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The planets keep the company of stars and hence they shine without having any light.

Even though I have already cautioned you to stay away from bad company, over and over again in this book, let me take it up here as an independent topic. The kind of company you keep will always have a major impact on whether you achieve success or failure in various spheres of your life. I started this topic with a wonderful line, even though the planets don’t have any light of their own, but we still see them shining in the sky and the reason for this is that they keep the company of stars and are able to reflect light from the stars, so these planets shine too. Likewise, you will either shine or become dull depending on the company you keep.

If there is one negative habit which can destroy all your chances of achieving good things in any sphere of your life even when you have many good habits also, it is none other than bad company. The intensity of this negative habit is very high and so you need to keep away from bad company. Have you ever seen lions keeping the company of jackals?  The answer is no; as lions know if they start keeping the company of jackals, they will become cowards themselves and they won’t be able to rule any more. Likewise, have you ever seen pure or divine people keeping the company of completely corrupted people? No, as divine people know that keeping the company of corrupted souls will take away their divinity and will make them corrupt too.

Moving on, wise people keep away from the company of fools and they only prefer the company of wise people as they know that regularly keeping company with fools will finally make them less wise. A wise man will seldom get anything valuable to learn from a fool, whereas he may keep learning useless things which will diminish his wisdom. Obeying the same rule, brave people keep the company of the brave, rich people keep the company of the rich, talented people keep the company of other talented people and divine people keep the company of other divine people.

This is because all these people need a specific type of positive energy to maintain or increase the status of their own positive talent or characteristic and the best source of such specific positive energy is the other people of their kind, particularly the ones who are far more advanced in the same field of talent that they are in. On the other hand, keeping the company of people who have a specific type of negative energy which is the exact opposite of the specific type of positive energy that you have in your aura, is the most destructive thing you can do to yourself as such negative energy will keep diminishing or cancelling out the positive effects of your specific positive energy. As a result, you will keep losing positive energy at a fast pace and a day will come when you start running short of positive energy.

Hence it is strongly recommended to stay away from bad company whether you have a weak positive aura or even a strong positive aura because the negative energy transferred by these people to your aura can cause problems for you. As the duration of such company increases, so does the amount of negative energy in your aura and so does the number of troubles and problems that you may have to face in your life. On the other hand, it is strongly recommended to keep the company of more and more positive and good people as the company of good people will keep adding more and more positive energy to your aura; thereby making you more and more positive and as a result, you will have better and better chances of success in various spheres of your life.

Therefore, if your energy equation is shifting towards high percentage of negativity, which means that most people in your company are negative and you only have a few positive people in your circle or company, it is the time to act now. Disengage from more and more negative people in your company and at the same time, start making friends and acquaintances with more and more people having positive auras.

It may not be easy to disengage from some of your friends who are close or dear to you and who are bad at the same time. Such friends are bad company and are a source of more and more negative energy for you and hence you simply have to move away from them as there is no exception to this rule. However, if some of these friends and relatives are too dear to leave, you can simply reduce the amount of time you spend in their company. This will certainly reduce the amount of negative energy being added to your aura through them. At the same time, keep adding more and more positive people to your friend circle as they will provide more and more positive energy to you and improve your aura.

You may also start motivating some very dear but negative people in your company to get rid of their negativity and you can start helping them out in doing so. Even if you are able to get one friend or relative out of their negativity, it is a big thing for you to achieve. The act of making a person better and improved is certainly a very good deed. Hence you should start following these guidelines and do all the things mentioned by me which say, disengage completely from the company of negative people where it is possible, reduce the amount of time that you spend in the company of negative people if you can’t leave them completely, try to motivate some of these negative people to change into positive ones and help them out wherever possible. Finally, start engaging in the company of more and more good people or so to say, positive people.

Apart from the habit of keeping company with more and more negative people, there is one more negative habit and this habit is having too little company or too few friends and acquaintances. This problem can also reduce your chances of success in various spheres of your life as humans are supposed to be social and accordingly you can’t afford to keep away from most people in this world, as this world is full of beautiful, good and positive people and no one can afford the luxury of missing most of them.

So if you don’t have many friends, it is time that you should start making some really good friends. Once again, you don’t have to do anything extra ordinary in order to start this practice and simply start interacting with more and more people. For example, start interacting with your office colleagues, your neighbors, your school or college mates, the parents of your son or daughter’s friends and many other such people who keep meeting you from time to time but you really don’t do much effort to catch up with them and turn these meetings into something meaningful. Some of you may say that most people you meet are not worthy of becoming your friends. However, if you give these people more time and more opportunities, you will find that some of them are indeed good or very good and it was just the fact that you couldn’t get to the bottom of their goodness in the couple of formal meetings that you had with them.

So start interacting with more and more people and then repeat these interactions by taking a step forward from your end if they are not doing so, as many of them may also be as scared to make the first move as you are. Get to know these people more and more and in the process, when you are certain that a specific person is good enough to be your friend, endorse this friendship whereas if you find that a specific person is not worthy of being your friend and he or she is a bad company, disengage as soon as you can. This process may be hard, long and tiresome but the rewards are well worth the effort and if you are able to find even one good person worthy of being your friend, among 10 people you meet and interact with, you are doing great. On the other hand, if you are not able to find even one good friend among 10 or even 20 people you meet, it means that the problem may not be from their side, and it may be from your side. If such is the case, go through this book again and find out which negative traits you may have in your personality, which are keeping you away from the company of good people.

As I was saying, even if you find one good person worthy of being your friend, among 10 people you meet and interact with, all you have to do is to multiply the number of good friends with the number 10 and you will get the number of people you have to meet and interact with. I know it is difficult and it will put you to real work but the rewards will make you forget all the pain and effort, so start trying now.

If you try and observe, you will find that most successful people in this world have a big circle of friends and acquaintances as all these people know that a person alone can’t achieve much, no matter how hard he may try. For example, have you ever seen a successful political leader with fewer acquaintances or with a small social circle? Have you ever noticed a successful business man or an employee sitting at the top of a big company with a limited circle of people around him? The answer in all these cases as well as in many other such cases is no and on the contrary, all these people have huge circles of people who help and assist them from time to time.

You simply can’t afford to be an island if you want to achieve big or great things in your life because in order to achieve all those big and great things, you will need the support of more and more people in your life. These are the people who can stand by you and come to your assistance as and when you need them, the people whose mere association with you is enough for you and for the world to realize that you are capable of achieving great things as you have a great number of capable people standing by your side, and the people who keep providing you with more and more positive energy through their advices, activities, wishes and even through their company alone.

So start meeting and testing more and more people from this day and this moment; and start this beautiful journey of making more and more valuable friends and acquaintances. During this journey, take those people with you whom you find good and positive enough to be your friends, and leave those people behind who are only likely to pull you back through the negativity they have.


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Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari