First House of Horoscope

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First House of Horoscope

The first house of horoscope is called Lagna in Vedic astrology; and it is also called Tanu Bhava. The sign which falls in this house is called ascendant or the rising sign. Looking at its characteristics/significances; the first house represents circumstances of birth, physical body, appearance, strength, vitality, immunity, overall health, lifespan, brain, head, forehead, personality, temperament, confidence, independence, profession, authority, status, new beginnings and many other things.

The first house is considered as the most important house of horoscope, in Vedic astrology. This house is the core of horoscope and the remaining houses revolve around it. As long as the core is stable and strong; the native may not suffer from problems of extreme quantum; even if malefic planets are placed in other houses. Among other houses, some of them form inner layers and some of them form outer layers of personality. For example, the fourth house represents the inner layer of personality in general whereas the tenth house represents the outer layer of personality in general.

Similarly, other houses of horoscope reflect different sets of characteristics and they signify different things. When it comes to the first house, it is the core or platform which holds all these houses so that they may perform. When the core or the platform is shaken, the performances of all other houses may be adversely affected. Various artists may come and perform on a platform or stage, in different ways. However, if the stage is shaking or it seems like collapsing; the performances may be affected or they may not even be possible. Hence the first house or the core or the platform must be strong in order for the rest of the horoscope to perform.

The first house is connected to each house of horoscope and it has significant impact on their working. Taking an example, the sixth house deals with diseases among other things. However, you may not suffer a lot from them as long as the first house of your horoscope is strong; even if the sixth house is troubled. Likewise, the eighth house deals with untimely death among other things. However, you may not suffer from this issue as long as the first house is strong. The tenth house deals with profession but you may not achieve significant amount of success unless the first house is strong. The seventh house deals with marriage but you may not be able to enjoy good marriage if the first house is not healthy.

Planets placed in this house tend to dominate planets placed in other houses of horoscope. This is because any planet placed in this house is placed in the core of your being/existence. Hence it may have significant advantage over planets placed in other houses. Planets placed in this house may have strong influence on personality. Taking an example, if Sun is placed in the first house of a horoscope in Leo; the overall personality of the native may be significantly/highly dominated by characteristics/significances of Sun; depending on his overall horoscope. Such native may be dynamic, magnetic, authoritative and dominating; and he may possess many other traits of Sun.

The first house is a comfortable house and every planet among navagraha may produce benefic results when placed in it; provided such planet itself is benefic. Placements of malefic planets in this house may create problems related to health, lifespan, profession, marriage, addictions, vices, personality disorders and a number of other problems; depending on the overall theme of horoscope under consideration.


Himanshu Shangari