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Taking the examples of plants and trees which lie on level three, it can be observed that in case of plants and trees, energy is fed from the roots and it goes up in the direction of the branches and leaves and hence, the natural flow of energy is upwards, in most cases. This means that Mother Nature has chosen trees and plants to exhibit an upward flow of energy. In simple terms, trees and plants are chosen to collect positive energy, in most cases. For this reason, most plants and trees get only positive energy added to their auras in return for something good done by them to the others.

Let’s understand it with a practical example. Let’s take an apple tree as an example. It takes energy from the ground through its roots and channelizes the energy to its stem, branches, leaves and fruits. This shows that the natural flow of energy in case of an apple tree and most other trees and plants is upwards. It is a clear indication given by nature that such species are going to do good karmas and they are going to get lots of positive energy added to their auras, even if they don’t try much or even if they don’t try at all. It means that the natural tendency of trees and plants is to do good karmas and collect positive energy. This reason is supported by the fact that you will find most trees and plants doing only good and good for us. Therefore, the theory of upward flow of energy works well in this case. Hence all the plants and trees are guaranteed a promotion either within the same level or to higher levels.

In case of animals, birds, sea creatures and such else, the flow of energy is not upwards, but is horizontal. Accordingly, most animals have a natural tendency to collect at least that much positive energy, which can guarantee them at least the same level even if they don’t try hard or don’t engage in special efforts. To make it easier, kindly understand that most animals are horizontal in their expansion. Their length from their mouth to their feet or tail is horizontal. Energy is fed to these species through their mouths, it goes to their stomachs and the residual energy is excreted from their rears.

Hence the flow of energy in case of most animals is horizontal, as the energy flows along a horizontal line from their mouths to their rears from where the excess energy is excreted. Mother Nature has again given a sign that animals are naturally capable of collecting enough positive energy to keep their level intact. Accordingly, a soul subjected to the life of an animal may either get promoted to the next level which is the level of human beings, or it may stay on the same level and it may not go back to a level lower than its own.

It should be noted that the term “natural tendency“ in this context means that if the species in question doesn’t make a conscious effort to do good or bad, how the flow of energy will be determined. In simple words, this tells us what the natural tendency of such species to do good or bad is, which further tells us the possibilities of such species being promoted to an upper level, sustaining the same level or being downgraded to a lower level, even if they don’t engage in conscious and special efforts to change or maintain their level.

Hence in case of trees and plants, they have a natural tendency of doing good karmas only, even if they don’t do any conscious effort. Accordingly, they keep collecting more and more positive energy in return, which helps them elevate to the level of next species in the system. The next species are animals, which have a natural tendency to at least stay on the same level. Hence, a soul subjected to the form of an animal will either be promoted to a human form if it does conscious effort to collect more and more positive energy, or it will maintain its level without any conscious effort. This means that such a soul will be reborn again and again as different animals, birds and sea creatures until in one life form, it is able to collect sufficient positive energy to get promoted to the level of a human.

The species at the top level are human beings, as we are gifted with many abilities and specialties that no other species of nature has been gifted with. However, being on the top includes both privileges and responsibilities, because when you are already at the top, you can only go down if you don’t put in sufficient effort to maintain your level. This is exactly the case with the life form of human beings and we will now have a look at how Mother Nature gives us an indication of this fact.

The natural flow of energy in human beings is from top to bottom, which means that the flow of energy is vertically downwards. This further means that if we don’t make conscious efforts to maintain our level or get ourselves promoted within the same level, we are going to get demoted within the same level or to the lower levels. To understand it in a better way, observe the fact that all human beings take energy through their mouths, which are at the vertical top of their life forms. This energy goes down our body and unwanted energy is excreted through our bottoms. Hence energy has been fed from the top and it flows to the bottom.

Since the natural flow of energy is from up to down in our case, it means that we have a natural tendency to lose positive energy from our auras, which can downgrade us within the same level or to a lower level. This downgrade depends on how much positive energy a human being has lost throughout his present life form. This is why humans need continuous conscious efforts to maintain their top level among the species and further better it by getting promoted within the same level. Promotion within the same level means various types of rewards like being successful, healthy, famous; or possessing other special gifts which only a small percentage of human beings possess.

Some of you may wonder why human beings have a natural tendency to go down this karmic system even without doing anything bad to anyone. This is the meaning of the term “natural tendency”, which means that if we don’t do any conscious effort, what happens then. All people reading this book are humans and it is but natural to exhibit a self-defense mechanism against anything that wants to take something away from us. Hence some of you may have already started doubting the validity of this entire theory of karmas, energy and different levels of species, as it doesn’t visibly seem to be in favor of humans since we are being downgraded even without doing anything bad. However, there is a solid reason for this natural downgrade and we will get to this reason through the coming lines.

In order to understand this concept best, let’s look at the natural and daily activities of a human being when he is neither trying to do good karma nor trying to do bad karma to anyone. Let’s see where our daily routines lead us? How can these daily routines make our auras more negative and finally cause us to see a downgrade either within the same level or in worse case, to a lower level?

