Gemstones and Mahadasha

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The detailed version of this article is featured in the book ‘Gemstones – Magic or Science? (Revised Edition).

Gemstones and Mahadasha

This theory states that the gemstone for a planet which rules the planetary period (Mahadasha) is always suitable for a native. Taking an example, if a native is under the effect of 19 year Saturn period; Blue Sapphire is suitable for the native, as long as Saturn period is in effect; regardless of the functional nature of Saturn in his horoscope.

This is just a misconception and nothing else. The suitability of gemstones is decided; primarily on the basis of functional nature of various planets in a horoscope. After that, the overall theme of horoscope as well as the objective of the native is considered. Hence recommending a gemstone on the basis of Mahadasha may cause disastrous results; if the planet in question is malefic in the horoscope under consideration.

Just like an exalted planet gains extra strength by virtue of its exaltation; a planet also gains extra strength during the running length of its Mahadasha. Just like such extra strength gained through exaltation may cause more damage when such exalted planet is malefic; the running period of a planet may also cause extra damage when such planet is malefic. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better manner.

Suppose Saturn is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Leo; in Leo navamsha of Poorvaphalguni nakshatra. Saturn rules the sixth and seventh house in this horoscope. It doesn’t perform well in Leo, it is not suited for the energy of Poorvaphalguni in most cases and it is uncomfortable in Leo navamsha of this nakshatra. As a combined result of these factors; Saturn may become highly malefic in this horoscope.

Hence it may create problems related to health, lifespan, profession, disputes, disagreements, enemies, court cases and a number of other things. Suppose Moon is placed in the third house of this horoscope in Libra in the second quarter of Shatabhisha nakshatra. It means that the native is born under 18 year Rahu period with about 12 years left; since Rahu rules Shatabhisha. Rahu period is followed by 16 year Jupiter period which is followed by 19 year Saturn period.

It means that the native may be under the effect of Saturn period between his age of 28 and 47. As this period begins, Saturn gains more strength and such extra strength remains available to it; throughout these 19 years. Since Saturn is highly malefic in this horoscope; it may trouble the native with a number of serious problems related to many spheres of life; throughout these 19 years.

Apart from the already mentioned problems; the native may suffer from problems related to marriage since Saturn casts direct aspect on the seventh house which deals with marriage. In addition to that; this period may cause serious problems related to the significances of any planet or planets which are placed in the first or seventh house (if there are any). Suppose Venus is placed in the first house in Leo along with Saturn.

Venus rules the third and tenth house in this horoscope; and it represents marriage in case of male natives. Since the first, third and tenth house deal with profession; the native may face serious problems related to his profession. The native may suffer due to loss of job, financial losses through profession, debts, litigations, court cases, bad reputation, penalties, punishment and a number of other problems related to this sphere; depending on his overall horoscope.

In case the native is male, he may face serious problems related to marriage. The native may not be able to get married till late or very late; depending on his overall horoscope. In an extreme case of this type when such malefic Saturn is supported by other malefic planets; the native may not get married till his age of 47; as long as Saturn period lasts; or he may not get married throughout his life.

Looking at other types of problems, the native may witness disputes, arguments, disagreements, fights and a number of other problems through his marriage. In an extreme case of this type, the native may separate from his wife on account of serious problems between the couple. However, due to one reason or the other; the native may not get divorced for 5, 7, 10 or more years. It means the native may neither live with his wife, nor he may get divorced so that he may be able to marry again.

If the native is female, she may witness serious problems related to children; apart from problems in profession. She may witness delay in childbirth, medical complications during childbirth, abortion, miscarriage and other problems related to this sphere. If Jupiter being the lord of the fifth house is weak or troubled; the native may not be able to have children at all or she may give birth to physically or mentally challenged children; especially the first child.

These are just some of the problems that malefic Saturn may create and aggravate during Saturn period of 19 years. If the native wears Blue Sapphire during this period; Saturn may gain even more strength. As a result; the quantum of problems may increase even more and the native may simply not be able to handle them. Hence gemstones should not be recommended on the basis of Mahadashas and they should be recommended on the basis of functional nature of planets, overall horoscope and the objective of the native in question.

Even when it comes to benefic planets; their gemstones may not be needed during their Mahadashas in some cases; whereas they may be needed in some other cases. The overall idea is to create balance in horoscope. If a planet is benefic, strong and un-afflicted in a horoscope; the native may not need its gemstone; especially during its running period.

If a planet is already strong, it may gain even more strength during its Mahadasha. The energy of such planet may already become difficult to handle for a native and such excessive energy may tend to create imbalance. If such planet gains even more strength through its gemstone; its energy may simply become too much to handle for the native. Let’s take an example to understand this concept in a better way.

Suppose Sun is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Leo in Magha nakshatra. Sun rules the first house, it is strong in Leo and it is very good in Magha. Hence Sun is highly benefic in the horoscope. However it is very strong and it is placed in the first house. Hence it may affect the overall personality of the native; much more than it should; unless there are balancing factors in the horoscope.

