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Bad physical shape means that you are either too thin or are too fat. Though none of these conditions block your success, they can pose difficulties for you while reaching success or they can limit the amount of success you want to achieve. It can be very bad when it comes to finding your life partner as it certainly reduces your chances of finding a partner of your liking since in this day and age, people are very cautious about physical appearance and fitness when looking for a partner. Even though it is not certain that success or a relationship will be denied, being in bad shape can surely reduce your chances.

Apart from this, there are other reasons also for which you should consider being physically fit and let’s now look at those reasons. It is a well established fact that the better is your health, the better are your chances of performing well in various spheres of your life. Moving on to the next reason, when you are too thin or too fat, many people may give you a look of disapproval and though it is not right on their part, but that is how it goes. When you start getting more and more rude looks and mocking words, it hits your confidence and your confidence level start decreasing, particularly in the spheres where fitness matters. Accordingly you may not feel comfortable engaging in activities which require good level of physical fitness or physical shape. On the other hand, if you are in good shape, people around you will give you looks of approval and some will even give you compliments, which increases your confidence and you are in a better position to try certain things which you would not try if you were in bad physical shape.

Have you ever observed that unless some other factors cause problems with someone in specific, the fittest type of males and females feel more confident and comfortable in approaching the members of the opposite sex? Accordingly, they have better chances of being paired with better looking people. When it comes to being paired with good-looking people, though many of us may say that looks don’t matter much, and a person’s nature matters the most, but deep down we all know that in most cases, it is the looks only that matter in the beginning and rest of the things or qualities come to the scene late or very late. So you should consider your physical fitness for this reason also as dating and pairing is also a very important part of your life and if you can get to date people who you really like, simply by being in better physical shape, then you must get into it.

And finally coming to the most used lines about your physical fitness, being physically fit reduces the risk of many diseases, increases your vitality and lowers your cholesterol. Well all these things may sound clichés but they certainly work. So listen to your grandpa’s advice or your doctor’s advice and start maintaining a good physique.

Being physically fit doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to regularly go to a gym, lift heavy weights and start looking like the Hulk; as such routines can be difficult to follow on regular basis, because these routines involve costs and resources like gym fee, fuel expenses, special diets and many other things. Being physically fit simply means two things: the first is that you should be in good physical shape; the second is that you should engage in such activities which demand a good amount of physical strength or stamina like brisk walking or running, three to four times a week. Through these activities, your body will always be ready to perform with extra strength, as through your conscious physical activities, you have been continuously telling your subconscious mind, that you often need this type of strength and stamina to perform. Accordingly, such strength and stamina is reserved for you and sooner than you know, this strength and stamina becomes your best friend, as long as you keep performing your physical activities.

Let me mention this fact here that I am not against going to the gym, lifting weights and building muscle. In fact, I love going to the gym and building muscle. However, this book is not for me and it is for you. So, I won’t tell you to do what works best for me, I will suggest what is likely to work best for you, since I am me, you are you and everyone else is themselves.

Going to the gym, particularly a good gym, needs a fair amount of money, resources, special diets, fixed times and other things and so it may not be advisable for some people. For example, some of you may not be able to afford the luxury of such money, time and resources and hence engaging in such practices may affect your daily routines and your financial equations negatively. Always remember that it is never wise to get rid of a negative thing while getting another negative thing in exchange and that is why I didn’t put a compulsion to go to the gym.

Apart from this problem, going to the gym and building more muscle may have a negative effect on some people who may already be suffering because of high aggression in their nature. Such people should stay away from building more muscle, as it may worsen their problem. Instead, they should find something else that suits them.

Brisk walking and running not only reduce unwanted fat from your body, but also improve your physical strength, stamina and health. A big bonus is that walking and running are probably the most affordable exercises, so you don’t have to pay anything to do them. The whole world is your gym and you can continue to walk and run without any problems or expenses. Apart from this, doing physical exercise in the lap of nature is better than doing it within closed walls, in many cases.

Whether it is a gym, park, road, mountain or the sea shore, it doesn’t matter as long as you exercise regularly to keep yourself in shape and at the same time, in order to maintain and increase a specific amount of strength and stamina which helps you in many spheres of your life. So consider getting in good shape if you are already not in it and then, we are ready to move on to the treatment of the next negative habit.

Before we finish this topic, let me give you a very useful tip, especially if you choose to engage in various physical activities to get in shape and to increase your strength and stamina. This tip comes in handy particularly in case of beginners. When you start engaging in physical exercises, there will always be various physical activities which can give you the same or similar results. Such activities may include walking, brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, skipping, swimming, aerobics and many other activities.

When you try them one by one, you will find that you are naturally good at some of them, just all right at some, and bad at some of them. Even though you may think that you should improve yourself first in activities in which you don’t do well, as that might give you better results and more strength, in reality this is exactly what you should not do. Instead, you should only follow those activities more and more that you find most comfortable and convenient, with increased levels of resistance. This is because being comfortable while doing some specific physical activities means that you are naturally gifted in them and if you have read the first section, you must know what the exact meaning of naturally gifted is.

We love and respect the Sun for being bright. We love the Moon for being cool and coming at night. We love Al Pacino and Amitabh Bachchan for being good actors. We love David Beckham for playing football well. We love Andre Agassi for being a good tennis player and we don’t want any of them to change what they are doing because this is the best they do and this is what they know, you know and the whole world knows. We don’t want the Sun to be cool like the Moon and we don’t want the Moon to be hot like the Sun as both of them will look miserable doing each other’s job whereas they are the best at doing their own jobs or giving you the best in them and not the worst in them.

So why do you want to do more and more of cycling when you don’t like it at all, you don’t perform well in it and to start with you don’t feel comfortable with it? So don’t do it as you will always be split in two parts, your body doing the exercise and your mind saying don’t do it. Sooner or later, your mind will win and you will quit. Hence don’t do it to start with! On the other hand, you feel comfortable with running and can sense that if you continue this activity, you can easily perform better than many others engaging in it. Hence engage in it more and more, because you will be at your best, you will be able to burn more calories, increase strength and stamina and the last but not the least, you really like running and nothing else can match a feeling of liking or comfort.

Therefore, don’t look pathetic and miserable while cycling where you get below average results and instead do more and more running, where you dominate like a champion. Many of you may not know this simple fact that there is a champion or winner within most of us and the reason that some of us are able to bring out that champion and some of us are not able to do so is the fact that, most of the time we want to engage in the activities which we don’t like and at the same time, we don’t engage more and more in the activities where we are naturally gifted. The champions know what lies best in them and they bring it out, whereas many others don’t know what lies best in them and they keep trying with many other things and in some cases, they try to succeed in the spheres where they are the worst.

Hence stop doing things that you are not comfortable with and start doing things that you are most comfortable with and you will start seeing amazing results. Whether it is physical exercise, a profession, relationships or anything else, there are always choices available and being successful in any of them is almost equally good in most cases. So find the activity that you are most comfortable with and then, engage in it more and more by increasing the level of resistance or difficulty and you will surely start seeing amazing results as well as wonderful levels of physical fitness. Isn’t it strange why a person with the strong potential to be a champion runner forsakes running and starts cycling, where he does badly? Therefore, stop wasting time with activities that produce little results even after your best efforts and start engaging in activities that bring the best out of you, even with little effort. This is what all champions and winners do and this is what you should also start doing if you want to be a champion or winner.

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