Eighth House of Horoscope

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Eighth House of Horoscope

The eighth house of horoscope is called Ayur Bhava in Vedic astrology; and it is also called Randhra Bhava. Looking at its characteristics/significances; the eighth house represents the immediate family of spouse, rectum, anus, age, death, insurance, inheritance, obstacles, accidents, losses, destruction, diseases, surgeries, crime, calamities, revolutions, murders, the occult, paranormal, supernatural, psychic perception, spiritual growth, secrets, mysteries, fears, phobias, insecurities, hidden operations, investigations and many other things.

The eighth house represents age as well as death at the same time. It means if the eighth house is influenced by benefic and suitable planets and the first house is strong; the native may live long. On the other hand, if the eighth house is influenced by malefic or unsuitable planets and the first house is weak or afflicted; the native may die young. For how long a native may live or how soon he may die; depends on the type and strength of planetary influences on the eighth as well as the first house; and on the overall horoscope of the native in question.

Though the eighth house represents a number of difficult or very difficult to handle characteristics; it also represents interesting and beneficial characteristics. The eighth house may bless you with growth and success in the spheres like astrology, tantra, psychic field, spiritualism, medical field, science, defence services and a number of other fields.

Just like the sixth house; the eighth house is also capable of producing malefic as well as benefic results. This house may bring death to you but at the same time; it may help you cross the barrier of death and rebirth. It means specific influence of the eighth house may put you on the path to liberation and it may also help you a lot when it comes to move on that path. The final destination however, is achieved through the twelfth house. Hence the eighth house may initiate the journey of liberation and the twelfth house may mark the completion of this journey. This way, the eight and twelfth house work in combination with each other, when it comes to the path of spiritualism and liberation.

The eighth house may trouble you with terrible and terminal diseases but at the same time; it can make you a doctor who treats such diseases. This house can make you a criminal or terrorist; or the one who suffers due to criminals or terrorists. However, this house can also make you a police officer or an army officer who fights criminals and terrorists. The eighth house represents psychic perception. Hence it holds the capacity to trouble you with various types of psychological disorders, fears, insecurities, phobias and other likewise concepts. However, the same house can also make you a psychiatrist, consultant, healer or other likewise professional who helps other people get out of such problems.

The eighth house can trouble you through mysteries, events beyond the comprehension of intellect, black magic; the occult, the paranormal and other likewise phenomena. However, this house can also help you become an astrologer, tantric, spiritual guru, psychic, investigator or some other likewise professional who deals in these characteristics and benefits from them. It may be almost impossible for an astrologer, tantric, spiritual guru or other likewise native to achieve top class results in his field; without strong and suitable influence of the eighth or twelfth house. For example; an astrologer may achieve materialistic success, even without significant influence of the eighth and twelfth house. However, he may not possess the deepest knowledge of astrology; without the influence of these two houses.

Though the eighth house can render good as well as bad results; it is generally called a malefic house. This is due to the reason that the energy of this house is difficult to handle and most people may not be able to channelize it properly. As a result, such energy may do what it wishes and it may end up creating various types of problems. This is why it is called a malefic house and its lord is considered malefic in horoscope. In reality, it is not a malefic house but it is a difficult to handle house. This house as well as its lord is fully capable of behaving positively; when supported by the overall horoscope. This concept has been explained in the chapter ‘Vipreet Rajyoga’ of the book ‘Important Yogas in Vedic Astrology (Revised Edition)’.

The eighth house is a difficult house and placements of weak, malefic, troubled or difficult planets in this house may create problems related to marriage, in-laws, psychological problems, lifespan, diseases, surgeries, investigations, spiritual growth, accidents, unfortunate events, black magic and a number of other problems; depending on the overall theme of horoscope under consideration.


Himanshu Shangari