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Taking another example from one more sphere of life, you may have noticed that there are some people who devote themselves in finding and meeting God. In doing so, some choose a path of worship and engage in chanting regular prayers or mantras. You may have noticed that some of these people stay away from dense populations and choose places of solitude like the hills and forests. Some hermits also take a vow of silence and don’t speak to anyone for a long time. Why do hermits do such strange things? What could the possible reason be, behind staying away from others and not speaking at all for a long time? Let’s see how this secret works.

Most hermits know the methods of powerful prayers, mantras and meditation through which they are able to attract packets and packets of strong positive energy from this universe. As they start engaging in such practices, their auras starts gaining more and more positive energy and hence the net equation of the auras of these hermits starts possessing more and more positive energy. This is why the path of specific types of meditation and worship with specific types of mantras or prayers is adopted by most people engaging in such practices, no matter what their religion or belief may be. They all know that this is one of the best possible ways to attract more and more strong positive energy.

As these hermits gain more positive energy, their auras become more positive. We already know through the theories explained so far, that places and people have a tendency to share energy from their auras with other people and places; and most of such energy is shared or transferred through conscious activities like speaking, maintaining physical contact and other similar activities. Some hermits don’t want to transfer or share their hard earned positive energy with others. To preserve their positive energy, they move away from places where many people live so that they may not come in touch with others, as they fear that there may be two problems in meeting more and more people while gaining more and more positive energy.

The first problem is obvious by now that these hermits don’t want to share their positive energy with others and to prevent such sharing, they chose to stay away from people in the first place. The second is that some people visiting these hermits may bring negative auras. Though these hermits keep gaining more and more positive energy and their auras are already strongly positive, frequent visits by more and more people with negative auras can cause problems for these hermits. Even though these problems are easily dealt with by the highly positive auras of these hermits in most cases, but occasionally, one of them may gain significant amount of negative energy from negative people, which may hinder his progress and which may sometimes land him in trouble also.

Let me share a practical example related to this case, in order to bring more clarity to this topic. Consider a hermit who is at a midway stage on his way to achieving an aura which lies at the peak of positivity allows more and more people to meet him. Now let’s consider a classic example and assume that a beautiful woman comes to meet the hermit. The primary motive of the woman is to seduce the hermit as she doesn’t approve of him and thinks that her beauty holds more power than his worship and patience do. Hence she takes a challenge of bringing the hermit down with her beauty and tricks. I have mentioned this example as a classic example as through the leaves of history, you will come to know that this is the way through which, even the hermits with very strong positive auras have lost tons of positive energy and we will see how, through the coming lines.

Let’s say that the woman finally succeeds in seducing the hermit and she performs the physical act with him. Through this physical act, the hermit loses tons of positive energy. It should be noted that physical touch is one of the most powerful ways of transferring energy and during the physical union of two bodies, maximum energy is transferred since both bodies in question are in complete harmony and are completely willing to give and receive. This is why Mother Nature has decided that a new life will form as a result of physical union of two species in most cases since the exchange and transfer of energies is at its very best in this case. It is therefore, a wonderful platform to initiate the seed of a new life.

As the hermit loses tons of positive energy through the physical union, his positive aura experiences a loss and accordingly, this hermit may have to devote time and effort to make up for the loss of positive energy. This scenario can become even worse if the woman in this example keeps visiting and mating with this hermit, as the hermit in this case will keep losing more and more positive energy through such physical unions and this loss of positive energy may be much more than what he can gain through his meditation and other techniques. If such a thing happens, the aura of the hermit will lose positive energy at a fast rate and a day will come when his aura becomes weak positive or weak negative. This is the day, when this hermit forsakes his faith and he will return to the physical world to fulfill other wishes. This will reduce even more positive energy from his aura as he needs much of the positive energy left in his aura, in order to enjoy various rewards of this physical world.

Doesn’t it sound like a fairly big and scary reason for many of these hermits to stay away from most people as it can cost them loss of much of their hard gained positive energy? For this reason, many such faiths which promote such practices of specific worships and meditations in order to attract strong positive energies, strongly advice that the hermits, who have not reached a specific peak of strong positivity, should not expose themselves to more and more negative energy as such negative energy may cause problems for them and hinder their progress. Now you must have understood why such hermits choose to stay away from places where many people live as it can endanger their whole worship or goal.

And by now, it should also be easy to understand why these hermits practice periods of silence as a fairly decent amount of energy is shared with other people or with the surroundings, when we speak and so these hermits choose to remain silent for long periods of time in order to preserve most of their hard gained positive energy. It should also be clear to you by now, why do wise people advise you to speak less as by speaking more; you are likely to lose more and more of your energy which may not be a good thing if it is positive energy you are losing.

