Fourth House of Horoscope

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Fourth House of Horoscope

The fourth house of horoscope is called Matru Bhava in Vedic astrology; and it is also called Sukh Bhava. Looking at its characteristics/significances; the fourth house represents mother, chest, lungs, home, family, community, nation, traditions, beliefs, security, education, agriculture, properties, vehicles, mental health, emotional wellbeing, peace of mind and many other things.

The fourth house represents the inner layer of personality in general whereas the tenth house represents the outer layer of personality in general. It means the fourth house deals more with how you perceive and know yourself. On the other hand, the tenth house deals with how other people know or perceive you, through your actions and behaviour patterns. A number of times; these two sides of your personality may be different. It means you may try to look like someone you’re actually not; in order to impress certain people in certain specific ways. Such actions form your public image or outward image and these actions are reflected through the tenth house.

However, you generally don’t convince yourself to be someone that you are not; and you almost always know the inner layers of your personality; at any given point in time. This inner value reflects through the fourth house. Hence the fourth house is your private place whereas the tenth house is a public place where you perform. This is why the concept of home is associated with the fourth house since your home is your private place.

The family represented by the second house is your immediate family like your mother, father, brothers, sisters, wife and children. However, the family represented by the fourth house includes the relatives from your father’s side as well as the relatives from your mother’s side; and other relatives. It means the second house represents that branch of the family which directly belongs to you whereas the fourth house represents living members of your family tree. Hence the fourth house represents family on a much bigger level.

The fourth house also represents community. It can be seen that community in most cases is an expansion of family. It means your immediate community may include living members of your family tree and other likewise people. In the same way, a state or a country or a nation may also be considered as bigger expansion of the concept of family. The expression ‘this is my home country’ or ‘this country is my home’ directly relates to the fourth house since the concept of home belongs to the fourth house. Hence the fourth house deals with extended family on various levels. Highly evolved souls may see the whole world as their families. It means the fourth house has the capacity to expand the concept of family to any limits.

It can be seen that the fourth house is an important house since it represents the bigger version of you. This means that your family, your community, your state and your country may be bigger versions of you. In other words, you may be a smaller version of your country, state, community and family. It can be seen that the concept of security is primarily related to the wellbeing of the self, the family, the community, the state, the country and the world. This means you may feel insecure when you or your family faces risky or unfortunate situations. In the same way, you may feel insecure when bad event are happening in your community, state, country or in the world. For example, the current threat of COVID-19 or Corona Virus is making a large number of people across the world feel insecure since the world is collectively in danger.

The fourth house is a sensitive house and placements of malefic, troubled or difficult planets in this house may create problems related to mother, home, family, community, properties, vehicles, security, mental health, peace of mind, emotional wellbeing, marriage and a number of other problems; depending on the overall theme of horoscope under consideration.


Himanshu Shangari