Always set Higher Goals

Heaven and Hell Within

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Two brothers left home at the same time, in their search for the divine. As they were passing by a place, the younger brother expressed his wish that he wanted to live there and start the journey of enlightenment from here. The elder brother did not like the place and he wanted to go somewhere else. Both the brothers decided that the younger brother will stay at his chosen place and after 10 years both the brothers will meet and discuss their journey as well as achievements. With this agreement, both the brothers parted.

After 10 years, the elder brother came and saw that the place had developed into a big village with so many people in it. He found his brother and after exchanging the courtesies, the elder brother asked younger brother about his achievements.

The younger brother told that he had starting meditating and helping the nearby people in any which way he could and today he is very happy as he feels himself close to his God as he shares the joys of these people who respected him a lot and who shifted to that place only in order to be closer to such a saintly person.

The elder brother expressed deep surprise and took his brother to the nearby river. He than chanted some Mantra and after that he started walking on the water of the river. He went to the other side of the river by walking on water and then he came back the same way. After this, he smiled and said, ” Brother, you have wasted 10 years of your life by not getting anything special. I have achieved this miraculous gift of walking on the water after 10 year of hard worship”.
The younger brother smiled and replied, ” These 10 years are surely a waste but not for me and for you, my dear brother. After losing 10 precious years of your life, you have only gained the ability to cross the river. I can do the same by paying Rs. 10 to any boatman. So the net value of your 10 years of effort and worship is only Rs. 10 whereas I have served humanity, got closer to the final truth and I feel blessed by my Lord all the time and each one of these gifts, is invaluable”.

Moral : Don’t try hard for petty things and always aim for great things. Petty things can only give you some amusement in the short run but soon that amusement is gone and you will have an even bigger void to live with. Before setting your goals, asses their value and see if they are worthy of your hard work and efforts or not.


Himanshu Shangari