Let’s take up a case now and let’s start going through the daily routine of an average person and let’s start from his morning. Let’s say he brushes his teeth the first thing in the morning, drinks a cup of coffee, takes a bath, has breakfast and starts doing other things in his daily routine. Starting with the tooth brush and paste, where will he get all of it from if he doesn’t put in conscious effort to earn it? He must earn and purchase these things. If a person consciously doesn’t put in effort to earn this toothbrush and toothpaste but he is still using them, it only means that he is able to do so by virtue of money and resources earned by one of his relatives or friends.

The same will happen in case of tea, coffee, soap, towel and breakfast. This person uses all the resources that he has not earned himself but he is using the resources or rewards earned by someone else who has purchased all these things by doing conscious efforts, which means by doing some constructive job or work and then getting rewarded in form of money with which he has bought all these things. Now as this person uses someone else’s rewards, he is basically using a part of the positive energy earned by that person say his friend, since his friend has got these things by means of positive energy earned through good karmas and conscious efforts.

Since you know the rule of reciprocation of energy by now, it should not be hard to understand that as this person benefits from the rewards earned by his friend, he has to transfer a corresponding amount of positive energy to his friend in form of thanks. This energy gets added to his friend’s aura and makes it more positive since the friend in this case has helped this person, which is a good karma and so the friend earns positive energy. Hence this person keeps using the rewards earned by his friend in various forms like using his house, TV, car and many other things and accordingly, a corresponding amount of positive energy is transferred from him to his friend.

We have assumed that this person is not doing any conscious effort to earn positive energy or in other words, this person is not willing to engage in good karmas. At the same time he is continuously transferring more and more positive energy from his aura to his friend’s aura, and maybe, to others’ auras, who are helping him out in order to meet his daily routines. A question arises that how much positive energy can this person keep transferring to other people when he is not earning more positive energy through his karmas? The answer is, sooner or later, a stage comes when this person will fall short of positive energy, which necessarily needs to be transferred to various people helping him out and accordingly the net negativity of his aura will start increasing. This happens because more and more positive energy leaves his aura and accordingly; only more and more negative energy is left in his aura.

So far, we have seen with the help of a simple example that a person who merely does his daily routines without earning more and more positive energy through his karmas will finally end up in a deficit of positive energy. It means the percentage of negative energy increases in his aura. The increase in negative energy in a person’s aura will cause him problems in the remaining times of this life and at the same time, he is very likely to be downgraded to a punishing life in human form, in his next birth, if the net negative energy is still not sufficient to downgrade him through a whole level of species. In case this negative energy is strong enough to downgrade him to a whole level of species, this person might find himself born as an animal in his next birth.

Extending this example to all people and all spheres of life, it is not difficult to realize that most humans need to use resources and rewards to meet daily needs, regardless of their capacity to afford things, even if we consider the most basic type of human beings whom we call “poor ones”. On the other hand, such resources and rewards are used at a much higher pace when we are dealing with people who need great number of resources in order to meet their daily routines, who in other words are called rich people. So whether a person uses fewer rewards and resources, or uses more rewards and resources, one thing is certain: there must be some source through which such rewards and resources should come into their lives. Otherwise, this person won’t be able to use them for long.

We know by now that a person can use rewards and resources from two sources only. The first and the just way is to earn them by engaging in more and more conscious karmas. The second way is to use other people’s rewards and thereby witness a continuous deficit of positive energy from your own aura, where this positive energy was earned through good karmas, back in time. It should be easy to understand now that if human beings don’t engage in conscious effort to maintain or improve themselves, they are going to be downgraded in this life as well as in the coming lives.

Such downgrades may take place within the same level, or, some of us may have to suffer a loss of an entire level, and go down to a lower level. In the worst case, some of us may go back to the bottom and start all over again. This is why all enlightened and wise men keep saying that human life is precious and we should make the most of it by doing more and more positive karmas. By adding more and more positive energy to our auras, we ensure that we will go up and not down which is the natural tendency of a human form.

It is important to note that a change in level is not a very usual thing to happen, which means that a human being is not easily downgraded to a lower level. Accordingly, the species from lower levels are not very easily promoted to the next levels. Even if a human doesn’t do much work throughout life, and keeps spending rewards or resources earned by others, he is very likely to be born as a human again and suffer various problems, as he is accompanied by a strong negative aura which can bring him nothing but problems and suffering. It is only through conscious involvement of a human being in bad karmas that he adds so much negative energy to his aura, which is sufficient to downgrade him to a lower level in the next birth.

Now you know how positive or negative energy is added to our auras by virtue of good and bad karmas that we do, and how our auras can become more positive or negative with the addition of positive or negative energy. This energy can further bring good or bad things to us in this lifetime, and it can also upgrade or downgrade us for the next life.

It is time to move onto another phenomenon which can add positive or negative energy to our auras. We are going to discuss this concept in the next chapter. So take a small break if you need, grab another cup of tea or coffee and get ready for the next adventure.


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