Gemstones and Numerology

Gemstones - Magic or Science Revised Edition

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Gemstones and Numerology

This theory recommends gemstones on the basis of dates of birth and names. Let’s understand basic things about numerology, in order to understand this concept in a better way. Different numbers are assigned to navagraha where Sun rules 1, Moon rules 2, Jupiter rules 3, Rahu rules 4, Mercury rules 5, Venus rules 6, Ketu rules 7, Saturn rules 8 and Mars rules 9.

If a native is born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 of any month; Ruby is recommended to him. This is because when we add 1 and 0 in 10, we get 1 which is ruled by Sun. Likewise when we add 1 and 9 in 19, we get 10 and when we further reduce it to a single digit number by adding 1 and 0; we get 1, ruled by Sun. The same holds in case of 28 and it also gives 1 when reduced to a single digit number through addition.

Likewise, if a native is born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any month; Pearl is recommended to him since we get 2 by reducing each one of these numbers to a single digit number; and 2 is ruled by Moon. The same process is followed for all other planets among navagraha.

At times, complete date of birth is considered; instead of considering the day of month only. It means that the month and year are also used for calculation. Taking an example, if a native is born on 15 November 1975; we reduce 15, 11 and 1975 to a single digit number through addition. Doing this calculation gives us; 1+5+1+1+1+9+7+5 = 30 which further gives us 3+0 = 3. Hence we get number three ruled by Jupiter. Accordingly, Yellow Sapphire is recommended to the native.

The name number is also used by some, to recommend gemstones through numerology. In this case, the name is written in English. The number corresponding to each alphabet from A to Z, used in such name is obtained; all these numbers are added and reduced to a single digit number. Taking an example, Diana is converted into a number as 4+9+1+14+1 = 29 which is further reduced to 2+9 = 11 which is further reduced to 1+1= 2. Hence the birth number is 2 and Pearl is recommended.

During all these recommendations, no consideration may be paid to the functional nature of planets in the horoscopes of the natives. Hence gemstones recommended through this theory may end up causing serious problems for the native. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better manner.

Suppose a native is born on 9th of any month. Mars rules this number and hence, Red Coral is recommended to the native. Suppose in the horoscope of this native; Mas is placed in the eighth house in Aries. Virgo rises in the ascendant and Mars rules the third and eighth house. Hence it becomes highly malefic. It is strong in Aries and it is placed in the eighth house which is a difficult and troublesome house.

As Mars gains strength through Red Coral; the native may suffer from accidents, diseases, limb loss, organ loss, tumors, unfortunate events, professional problems and a number of other problems. In an extreme case of this type when Mars is supported by other malefic planets; wearing Red Coral may get the native killed in an accident, through a fatal disease or the native may get murdered. Hence gemstones should not be recommended on the basis of numerology and due consideration should be paid to the important factors in horoscope; already mentioned in earlier chapters.


Himanshu Shangari