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If you are wondering at my last line, you should know this fact that just like human beings, all the animals, species and other phenomena of this universe, each one of them carry their own auras. It should not be a big surprise as we already know that aura is nothing but a net equation of energy of any entity and we also know that each entity in this universe carries energy. So it should not be difficult to understand that the energy carried by each and every entity of this universe remains in it and with it, in the form of an invisible aura.

As the positive energy of this person eating the apple and feeling thankful, adds to the aura of the tree, a similar response is generated by the tree. It feels thankful to the person who planted it and served it continuously. Through gratitude, positive energy is transferred from the tree to the person who planted and tended to the tree. Accordingly, this amount of energy reaches the person and is added to his aura. As people eat more and more apples from this tree, more and more positive energy flows to this person. This energy is sent to him by people eating the apples and this energy is sent through this tree. Some of you may think that planting a fruit-bearing tree is one of the best karmas you can do as it keeps bringing positive energy to you. Though it certainly is a good karma, but there are a couple of catches.

One thing you should understand is that the system of karma and energy works on the basis of reciprocation. It means that if you have done something good or bad to others, a corresponding amount of positive or negative energy will come to you, be added to your aura and it will bring you good or bad things depending on whether this energy is positive or negative which is further dependent on the type of positive or negative karma you have done. So this theory of karma and energy aims at getting good rewards or sufferings on various fronts of your life depending on good or bad karmas done by you.

Getting back to the example of the energy equation involving the apple tree, it should be noted that a part of the positive energy sent to this tree by people eating the apples will be transferred through this tree to the one who planted and cared for it, if and only if this person is giving the fruits of this tree for free.

As already mentioned, the ultimate target of good or bad karma is either bringing rewards or punishments depending on the type of karma initiated by us. It should be noted that if the person who owns this apple tree sells its fruits and gets money in return, he has already been rewarded. In this case, the positive energy from people eating the apple and feeling grateful will go to the tree and not to this person. This is because this person has already received his share of positive energy or rewards in the form of money that was paid for the fruits. So, he doesn’t deserve more positive energy now, as one can only get a specific amount of positive or negative energy in return for the good or bad karmas he does. If you claim instant rewards for something good you did, there will be little or no positive energy added to your aura as you have already been paid for your good karmas in the form of money or other good things.

To explain some other things by using this theory, it should be noted that the person planting and serving a tree, whether a fruit-bearing tree or a non-fruit bearing tree will be rewarded with positive energy or money or something else only if he had charged nothing for planting these trees and for taking care of these trees. For example, let’s look at a person who is a caretaker of a garden of apple trees, his job is to plant and grow good apple trees and he is paid for it. He won’t receive much positive energy when the fruits of these trees are eaten by others as he already received an amount of money in return for his services. This means that his good karma was already rewarded on monthly or weekly basis and therefore, he doesn’t deserve any more positive energy or rewards for this good karma.

You must know by now, that the rewards or positive energy sent by people eating the apples from this garden in this case, will go to the trees and the owner of the garden, who initially planned and paid for growing and nurturing this garden of apples. The owner gets paid in cash if he sells the fruits, and the trees get paid in the form of addition of positive energy to their auras. If, for any reason, the owner of the garden of apple trees chooses not to sell the fruits and lets others enjoy the fruits without cost, a big share of the positive energy sent by people eating apples will go to the owner since he has put in effort and money but has not been rewarded with anything in return.

The logic of this theory is, whenever you heal or hurt others by doing good or bad karmas, a corresponding amount of good or bad energy is given back to you in the form of physical rewards or punishments, or in form of positive or negative energy added to your aura, where such energy will once again turn into rewards or punishments on various fronts of life, at later points in time. This is why enlightened men say that the seed of karma can never be destroyed and it has to bring results to the person sowing the seed. The meaning of another saying must also be clear to you with the help of this theory of karma and energy: as you sow, so shall you reap! Hasn’t this saying been explained perfectly?

Exploring more options with the same example, let’s now consider the trees which don’t yield any fruits and which are there for other purposes, and let’s see how do these trees serve us and how do they get positive energy added back to their auras in return for the good karmas done by them. Such trees serve us by various means like supplying us with wood, shade, some herbs and medicines, shelter, purifying the environment by adding more oxygen to it and by some other means also. Each time they serve anyone, any species or any system, a corresponding amount of positive energy is added back to their auras. Trees and plants are such entities of nature, which most of the time gather good karmas only, and as we move ahead with this book, we will get to know what do these trees do with so much of positive energy added to their auras continuously.

Discussing another possible case of good karmas done by the trees and the distribution of positive energy to various recipients when the positive energy is returned by thankful species, it is interesting to know who will claim the positive energy sent to the trees, when these trees are planted by the government. What is the mechanism of energy distribution in this case? There is no single owner, as the government is a collective body of people. At the same time, the government is not rewarded with direct payment for the trees it plants. So let’s see how this theory of good and bad karma works in this case.

Since the government has planted these trees and it pays the professionals for doing so, the professionals don’t earn any rewards, as they are rewarded with money for planting and raising these trees and hence the due reward is received by them. Looking at the government that paid money for millions of such trees, it should be noted that a big part of the money which the government spent on planting and raising trees may have been received in the form of taxes from the public. Accordingly, the public that pays this money will be rewarded with a part of the positive energy, each time some thankful and positive energy is released in response to the good done by these trees. So now you have one more reason to pay your taxes. They help the government engage in more and more positive and good karmas and accordingly, you earn more rewards or positive energy.

It should be noted that a part of this positive energy, or in other words, a partial reward for this good karma of planting and raising a million of trees may go to people who are a part of the government that made the decision to engage in this good karma. This is because, though they are already being paid with a salary for doing these noble things, sometimes the money or reward being paid to a person is less than the quantum of good karma done. In this case, they will partly benefit through instant rewards like money and recognition; and they will partly benefit with the addition of more positive energy to their auras.

Doesn’t it sound like a win-win situation? You do good karmas, you get paid for it, you also get recognition for it and you get positive energy too. This is why everyone in a position of authority should engage in more and more good karmas as these people have the best chances and resources at their disposal and through these resources, they can do many good things for others. They get recognition for it and at the same time, they get positive energy added to their auras. Now you know one more fact that doing your duty properly and doing it in a way that it may result in the benefit of the others, you can get paid for it, get recognition for it and at the same time, you can earn positive energy for your aura which will help you move forward.
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