Gemstones and Sun Signs

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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Over a period of last 15 years or so, gemstones have established themselves as some of the most worthy remedies of Vedic astrology by producing quick and lasting results for many natives who have worn various gemstones. Millions of people have benefitted by wearing different gemstones which suited them according to their horoscopes, acting on advice of their astrologers.

For this reason, the trend of asking for suitable gemstones from astrologers has caught up during the past few years. As the awareness about the use of gemstones has increased among people and as more and more people have started wearing gemstones, many people have witnessed negative effects and losses on various fronts of their lives after wearing certain gemstones which were said to be suitable for them according to their astrologers but which turned out to be harmful or very harmful for them in actual practice.

Due to this reason, many people have started doubting the suitability of gemstones and the natives who have once suffered due to wearing some wrong gemstones have particularly become very reluctant to try some other gemstones as they fear that the other gemstones may also do the same kind of bad things to them which were caused by the previous gemstones worn by them.

This is a well known fact now that gemstones are very fast at producing effects whether positive or negative and it is also true that in most cases, a gemstone representing a planet among navagraha is not likely to sit quietly on the finger of the wearer for a long period of time, which means that such gemstone will either bring positive effects or it will bring negative effects and something good or bad is bound to happen in most of the cases where a native wears a gemstone belonging to a planet among navagraha.

For this reason, the use of gemstones is a practice which should be carried out with utmost care and under the supervision of an expert astrologer and gemstone specialist who knows exactly which gemstone is going to suit you according to your horoscope and what weight of that gemstone is going to suit you. However, some astrologers do not have proper knowledge on the subject and they recommend gemstones to their clients merely on the basis of certain set or preconceived notions like suggesting a gemstone for the lord of Sun sign of a native, suggesting a gemstone for the lord of Moon sign or birth Raashi or a native, suggesting a gemstone for the lord of birth nakshatra of a native, suggesting a gemstone for the lord of running planetary period or MahaDasha, suggesting a gemstone for the lord of ascendant or for the lord of some other specific houses of a horoscope and many other such notions and theories.

Most of these theories and beliefs have given birth to misconceptions in gemstone astrology and they have become the cause of losses to many natives interested in astrology and hence the practice of blindly following such theories should be avoided. In this chapter, we will discuss some facts associated with the theory of recommending gemstones on the basis of Sun sign of a native and will find out the astrological as well as the logical truth behind this theory.

Many astrologers and particularly the astrologers practicing in Western astrology believe that Sun is the most important planet in a horoscope and Sun sign of a person is sufficient in itself to tell most of the things about a native and accordingly many books, journals and much online material can be seen giving predictions about a person based on his Sun sign. Before we move ahead with the discussion, let’s get to know what is the Sun sign of a person, for the sake of convenience of the readers who do not know what Sun sign is?

There are 12 signs in astrology which are counted from Aries to Pisces and each one of the planets is placed in one out of these 12 signs or the others, at any given time. The sign in which the Sun is present in the birth chart or birth horoscope of a native, is called the Sun sign of the native. For example, if Sun is present in the sign of Sagittarius in the birth chart of a native, then the Sun sign of the native will be Sagittarius and Jupiter being the ruler of the sign Sagittarius will be the lord of Sun sign of the native.

Moving ahead, a group of astrologers believes that the gemstone which belongs to the lord of Sun sign of a native is always suitable for that native and hence these astrologers recommend their clients to wear gemstones belonging to the lords of Sun signs in their respective horoscopes. But in actual practice, such gemstones prescribed for the Lords of Sun signs of the natives, can give positive effects to some natives whereas such gemstones can give bad or very bad effects to some other natives.

I have been told by many of my clients that they have suffered on account of serious problems in various spheres of their lives after wearing a gemstone for the lord of Sun sign in their horoscope. Some of these natives faced financial losses, some of them faced serious problems with their husbands or wives, some of them had to suffer injuries from some accident and some of them had to face bad name on account of false accusations made on them after wearing such gemstones. As the number of people suffering from bad effects after wearing the gemstone for the lord of Sun sign is much more than the number of natives benefitting by wearing such gemstones, it clearly suggests that this theory and belief of recommending and wearing gemstones on the basis of Sun sign is flawed and it is not an accurate theory.

Looking at some scientific and astrological facts related to this theory, every planet among navagraha continuously keeps moving from one sign to the next sign in a cyclic movement which is from Aries to Pisces except Rahu and Ketu which move in a retrograde motion from Pisces to Aries. This way, each planet is placed in one sign or the other at any given point of time and each planet has an approximate time period in which this planet travels through a sign completely, which means that a planet enters and leaves the sign in this period.

This time period of transit in a sign is different for different planets and in case of Sun, it takes about a month or so for the Sun to travel through a sign and this time period is known as the transit of the Sun in a particular sign. As the Sun remains present in a sign for about 30 days, this means that the Sun sign of all the people born during those 30 days will be the same which further means that lord of Sun sign will also be same for all the people born during each group of 30 days. Hence this theory states that millions of people born during a particular period of 30 days can wear the same gemstone which belongs to the lord of Sun sign in their horoscopes which is same for all such natives.

It should be noted that the basic and most important rule for wearing any particular gemstone is that the planet for which a gemstone is being worn, should be working positively in the horoscope of the native, which means that such planet should be a benefic planet for the native. Combining the results of this rule with the results of the above mentioned theory of wearing gemstones on the basis of Sun signs, this conclusion can be easily derived that the lord of Sun sign in a horoscope is always benefic for the native as the gemstone for this planet is believed to be always suitable for the native and only the gemstones belonging to benefic planets are suitable for a native.

This means that a particular planet continues to be benefic for all the natives born during a period of specific 30 days as all millions of natives born during these 30 days will have the same Sun sign and hence the same lord of Sun sign. For example, if Sun enters Aries in the mid of March and it leaves Aries in the mid of April, it means that the Sun sign of all the natives born during this period will be Aries and Mars being the lord of the sign Aries will be benefic for all the natives born during the above mentioned period of 30 days. This is far away from the truth as no planet can continue to be benefic for all the natives even for a few hours, let alone a period of 30 days.

The working nature of all planets continuously keeps changing from benefic to malefic and from malefic to benefic and a planet can completely change from benefic to malefic or from malefic to benefic in a matter of 30 minutes. It means that a planet can’t keep being benefic for all the natives born during a period of 30 days as it can change its nature hundreds or thousands of times during this period of 30 days. All the planets keep changing their strength, working nature and many other aspects related to them with every passing minute which makes them behave differently with every passing minute and accordingly all the individuals are different from each other as there is a continuous change in the horoscopes due to continuous change in the characteristics of various planets.

Hence the theory of recommending and wearing gemstones on the basis of Sun signs is flawed and accordingly the practice of recommending and wearing gemstones on the basis of this theory should be avoided as such types of misconceptions can cause serious problems for some natives. The primary and the most important rule for wearing gemstones is that the planet related to the gemstone worn by a native should be benefic in his horoscope or in other words, gemstones should always be worn for benefic planets and they should never be worn for malefic planets.

Vedic astrology lays many guidelines for deciding the benefic or malefic nature of a planet in a horoscope and accordingly a good astrologer should analyze the horoscope of his client with great care in order to decide which planets are benefic for the native and then the gemstones for such planets should only be recommended.


Himanshu Shangari