Gemstones and Mahadasha

Gemstones : Magic or Science
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As the awareness about the use of gemstones has increased among people over the past 10 years or so, and as more and more people have started wearing one gemstone or the other, some people have witnessed negative effects and losses by wearing certain gemstones which were said to be suitable for them according to their astrologers but which proved harmful or very harmful for them in actual practice due to which many natives hesitate wearing any gemstones at all.

For this reason, the use of gemstones is a practice which should be carried out with great care and under the supervision of an expert astrologer and gemstone specialist who knows exactly which gemstone is going to suit you according to your horoscope and what weight of that gemstone is going to suit you. However, some astrologers do not have proper knowledge on the subject and they suggest gemstones to their clients merely on the basis of certain set or preconceived theories and ideas.

Most of these theories and beliefs have given birth to misconceptions in gemstone astrology and they have become the cause of problems to many natives interested in astrology and hence the practice of blindly following such theories should be avoided. In this chapter, we will discuss some facts associated with the theory of recommending gemstones on the basis of planetary Mahadasha of a native.

Before moving on with the topic, let’s first get to know what a planetary Mahadasha according to Vedic astrology is and what is the significance of a planetary Mahadasha in the horoscope and life of a native. A planetary Mahadasha is called running period or planetary period in English and there is mention of many types of dashas in Vedic astrology some of which are known as Vimshottari dashas, Ashottari dashas and Yogini dashas.

Vimshottari dasha system is the most popular system out of all these dashas. This system of Vimshottari dashas divides the planetary periods of navagraha within an overall time period of 120 years which is called a complete Vimshottari dasha cycle of navagraha in Vedic astrology. Among these 120 years, following years are assigned to Mahadasha called planetary period of each planet in the cyclic order of their occurrence one after the other:

Ketu Mahadasha : 7 Years

Venus Mahadasha : 20 Years

Sun Mahadasha : 6 Years

Moon Mahadasha : 10 Years

Mars Mahadasha : 7 Years

Rahu Mahadasha : 18 Years

Jupiter Mahadasha : 16 Years

Saturn Mahadasha : 19 Years

Mercury Mahadasha : 17 Years

According to this system, Venus Mahadasha follows Ketu Mahadasha and it remains active for 20 years, Sun Mahadasha follows Venus Mahadasha and it remains active for 6 years, Moon Mahadasha follows Sun Mahadasha for 10 years, Mars Mahadasha follows Moon Mahadasha for 7 years, Rahu Mahadasha follows Mars Mahadasha for 18 years, Jupiter Mahadasha follows Rahu Mahadasha for 16 years, Saturn Mahadasha follows Jupiter Mahadasha for 19 years, Mercury Mahadasha follows Saturn Mahadasha for 17 years, Ketu Mahadasha follows Mercury Mahadasha for 7 years and the cycle repeats itself again and again.

Sub periods of different planets called Antar dasha or Bhukti in Vedic astrology come within the mahadasha one after the other in the same cyclic pattern as mentioned above for mahadasha. with the sub period or antardasha of the lord of mahadasha starting first. It means that if Saturn mahadasha has started, the first antardasha or bhukti will be of Saturn followed by the antradasha of Mercury and so on. Similarly there are three more dashas in this system, which are called Pratayntar dasha, Sookshama dasha and Pran dasha respectively in Vedic astrology.

The word Dasha simply means Period in English, where this period represents the period of time for which a dasha remains active. Vimshottari mahadasha has a five level structure where all the levels of this structure have been mentioned above, which are Mahadasha, Antradasha, Pratyantra dasha, Sookshama dasha and Pran Dasha in descending order. The smaller ones of these dashas come under the prior dashas which means that pratyantar dasha comes under antar dasha, sookshama dasha comes under pratyantar dasha and pran dasha comes under sookshama dasha.

