Fifth House of Horoscope

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Fifth House of Horoscope

The fifth house of horoscope is called Putra Bhava in Vedic astrology; and it is also called Santaan Bhava. Looking at its characteristics/significances; the fifth house represents children, gall bladder, pancreas, love affairs, romance, entertainment, knowledge, intelligence, ability to discriminate, calculated speculations, creativity, fame, spiritual growth, politics and many other things.

Though the fourth house represents education, it represents academic and/or traditional education in most cases. On the other hand, the fifth house represents education/knowledge which a native gains due to his own interest. Many times, such education is not traditional/academic and it may be different. Taking an example, if you pursue medical science in order to become a doctor; such education may primarily reflect through the fourth house.

On the other hand, all other types of knowledge which you may keep gaining due to your own interest may be represented by the fifth house. For instance, you may be a doctor but you may have significant/good amount of knowledge about astronomy, astrology, history, economy, politics, automobiles, sports, arts and/or other fields. If you have not achieved such knowledge as part of academic learning and you have gained it on your own; due to your interest in such fields; it is represented by the fifth house.

This house represents calculated speculations/investments. Drawing a comparison; the eleventh house deals with speculations which may not have much to do with calculations and which may primarily depend on luck. Hence the eleventh house represents gambling practices, lotteries, stock markets, bets and other likewise practices. On the other hand, the fifth house represents investments which may be made after due considerations as well as calculations.

For instance, if you’re investing in stock market for short-term gains say intraday-trading; this practice may be represented by the eleventh house. The risk factor is high and a lot depends on luck. On the other hand, if you invest in a stock for a year, two or more; after duly considering the future performance of such stock; based on its past performance as well as on the current circumstances; such investment is represented by the fifth house. In this case, you don’t depend on your luck to make or break you within a day; and you rather choose to wait for significant/long period of time; so that short-term setbacks may not affect you much.

When it comes to spiritual growth; the fifth, ninth and twelfth house may represent it. Spiritual growth/knowledge rendered by the twelfth house may be the one which you had gained in your recent past lives. Such knowledge/growth comes to you at appropriate time and you may not have to do much in order to achieve it. The ninth house may bless you with spiritual growth/knowledge through lineage. It means your father, grandfather or guru may have it and he may pass it on to you or he may help you a lot on this path. The ninth house deals with luck factor. It can be seen that in this case; luck may play a significant role in blessing you with such growth/knowledge. This is because you have to be lucky enough to be blessed with such father/guru.

When it comes to the fifth house; it represents spiritual growth which you may achieve; largely because of your own will and efforts. It means that spiritual growth rendered by the twelfth house is the easiest one since you don’t need to do much in order to achieve it and you may also not need father/guru to achieve it. This is because; such growth/knowledge has already been achieved/earned by you during your recent past lives. Hence it may come to you through intuition. Spiritual growth rendered by the ninth house requires effort on your part; along with luck. This is because despite having an enlightened father/guru; you may not achieve spiritual growth if you don’t make efforts. They can only show you the path and it is up to you to walk on such path. However, you’re lucky enough to have found such path.

When it comes to the fifth house; it may neither bless you with spiritual growth from past lives nor may it render such knowledge due to luck factor like through father/guru. You may have to do most of the job on your own. It means if the twelfth and ninth house are weak or not supportive for spiritual growth but the fifth house is strong and supportive; this is what may happen. You may not be blessed with spiritual growth achieved during past lives; where such growth/knowledge often comes through intuition. You may also not be able to find an enlightened guru since the ninth house is not supportive. In this case, you may have to do most of the job on your own; through the fifth house.

Hence you may achieve a lot of spiritual growth/knowledge in this case also; but most of it may come due to your own efforts; and it may take longer or much longer. If such is the case; it generally indicates that much was not achieved in this field during past lives and one such native is relatively new on the path of spiritualism.

The fifth house is a comfortable house and every planet among navagraha may produce benefic results when placed in it; provided such planet itself is benefic. Placements of malefic planets in this house may create problems related to love life, lover; birth of children, wellbeing of children; relationship with children, spiritual growth, knowledge, creativity, profession, financial losses and a number of other problems; depending on the overall theme of horoscope under consideration.


Himanshu Shangari