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Hoping you have understood this concept very well, let’s go back to the original topic of this chapter, which says that positive as well as negative energy can be added to our auras through places and people. So far, we have seen explanations and examples to understand this theory in case of positive or negative places that we visit or stay. It is the time to move onto the second part of this theory, which says that people and other species can add positivity or negativity to our auras, depending on the nature and strength of their own auras. Let’s try to understand this concept now.

It should be simpler to understand now after understanding the transfer of positive or negative energy from various places to our auras; that the transfer of energy from other people also works in more or less similar way. Before moving on, it should be noted that when we talk about the transfer of positive or negative energy among the auras of different people, we only talk about those cases where we have not engaged in good or bad karmas, which in itself is a different theory of transfer of energy. According to that theory, if we have done good or bad karma to anyone, we have no choice over the type and amount of positive or negative energy that will get added to our auras, depending on the nature and strength of our karma. This energy is the result of karma and accordingly, it will be added to our auras irrespective of whether we want it or not.

But the state of affairs is not the same in case of the present theory. According to this theory, we have a choice when it comes to the strength and type of energy that gets added to our auras through various positive and negative people. This choice comes through the type and strength of the aura that we have, which may be a strong negative aura, a mild negative aura, a mild positive aura or a strong positive aura depending on the type of good or bad karmas we have been engaging in. You can see that the concept of good and bad karma lies in the root of most theories related to energy. That is why there is a strong need to engage in good karmas and to disengage from bad karmas if we want to upgrade ourselves.

Continuing with the present theory, different people possess different auras. Each aura has a different strength of positivity and negativity. Though we broadly describe these strengths as mild, strong or very strong, in actual practice, there are numerous variable strengths, in each type of positive or negative aura. Accordingly, different people possess different types and different strengths of energy in their auras. When we get in touch with these people, their auras try to influence our auras and at the same time, our auras try to influence theirs. This means that their auras try to add positive or negative energy to our auras whereas our auras try to add positive or negative energy to their auras. In simple words, we try to influence all the people we meet and they try to influence us and what happens during this process, is going to be explained next.

For the sake of better understanding let’s once again take an example and let’s assume you meet a person and spend about 30 to 60 minutes with him. During the course of this meeting while both of you speak, exchange gestures and look each other in the eyes or try to read each other’s body language, each of you is trying to send his brand of energy to the other and influence the other.  There are a number of possibilities that may happen in this case, where such possibilities depend on the type of positive or negative auras that you and the other person have, and the strength of those negative or positive auras, that you and the other person have.

Assuming that both of you have positive auras and are trying to convince each other, though both are likely to be convinced by the other, the one with a stronger positive aura will be more capable of influencing the other. As a result, the one with the stronger aura will be doing more talking, whereas the one with the weaker aura will be listening more and more. He will be the one who is impressed more and as a result, he will be the one who gives consent or approval to many of the plans and options shared by the person with stronger aura.

Making it more specific, say you have a meeting with a bank officer, both of you have similar type of auras and your concern is to convince him to approve a loan for your business. During this meeting, your aura will try to convince his, whereas his aura will try to convince yours. If you have a stronger aura or an aura with a strength which matches the strength of the aura of the bank officer, he will be convinced to approve your loan. On the other hand, if both the auras are opposite in nature, they will start clashing with each other and in such a case, your only chance of getting this loan approved is if you have a strong aura and he has a weak aura. For the sake of comfort, let us assume that you have a strong positive aura and he has a weak negative aura.

It should be noted that whenever there is a clash between two people by virtue of having opposite types of auras where one of them has a weak and the other has a strong aura, the chances are high that the one with strong aura will win over the other. Hence in a meeting, if one person has a strong positive aura and the other has a weak negative aura, the former will convince the latter in most cases. On the other hand, if both the auras are opposite in nature and similar in strength, which means, both of them are weak or strong, the result is always a clash or a draw.

This is the why some people, though good in nature, are vulnerable to doing bad things, when convinced or provoked by others with negative auras. Such people have positive auras which are weak in strength. Hence, when a person with strong negative aura tries to convince such a person to do something bad or negative, the weak positive aura of this person may lose the fight and he may be temporarily overpowered by the strong negative aura of the other person. Accordingly, he may engage in some bad karma or negative activity which later on brings problems and troubles for him and adds more negative energy to his aura.

This is why your elders and wise men warn you to stay away from bad company as these bad people have negative auras and one of them may have a negative aura that is strong enough to overpower your weak positive aura, provided you have one. If it happens, he can make you do negative things that may land you in trouble instantly, or may add more and more negative energy to your already weak positive aura, thereby making you prone to having a net negative aura as the weak auras of both types are easier to convert into the other. It requires much less effort compared to when you are trying to change a strong aura of one type, into the aura of the other type. So be careful of the company you keep as this mere fact can get your aura changed from positive to negative if you are in company of negative people. Negative aura will bring more and more problems, as you already know by now.

Let’s have some more real life examples on this theory in order to understand it in a better way and at the same time let’s try to understand the secret or mechanism behind many of the events that may have happened in the lives of most of us people. While in college, have you ever wondered that though a negative and bossy type of classmate or college boy who definitely had a strong negative aura, tried to convince many fellow students to join his gang and engage in bad karmas, not everyone joined his gang. Some students joined his gang easily, some others did so after some convincing, and the rest didn’t join his gang and in fact they didn’t like this guy and his ideas at all. Though this guy tried with the same strength to influence them all, still some were fully convinced, some were just partially convinced and some were completely in opposition and they thought of this guy as a wastrel, a bad guy or a villain.

Well the mystery is solved now and many of you already know that the guys with negative auras were the first ones to be convinced and join the gang whereas the guys with weak positive auras were the next ones to join the gang. In fact some of these guys with weak positive auras may not have become permanent members of this gang and they may have engaged in negative activities initiated by this gang, only occasionally. On the other hand, the guys with strong positive auras had a direct clash with this bad guy and hence they never liked his ideas or actions and so they either stayed away from him or they stood in opposition to him as their strong positive auras didn’t like his strong negative aura.

Looking at another youth time example, some of you may still remember how a guy with a packet of cigarettes or a packet of some drug tried to convince many fellow students and friends, to try this drug once but the results were again different for different individuals. Some friends needed no convincing, whereas some were convinced after much time and effort and even then some of them were not fully convinced and they tried this drug half heartedly. Finally there were some others, who saw utter nonsense in this whole idea and so they threw a flat no to this guy’s face who was trying to convince them to try this drug.

Here again, people with negative auras were convinced at once. The people with weak positive auras were the ones who took much time but they ultimately succumbed as their weak positive auras couldn’t fight the strong negative aura of this guy and the people with a flat no were the ones who had strong positive auras which were fully capable of defending them from the attack of negative energy. At the same time, the people with strong positive auras disliked this guy as there was a strong clash between strong auras of the opposite types.

Hence people with strong auras are difficult to convince whereas the people with weak auras can be convinced to do activities of the other type. Therefore, until you have a strong conscious feeling that you have a highly positive aura, it is always wise to stay away from people with strong negative auras as they can convince you to engage in negative activities that bring in more negative energy, thereby putting you in danger of getting your aura changed to a negative type. Now you must appreciate your well wishers for advising you to stay away from bad company. The company of people with negative auras can cause more damage to your energy equation than you can imagine and so you should stay away from them.


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