All dashas follow the similar pattern of starting first with the dasha of the planet which is in effect in the upper dasha and then following with dasha of following planets in a sequence given in the already mentioned details. The initial period of mahadasha, antardasha and other dashas influencing a person at the time of his birth is calculated according to the presence of Moon in various nakshatras and accordingly the dashas at the time of birth of a native are decided and then they follow the pattern mentioned above.

Moving on with the topic, some astrologers practicing in Vedic astrology believe that wearing gemstones according to the planetary lords of running mahadashas is always suitable for all the natives and accordingly these astrologers recommend gemstones related to planetary mahadasha lords to their various clients and some of these astrologers also recommend gemstones for respective antar dasha planetary lords to their clients.

For example, if a native is running under Saturn Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha according to his horoscope, then such astrologers will recommend a Blue Sapphire and a Hessonite to such native as they believe that wearing gemstones for mahadasha lord and antardasha lord are always suitable for all natives. Some of these astrologers believe that the planetary lords of Vimshottari mahadasha and antardasha are like the king planets for the native going under such mahadasha and antardasha and wearing gemstones for such kingly planets will make the native become friends with these planets and as a result, such planets will start blessing the native with good results through their gemstones.

Some of these astrologers go even further and state that if a native is not wearing the gemstones for the planetary lords of mahadasha and antradasha, it means that he is disrespecting the planetary lords or such king like planets and such planets consider this native as their enemy and hence they start giving malefic results to such native who is ignoring and insulting them by not wearing their gemstones. For these reasons, such group of astrologers will tell their clients that the first thing to do is to wear gemstones for the lords of mahadasha and antardasha according to their horoscopes so that the native may get benefic results by wearing such gemstones.

However in actual practice, this theory is nothing but a misconception and the suitability of some particular gemstones for a native has got nothing to do with mahadasha or antardasha of various planets affecting that native. According to Vedic astrology, planetary mahadasha for each planet among navagraha is a time period during which the planetary lord of such Vimshottari mahadasha will be more active and stronger compared to when it is not in its mahadasha or antardasha. Hence the native is supposed to see good or bad results related to the general and specific significances of that planet depending on the strength, working nature, level of activity and interaction of that planet with other planets in his horoscope.

It should be noted that mahadasha of a planet does not change the working nature of that planet and it only increases the strength and level of activity of that planet, which means that a planet which is benefic for a native and which is running in its mahadasha is likely to bring many more benefic results to the native compared to the periods when it is not running under any dasha. Similarly, a planet which is malefic for a native and which is running in its mahadasha is likely to trouble the native with more serious problems. Hence mahadasha or antardasha can only change the strength and level of activity of a planet among navagraha and they can’t change benefic or malefic nature of a planet in the birth horoscope of a native.

Therefore recommending gemstones based on the planetary mahadasha or antardasha of various planets is not a good idea and the astrologers doing so should stop this practice as doing so can harm some native in the very serious ways. For example, if Saturn is malefic for a native according to his birth horoscope and a Saturn mahadasha is in effect for the native, it simply means that such negative Saturn gains more strength and it becomes more active during such mahadasha. It means that such Saturn will start troubling the native with much more intensity and quantum and recommending a Blue Sapphire in this situation is the last thing such native needs because wearing a Blue Sapphire which is the gemstone for Saturn according to Vedic astrology, will increase the strength of already negative, stronger and more active Saturn and as a result, such gemstone will start causing even more problems for the native.

Hence the practice of recommending and wearing gemstones on the basis of planetary mahadasha and antardasha should be avoided as some natives may have to go through serious problems after wearing the gemstones suggested this way. Gemstones should only be worn for benefic planets and gemstones for malefic planets should not be worn by any native as doing so will increase the strength of such malefic planets and they will start causing more damages and problems for the native through their gemstones.

A mahadasha is only an indicator of increased strength and increased level of activity of a planet among navagraha and it is by no means a measure of working nature of various planets among navagraha and therefore the mahadasha or antardasha of a planet among navagraha should not be made a criterion for recommending gemstones to the people as doing so can bring disastrous results if the planets ruling such gemstones are malefic in the birth horoscope of the native.



Himanshu Shangari