The same theory also explains why some hermits don’t allow people to touch their feet, as a part of their positive energy can be transferred through physical touch and if the person touching their feet has a strong negative aura, a part of his negative energy may be transferred to them through this touch. The fact that makes it even more interesting is that, in human body, feet along with hands, are especially sensitive in matters of energy and hence they are among only a few parts of our body, through which a comparatively large amount of energy can be transferred or exchanged. This is why some religions recommend touching the feet of wise men and saintly people when you get a chance to meet them because this is one of the best ways to add more positive energy to your aura as these people are full of positive energy.

Taking one more interesting example from real life, some of you may have heard that a specific religious place is more powerful than another. This is especially said in case of religious places or places of high religious importance, where a famous saint, god, angel or god-like human may have lived for a long time, or, he may have engaged in meditation at this place for a long time. You may have heard from other people that there is a particular place where a highly divine saint lived and worshipped, and that visiting this place will have good effect on you. Some of you may have dismissed it as superstition but there is a solid reason behind all this.

The auras of saints and God-like people are extremely positive. Such auras only radiate high amounts of positive energy and there is not even a trace of negative energy in their auras. It should be noted that the stronger is an aura, the stronger is the effect cast by that aura. It means if a person with a weak positive aura visits a place, the amount of positive energy transferred by this person to this place will not be much and at the same time, such energy will not remain present for a long period of time since it is not much in quantity as well as in quality.

On the other hand, the auras of divine people carry tons of positive energy and the density of this positive energy is very high. Hence a place where one of such divine souls lived or stayed for a long time, engaged in holy worships, preaching and all other such highly positive activities, receives loads of positive energy and the aura of this place becomes highly positive.

Have you ever noticed that in most of the available pictures of gods, god sent angels and divine saints, a circle of bright light is shown around their head where this circle is golden or yellow in most cases and it looks just like the Sun. Though some of you may have thought that the Sun itself is present behind the head of each one of these divine souls but it is not the case. This circle of light is nothing else but the aura of these divine souls which is depicted in a visible form whereas it is actually invisible and this has been done only in order to show you that the aura of the divine soul in consideration is extremely positive.

It is the time to know one more fact about auras which is that the extreme negativity in an aura exhibits itself as patches of dark black color whereas the extreme positivity in an aura shows itself as bright shining golden or yellow color. Hence the depiction of a bright shining and fully golden aura around such a divine soul is a way to show that this divine soul has removed all the negativity from his aura and his entire aura is filled with extremely positive energy only. When such a divine soul visits and stays at a place, some of this energy in his aura, which is the absolute best in quality and quantity, is transferred to the aura of that place also.

The longer such a divine soul stays at a place, the more is the top class energy received by that place and accordingly, such a place acts like a powerhouse of top class positive energy and it is second only to such divine souls themselves. Since this positive energy is great in quantity and quality, it can easily last for a few hundred years or even for a few thousand years, in some cases. This means that for the next few hundred or thousand years, almost everyone visiting such a place filled with high quality and quantity of positive energy will have a fair chance to receive a good deal of top class positive energy from this place. It’s just like the nuclear radiation which can remain present even fifty years or more after the incident.

This is why some people attach much importance to these places and they are right in doing so. Despite not knowing the exact reason in terms of energy and aura dynamics, they are telling you the right thing. There is one more reason for some religious places being more powerful than other religious places in relative comparison. The strength of positivity of the aura of a place depends on the amount of positive energy that is added to this place. This addition happens with the visits of positive people and various types of positive activities performed at such a place.

This is particularly of much importance if none of such places being compared have the honor of hosting a divine soul for a long period of time. In this case, the positive energy has only been added to these places by visits of positive people and by means of various types of positive activities. In this case, among many religious places being compared, the place which features the maximum positive activities within its boundaries is undoubtedly the place with the highest positive aura as the amount of positive energy being added to the aura of this place is more than the amount of positive energy being added to other such places in comparison.

Therefore, the religious place which features the maximum number of good karmas or positive karmas within its boundaries will stand at the top, when it comes to possessing an aura with strong positivity, and the remaining places can be decided according to a similar explanation. It can be understood that the more a place and person is engaged in good karmas or positive activities, the stronger is the aura of such a place or such a person and accordingly, the more benefic it is to visit such a place or such a person. Hence such religious places offer you much positive energy when you visit them.

In the next chapter, we will discuss the three essential factors that determine the amount and type of success you achieve. So take a small break if you want, and come right back.


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