Suppose Moon is placed in the eighth house of this horoscope in Pisces in the fourth quarter of Revati nakshatra ruled by Mercury. In this case, the native is born under Mercury period with about 1 year left. Mercury period is followed by Ketu period for 7 years, Venus period for 20 years and Sun period for 6 years. It means that Sun period may rule this native between his age of 28 and 34.

These are very important years for marriage, profession and many other spheres of life. At same time, the overall aggression is relatively high during these years of age as well as in the years before them; in most cases. When Sun period begins, Sun may gain extra strength. Hence the native may witness better results related to profession, authority, fame and recognition during this period; depending on his overall horoscope.

However, due to such extra strength gained by Sun; the native may become more aggressive, over-confident, more self-centered, more dominating, impulsive and he may witness rise in all likewise qualities rendered by Sun. This may create imbalance in the personality of the native and the sphere of relationships may suffer the most. Since Sun is placed in the first house; the native himself may also be a target of such excessive energy.

It means that the native may engage more and more in work; and he may rest and relax less. This may have negative impact on his health; though such impact may not be serious since Sun is benefic. The native may take impulsive decisions and he may have to regret some of them.

Since Sun casts direct aspect on the seventh house; native’s wife may be the next victim and marriage may be the next sphere to be affected. The native may use more aggression and dominance when dealing with his wife. At the same time, he may not be able to give her proper time since he may keep himself busy with work. These factors may have negative impact on native’s marriage and the relationship may start going bad. However, Sun alone may not create irreparable problems in marriage in this case; since it is benefic. Therefore, the quality of marriage may diminish as long as Sun period is in effect; though the marriage may continue.

If the native wears Ruby during this period, Sun may gain even more strength. When that happens; all qualities rendered by Sun may become so high in quantum that some of them may become difficult to handle whereas some others may become troublesome. The native may become very aggressive, very impulsive, over-confident, egoistic, stubborn and very dominating. This may have very bad impact on his health as well as marriage and it may also affect his profession; unless there are strong balancing factors in his horoscope. Hence Ruby should be avoided in this case in general; and especially during Sun period. Sun is already very strong and it may not need more energy unless it is afflicted by one or more than one planet in this horoscope.

Let’s take an example to understand when the gemstone for a planet may be worn during its Mahadasha. Suppose a combination of benefic Mars, malefic Saturn, malefic Venus and malefic Ketu is placed in the third house of a horoscope in Taurus. Suppose within Taurus; Mars is placed in Aries navamsha of Rohini nakshatra. Pisces rises in the ascendant and Mars rules the second and ninth house. Mars does well in Taurus as well as in Rohini; though it is not strong in any one of them. However, it does better in Aries navamsha of Rohini. Combining these factors; Mars is highly benefic but not strong in this horoscope. At the same time; it is seriously afflicted by Saturn, Venus and Ketu. Saturn and Venus are strong in Taurus.

As a result, Mars may turn partly benefic and partly malefic in this horoscope and the malefic part may be higher or much higher; depending on the finer factors and overall horoscope. This is because malefic Saturn, Venus and Ketu may add a lot of negativity to Mars through affliction and Mars may not be able to fight such afflictions; since it is no match for these three malefic planets. The concept of a benefic planet turning into malefic planet when placed in conjunction with two or more malefic planets has been explained in the revised edition (2020) of the book ‘Pitra Dosh – Ancestors are Calling’.

It should be noted that Mars is not independently malefic in this horoscope and it is a converted malefic. Saturn, Venus and Ketu are malefic here; regardless of any other planet. It means that if Saturn, Venus or Ketu alone is placed in the third house of this horoscope in Taurus; it may still remain malefic. However, Mars becomes malefic; only due to strong negative influence of Saturn, Venus and Ketu; and it is otherwise highly benefic here. Hence it is a converted malefic and not an independent malefic.

Therefore, if Mars gains extra strength through Red Coral, it may fight afflictions from Saturn, Venus and Ketu in a better way. As it does that, its malefic part may decrease and the benefic part may increase. Hence Red Coral is a very good choice in this case.

If native faces Mars period and he doesn’t wear Red Coral; he may witness bad or very bad results during this period. When a planet is afflicted so badly by more than two malefic planets; its Mahadasha may produce malefic results; even if such planet is otherwise supposed to be benefic in the horoscope, like in the present case. Hence Red Coral is highly recommended during Mars period as well as in general; so that Mars may protect itself from Saturn, Venus and Ketu; as much as it can.

Through various examples, we have discussed when may the gemstones for the lords of Mahadashas be worn and when they should be avoided. A horoscope may feature billions of combinations and these are just a few of them. Hence these examples should be considered as guidelines and not as fixed rules; while considering gemstone recommendation for lords of Mahadashas.


Himanshu Shangari