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It is the time to know that the people whose company we seek and the places we visit can add positive or negative energy to our auras, and change the net equation of energy in our auras. This is why you should always watch the company you keep and the places you visit as both are capable of influencing your aura positively or negatively. Though such influences don’t often bring direct profit or loss to you; without you doing any good or bad karma yourself, these influences are still capable of motivating or convincing your mind to do good or bad karmas. Accordingly, you are likely to be rewarded or punished, which means that people and places you visit are also important in this equation of energy.

Let’s understand this concept with the help of the energy theory. Almost all species and other entities in the universe carry an equation of energy. It remains in the form of their auras. As the whole universe is said to have started from a blast of energy or aura, it should not be difficult to grasp that all the places we visit, also carry an aura though in most cases, this aura is not strong enough to cast a strong positive or negative influence on our own auras. However in some cases, such auras are strong enough to influence or motivate our auras in a strong positive or negative way.

Most places in the world initially don’t carry strong auras of their own and this positivity or negativity is supplied by the type of positive or negative visitors visiting and staying at these places and then this equation becomes a reciprocal equation. It means that at first, people or other species add positive or negative energy to a place by visiting it and later on, when the place itself starts possessing a positive or negative aura, the species visiting the place add positivity or negativity to the place and the place itself adds some positivity or negativity to the people or other species who visit this place or stay at this place.

Hence all our houses, offices and other places such as entertainment venues, religious places, pubs, bars, hotels, jails and other places in this world including even our cars and other vehicles have their own positive or negative auras which were initially supplied by us to them but which are now sticking to them and which are continuously changing with the exchange of more and more positive or negative energy with other people or species. Have you wondered why you feel at peace, and why you relax when you go to a religious place but you get a strange and perhaps a scary vibe when you visit a cemetery? Similarly the type of vibes or energy or aura that you get from a bar versus the type of energy you get from a religious place or from a hospital, are quite different from one another and why such big difference is there, we will see in the coming lines.

Starting with the places first, all the places in this universe gather energy from human beings, other species and entities that visit or stay at these places for a period of time. Accordingly, each place in the universe has an aura of positive or negative energy which keeps changing continuously, depending on how many species carrying positive or negative energies are visiting that place; or staying at that place. For the sake of proper understanding, the definition of a place in context of this theory of energy is a place that is either bound by certain visible or invisible boundaries.

Apart from this, the energy equation or aura of a place is highly influenced by the kind of positive or negative activities performed within the boundaries of this place. For this reason, you may have felt that the vibes of a place where noble deeds are done on regular basis are different from the vibes of a place where activities taking place are not good. The influence of the kind of positive or negative activities done at a place is much higher than the influence of people visiting or staying at that place since activities add more energy to the aura of a place in comparison to people who visit or stay at the same place.

Therefore in terms of energy and aura, your house or apartment is one place, whereas your neighbor’s house is different, although it may be an adjoining apartment. This is why even two adjoining places like two apartments can have two different energy equations. Such energy equation of a place depends on the aura of people visiting or staying at that place and the kind of positive or negative activities being done at that place, since these activities also add either positivity or negativity to this place, depending on whether such activities are positive or negative.

Let’s try and see how different places can have different types and strengths of auras and energy equations. Since positive activities done at a particular place add more positive energy to that place in comparison to the people visiting or staying at that place in most cases, we will start with explanation in case of different activities being done at different places. Taking a religious place as an example, it should be easy to understand that the type of activities which are performed here include regular prayers, preaching, sharing good thoughts and serving others. Since all these activities release positive energy, a religious place is continuously supplied with positive energy and accordingly the positivity of this place increases on regular basis.

Moving on, most people staying at or visiting religious places will only do good karmas most of the time and they seldom do bad karmas within the boundaries of these places. Due to this, there is very little negative energy added and so, positivity dominates the aura of religious places. Another interesting fact here is that usually, the people who carry high negative energies or in other words, the people who are bad or very bad, don’t visit religious places as much as people with positive auras do. Thus, the chances of negativity being added through the presence of negative people are lowered. This results in the increase of the net positivity of the aura of such religious places.

Since these places carry highly positive energy equations, parts and fractions of this positive energy are transferred to each and every individual visiting such highly positive places and accordingly we gain positive energy when we visit such religious places. This is why your grandma or your grandpa may keep convincing you to visit a religious place relevant to your religion. They may not know that it is the energy transfer that makes a place positive, but because of tradition passed on to them and their own experience, they know that visiting such places helps a person become better. Now you know why these places add positive energy to your aura, since they are filled with tons of positive energy.

It is important to know, though, that the places don’t transfer the same amounts of positive energy to everyone who visits them. For instance, taking the example of religious places, though they try to transfer the same amount of positive energy to everyone visiting these places, not everyone receives the same amount. The net reception of this positive energy by different people is different. This is because different human beings have different strengths of receiving positive and negative energy, which depends on the original strength of positive or negative energy of a person visiting such religious places. The stronger positive aura a person carries, the easier it is for him to attract and add more and more positive energy to his already positive aura.

On the other hand, people with a comparatively weaker positive aura tend to attract or add less amounts of positive energy to their auras from these positive places as they have a comparatively weaker tendency to attract positive energy though they are still able to attract more positive energy in comparison to other types of people that are next in line for discussion. A person with a weak negative aura will be able to attract even less amounts of positive energy to his aura from a highly positive place, since he has an even weaker tendency to welcome positive energy. This is because, his aura is primarily negative and it is easy for him to attract more negative energy on a natural basis, whereas his aura doesn’t welcome positive energy very much.

Next and last, is the case of a person with a highly negative aura. If he visits a place of highly positive energy say a religious place, he may either only be able to attract very little positive energy from this religious place and add it to his aura, or the high negativity of his aura may start repelling the positive energy coming from this positive place. This is because negative energy is the enemy of positive energy as a rule and positive energy is the enemy of negative energy as per the same rule. This is why you can see either darkness or light in a place and not both at the same place. Darkness is negative energy and light is highly positive energy and therefore, even a small amount of light in a place ensures that darkness doesn’t rule over the place.

Hence people with highly negative auras are generally unable to attract positive energy from positive places or even from positive people. In some of these cases, a person with a highly negative aura may start feeling uncomfortable at a highly positive place, since his aura is highly negative and accordingly, this aura only tends to welcome more and more negative energy. On the other hand, such a negative aura will try to resist the addition of positive energy as much as it can since negative energy is never comfortable with positive energy and vice versa.

As a result, this person may start feeling uncomfortable at such place with highly positive aura and so he may decide to go away and never come back to this place as it makes him feel uncomfortable. For this reason, people with highly negative auras are generally not seen visiting or staying at places with highly positive auras. That is why I mentioned that not many people with highly negative auras visit religious places since there is a direct clash between the highly positive auras of such religious places and the highly negative auras of these people.
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