signs at different times. All these impressions are made on the basis of good as well as bad karmas done by the person in question, during his past lives.

Doesn’t this all sound very complicated. Well it is complicated, and that is why the predictions made even by an expert astrologer may not always come true, as there are so many permutations and combinations going on and some of them may not be interpreted correctly or some of them may be missed altogether. So there is always a chance of error or exception in astrology like in any other field, though most of the time, an expert astrologer is able to predict the things that happened in the past and the things that are likely to happen in the future, after analyzing such impressions of various positive as well as negative energies, from the horoscope of a native.

Getting back to how the Auras around us work, every person continuously receives and emits energy radiations which are the characteristic radiations of different planets. In case of a bad planet, the radiations absorbed and emitted are bad so the results will also be bad. For example, let’s assume that Mars is behaving negatively in someone’s horoscope and it is giving its bad results particularly regarding the marriage of the native in question, where such bad results may include a delayed marriage or disturbed marriage. In this case, every time a marriage proposal is considered for that person, the bad influence of Mars which is constantly being emitted in the form of radiations will affect the second party adversely and most likely the second party will back out not knowing about what influence actually made them reject the proposal.

Even when the marriage of this person takes place eventually under the impact of some very good planets, the bad influence of Mars will continue and it will provide either of the partners with one or the other reason to quarrel with each other. This process goes on until some outer forces are applied to weaken the impact of bad influence radiated by Mars for that person. These outer forces are called astrological remedies. In the same way, disturbance in love affairs, legal disputes, fame and defame can be explained.

Going deep into the details of this concept, the negative or positive effects of the Aura present around a person puts its signatures on the things touched by that persons, the people known and met by him, and the things or people with whom he interacted through any such means which support energy transfer from this person to those things or people. For example, if Mercury is the planet that rules the house of government in the horoscope of a particular person, it will affect him positively or negatively depending on the good or bad, weak or strong effect of Mercury registered at the time of birth of that person and some other factors like planetary periods and transits.

If Mercury is benefic for this person, as he fills the documents, say an application form for some contract with some government department, he will be influenced by Mercury to fill up a very suitable application form, and then the good impact and the strength of Mercury is registered with those papers also. This impact will influence the concerned authority positively with the strength of the impact registered, as and when the concerned authority goes through those papers.

So in case some other application belonging to some other person having the good impact of a planet on his papers and which is stronger than the impact registered on the papers of the first person is not received, the authority will be convinced by Mercury to assign this contract to the first person and the person will get that contract. On the other hand, if Mercury is working negatively for this person, the same Mercury will influence the authority adversely and his application form will most likely be rejected.

I know it seems hard to believe that the impact of a planet can be registered on a paper, but that’s how it is. After all if an impact can be recorded on a volcanic rock and it can survive for a billion years, why can’t an impact registered on some other thing like a paper survive? Yes, it can surely survive and it does survive for a very long period of time. This is the reason why people having religious and spiritual knowledge tend to visit the holy places more and more as they know that the impacts of long lasted presences of some very powerful saints or some very good deeds were recorded there, which are still capable of influencing everyone who visits those places, in a strongly positive way.

That is why the places where an incarnation of the God Almighty or some powerful saint used to stay or meditate or preach are considered most sacred as very powerful signatures of highly positive energy represented by these spiritual powers have been registered there. This energy is highly positive and it has such a great strength that it can easily last for thousands of years and so the people visiting these places can benefit from this highly positive energy by absorbing some of this energy. This concept of transfer of energy through people and places has been explained in my book ‘Heaven and Hell Within’ and interested readers should read this book.

Getting back to the Aura once again, if a planet is good in nature for a person but weak in strength, it will radiate positive energies with weak strengths which simply means that it will lead to the start of some good things which are not likely to be accomplished as the planet as well as the radiations emitted by the planet are weak and they can’t get the person through, though they can get him started. So in this case, the native in question initiates efforts to achieve good things at different times of his life but most of these efforts do not click for him as the planet ruling those fields is weak and not able to give its proper results. This is where the gemstones come handy.

A gemstone for that particular planet with a particular weight suitable for that person is prescribed to be worn and as the gemstone is worn by that person, it starts transmitting more energy of that planet into that person, and accordingly the person emits stronger radiations of that planet which is already good for him. As the radiations of this planet emitted by this person gain strength, they start influencing more people in his favor and they start getting more benefits for him.

The gemstones work in each and every way possible to give results to the person wearing them. When a person starts wearing gemstone for a positive planet, at first he starts undergoing many physical and psychological changes within him and due to these changes he keeps getting physically more capable and fit, and mentally more stable and sound to take comparatively better decisions and then execute them more properly. As this starts happening, this person improves in quality and as a result, the efforts put in by him in various spheres of his life increase in quality due to which he starts seeing better results in those spheres of his life.

As this person wears more gemstones for other good planets in his horoscope and as the power of many good planets for this person increases by wearing the gemstones for them, the person starts emitting more and more good radiations with better strength which help him invisibly. So the gemstones have visible as well as invisible effects on a person who wears them. This is how the gemstones work and this is how one can get benefits by wearing the right gemstones with proper weights required.

It is however very important to note that the same mechanism works for the gemstones possessed by the planets which are working negatively for a person. It means that as soon as a person starts wearing the gemstones for the planets which are not suitable for him and which are giving him negative effects already, these gemstones will transfer more power to such negative planets and they will start emitting negative radiations more powerfully, thus causing the person more and more harm. So it is strongly advised that you should never wear gemstones on your own and you should first consult someone who knows a great deal about them so that he may recommend the right gemstones for you.

I’ve personally witnessed many cases where people have got very bad results by wearing the wrong gemstones. So never wear the gemstones on your own and always consult an expert on the topic to get recommendations. The negative impact of the planets can’t be reduced or controlled by wearing the gemstones for them and it is instead done with the help of specialized astrological remedies like Mantras, Yantras, Poojas and Charities which gradually keep reducing the negativity of those planets by adding more and more specific types of positive energies to your Aura. As the negativity of these planets reduces, you start seeing reliefs first and benefits later on.

Himanshu Shangari