Eleventh House of Horoscope

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Eleventh House of Horoscope

The eleventh house of horoscope is called Labh Bhava or Labhsthan in Vedic astrology. Looking at its characteristics/significances; the eleventh house represents profession, financial gains, increments, expansions, friends, associates, networks, economies, stock markets, sudden gains, profits, goals, ambitions, desires, greed and many other things.

The eleventh house may prove a difficult to handle house at times. This is because the eleventh house creates strong tendencies for materialistic gains. Hence the placement of malefic or unsuitable planets in this house in a horoscope can make the native over-ambitious and greedy. As a result, such native may not care much about moral values, sanity and laws; when it comes to make money. The primary objective of such native may be to make more and more money and in doing so; he may not care about principals or laws.

Due to this reason, strong influence of the eleventh house may produce gamblers in various spheres of life. Some of these gamblers may play for money, some of them may play for fame, some others may play for love and some of them may play for luxuries and comforts; depending on their overall horoscopes. The natives under strong and specific influence of the eleventh house may be some of the biggest risk takers and they may go to any limits in order to achieve their goals.

This may not pose serious problems as long as such goals are healthy. However, this tendency may create serious problems when such goals are unhealthy, selfish or unrealistic. A gambler who keeps playing even after winning a lot; only to lose in the end; is very likely to be under the strong influence of the eleventh house.

All practices like gambling, stock markets, betting, lotteries, horse-races and other such practices which have the potential to give instant and big financial gains are ruled by the eleventh house. It is easy to see that all these practices or fields operate on the basis of high ambition and greed. If you are willing to place a bet in order to win 10 times the money; even when your chances of winning are 1 in 15; greed is highly likely to be the primary element behind this practice.

Likewise, all other practices which operate on the basis of greed or over-ambitiousness may be related to the eleventh house. Since greed and over-ambitiousness may often result in negative outcomes in the long run; the eleventh house may not be an easy to handle house. Hence an empowered eleventh house in a horoscope must be supported by the overall horoscope; in order for the native to keep the tendencies given by this house in check. Without suitable horoscopes; even benefic planets placed in the eleventh house may end up creating more problems than benefits in the long run.

It may be now easy to understand that placements of malefic planets in the eleventh house may often make the native engage in immoral, illegal or greedy activities. Though such native may witness gains in the short run, if his overall horoscope is supportive; he may witness serious losses or problems in the long run. Since a large number of criminals engage in various types of crimes, primarily for financial gains and to enjoy luxuries; eleventh house may have the highest rate of producing criminals among all 12 houses of horoscope. Ambition and greed are already there in the eleventh house and all that is needed is a planet which may be willing to fall for such greed and ambition.

Therefore, strong influence of eleventh house may produce majority of the legitimate richest people in the world; and it may also produce majority of the richest criminals in the world; depending on their overall horoscopes. The common factor between these two classes is the ambition to achieve more and more. The factor which separates these two classes is the ability to make distinction about how far is too far.

It means the former class may be able to make this distinction and hence the natives in this class may not cross certain specific lines in order to fulfill their ambitions. On the other hand, the latter class of natives may not draw any lines and they may often go too far in order to fulfill their ambitions and desires. Hence the former class may earn money through legitimate means, whereas the latter class may earn money through whichever means may be available.

The eleventh house is generally a comfortable house and every planet among navagraha may produce benefic results when placed in it; provided such planet itself is benefic. Placements of malefic planets in this house may create problems related to profession, finances, reputation, friends, associates, stock markets, gambling practices and a number of other problems; depending on the overall theme of horoscope under consideration.


Himanshu Shangari