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Back to the topic, people with strong auras of either type are difficult to be convinced or overpowered by people with the other aura type. This can help us unveil more mysteries of nature. History and time tell various incidents and some of you may have witnessed this up close and personal that saintly people can visit the most negative places and can still remain unaffected. You can take these people to a place where the finest alcohols are served but they won’t drink. You can take them to brothels where the finest women offer their services but they won’t be affected. Though such girls may do their best to convince these people, all they will get in return will be a smile and “no thanks”. Likewise, even if you offer them large amounts of money to do something bad, their answer will always be no. You can do your best and give these people all the money and resources you can offer, you will still not be able to convince them to do something bad. This is due to the reason that their highly positive auras are fully capable of protecting them from the attack of negative energy.

Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, one of the most divine saints among Indian lineage of saints who enlightened the earth and the universe from 1836 to 1886, was put to one such test. He was conspired to be seduced by beautiful and nude prostitutes to test the depth of his sainthood or in my words, the strength of his positive aura. Though the prostitutes were young, beautiful and nude, and the saint was in his youth at that time, and even though the prostitutes did their best to seduce him, the saint kept calling them mothers from the beginning to the end. He was a true devotee of the all powerful mother, the divine Goddess herself, and therefore, he only saw mother in every woman on earth. Such is the power of a strong positive aura which was extremely positive in case of Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

Have you ever wondered why you feel uncomfortable in the company of some people? Why don’t you want to be with them much? It is because your aura types are different. Such different types of auras don’t complement each other, but rather clash with each other or repel each other. Accordingly, no efficient transfer of energy takes place from your aura to their auras and from their auras to yours. By this time, you should know that if there is no attraction or effective communication between the auras of two people, these people won’t like each other, and will accordingly feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, you may have noticed that there have been people in your life, whom you met somewhere and started feeling comfortable, secure and relaxed with, in a short period of time. The reason for such comfort is that the aura of such people strongly complements your aura, which means that both auras develop a strong communication channel. Accordingly, you start feeling comfortable and relaxed in their company. Some of you may also have felt that there are a few places, which give you the same vibes of comfort that you get at home. This also happens due to similarity in auras. Since these places have the auras similar to the aura of your house, you feel comfortable as your aura gets the same vibes.

Do you know why do you feel bored in the company of some specific people and why don’t you want to be with them much? This is once again due to the equation of your auras. When the auras of two people come in contact with each other, they either attract or repel each other, or may stay somewhere in between. If two people have weak auras of the opposite type, these auras are neither able to attract nor repel each other with much strength. As a result, these two people don’t go along well. This is why you feel bored in the company of some people. So when you are with one such person, it may feel like the time is just passing and nothing else, and sometimes you may feel like being almost alone as if there is no one interacting with you even though the other person may be doing so.

Well your subconscious feeling of being alone even while in the company of people you are familiar with is not wrong; as there is not much effective communication between your auras. Accordingly, your aura sends this message of no communication to your subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind then starts giving you a vibe and tells you that something is not right and you start feeling uncomfortable or bored. You don’t enjoy much though the other maybe talking to you constantly, or trying to interact with you. As long as there is no effective communication and exchange of energies between two auras, there is a no feeling of comfort.

You may have had some people in your life who have been keeping in touch with you for many years but they have never been able to become your very good friends. This is once again due to the reason that the auras of these people have not been able to convince your aura, in an effective manner. Accordingly, they can never be your very good friends unless they have made their auras strong enough to impress your aura, through years of conscious effort which has added more and more energy of one type to their auras, say positive energy. Accordingly, their auras have now become strong enough to communicate with your aura as well as to convince your aura in a good way.

You may have wondered that though there were many people in your life who could never be more than just friends to you despite their best efforts, one of them suddenly started being your very good friend after many years. Why has it happened? How was it that the two of you were in touch for many years, and never developed a bond, but a time came when you not only developed a bond but become very good friends also?  This is because, throughout those years, the aura of this person was not strong enough to impress you and accordingly the distance remained. But over time and with conscious efforts and karmas, he added more and more strength to his aura and his aura became capable to convince your aura, and you became very good friends.

Let’s take one more example and let’s consider that a boy meets a girl and they keep meeting each other again and again, for many years. Even though this boy and girl like each other right from the first meeting, but this liking was not strong enough for them to decide that they want to spend their lives together. This kept happening for many years until a time came when both of them were convinced that they wanted to be with each other and they wanted to live together.

Though many of you may have understood the reason by now, let me still explain it for the sake of readers who have not. When this boy and girl met each other, their auras were having sufficient strengths to attract each other in just an alright kind of way, but their auras were not strong enough to convince each other in a strong way and accordingly they just kept meeting and liking each other and this kept going, for years and years. During this long period of many years, one or both of them may have added strength to their auras and when this strength became sufficient to convince the other in a strong way, the equation is solved and you see a happy ending to this love story.

Speaking about this boy and girl, there is one more possibility in this case. Let’s say when this boy and girl met each other for the first time, girl’s aura was even then strong enough to convince boy’s aura and hence the boy started liking this girl very much. Yes this may have happened and in fact this is what you will find happening in many romantic movies, where one of the two is highly impressed with the other whereas the other one is not that much crazy for the first one. In simple and plain words, the boy developed a strong liking for the girl much before this type of strong liking was developed in the heart or subconscious mind of the girl also. Now we will look into this possibility and find why does one person like the other person a lot whereas the other person doesn’t like him back with the same strength?

In this case, girl’s aura was already strong enough to influence boy’s aura effectively and accordingly the boy started feeling strong attraction for the girl, whereas boy’s aura was still not strong enough to influence girl’s aura effectively. Accordingly the girl only kept feeling good vibes for the boy but these good vibes were not strong enough to convince her subconscious mind to make the final decision and so the situation kept lingering for years and years. Now during these years, through various types of karmas and influences, the boy kept adding more and more strength to his aura and accordingly his aura became stronger and stronger with time due to which he was able to influence girl’s aura more than before.

Through continuous addition of energy and strength to his aura, boy’s aura finally gained the strength which was sufficient to influence girl’s aura in way which was strong enough for her to make the final decision and that is when it happened. So you see, almost all the things we are doing including our relationships, it all finally depends on the game of energy which finally translates into aura. Hence our auras can make us succeed or fail in any sphere of our lives; depending on whether our auras are positive or negative and also depending on, how strongly positive or negative.


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