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Moving on and coming to the main topic of this chapter which means the factors adding positive or negative energy to your aura, let’s understand how these good or bad karmas add positive or negative energy to your aura and change the net energy equation, or the aura. Though we have already understood that it is done through the theory of karmas, let’s now look at the exact mechanism and since the whole idea of this book is to increase positivity, let’s start it with a positive example.

Consider there is a very old person who needs someone’s help, to carry a bag back home, which may be 500 meters away from the place where he is now. Many people see his situation and pass by, instead of helping him but when you see his situation; you decide to help him out. The man accepts it and this is where good karma and the addition of positive energy to your aura start taking place.

As you start helping this person and take him home, this person starts thinking positive about you and he starts blessing. Even though he may actually thank or bless you just one or two times, his mind continuously keeps thanking and blessing you which in other words means that his mind initiates a process through which a part of the positive energy that he possesses is transmitted through his aura and the target of this positive energy is nothing else but your aura. This positive energy from his aura reaches your aura, where it is received and as a result, your aura becomes comparatively more positive than it was before helping this person or before receiving the packet of positive energy from this old man.

It should be noted that the positive or negative energy sent to you by someone else is bound to change your aura, provided it has been sent by that person in response to some karma done by you and that karma has either benefitted this person or it has hurt him in one way or the other. When such positive or negative energy is sent to your aura by other people or species, this energy is nothing but a reciprocation of the good or bad karma done by you to them. In other words, this energy is a reciprocation of the good or bad energy sent by you to these people or species. The forces of the nature make sure that this reciprocal positive or negative energy reaches you and is added to your aura, whether your aura, conscious mind and even your subconscious mind wants to receive it or not.

This practice is supported by the forces of nature in order to maintain a balance of the energy as otherwise the balance of energy in the universe will be disturbed which will result in eventual collapse of the whole universe. For example, if a person keeps doing bad karmas, i.e., he keeps sending negative energy to the others and when a counteracting packet or packets of negative energy come from the other side and this person has a choice of whether to accept them or not, he may always choose not to accept them. Thus, he will keep harming others without any addition of negative energy to his aura, which in practical terms means that such a person will keep hurting others and in return, he doesn’t have to suffer any bad consequences.

If such things keep going on, more and more people in the world will start engaging in the practice of hurting others, and then rejecting the resultant negative energy. Soon, only the bad will prevail in the world as people won’t be afraid of doing anything bad as they don’t have to suffer the consequences now.  Accordingly the balance of this earth as well as this universe will be disturbed and the theory of karma will fail completely. However, this was never meant to happen and this will never happen and hence, the forces of nature ensure that if you do good or bad karma to someone, which means if you send good or bad energy to someone, the reciprocating positive or negative energy is also received by your aura and added to it, whether you want it or not.

Getting back to the example of good karma done by you, as the old man you help sends packets of positive energy to you, these packets are received by your aura and accordingly, this quantity of positive energy is added to your aura, resulting in making your aura more positive than before and as a result, you have comparatively better chances of achieving various types of good things in life. On the other hand, you have comparatively less chances of falling victim to sufferings, losses and failures on various fronts of life, since your aura has become more positive and accordingly, it will start repelling negative events and negative people with more strength. Though this small help by you may only result in a small increase in net positivity of your aura, but still, you are gaining positive energy and it is perfectly fine as long as you are gaining it, for this is what we need.

We have considered the example of a human being who is capable of sending energy to your aura both consciously as well as subconsciously but what happens in case of animals and other species? How do they send positive or negative energy to our auras, when we do good or bad to them? In other words, when we send them positive or negative energy, how do they send back positive or negative energy?  The energy transfer once again works in a similar manner more or less. Animals and other species don’t transfer positive or negative energy through their voices in all cases but their minds are capable of sending you positive or negative energy in response to your actions. Accordingly, your aura shifts towards positivity or negativity depending on whether it has received positive or negative energy.

Speaking of animals conveying positive or negative energy through their voices, many of you may have noticed that when you heal or hurt an animal through your actions or karmas, they make different sounds which come out in response to your positive or negative actions. These sounds carry some amounts of positive or negative energies which are sent to you and are then added to your aura. For example, when you feed a hungry dog, caress it or treat a wound on its body, you may notice that it releases a thankful type of sound and this sound carries packets of positive energy which target your aura and then add to it thereby making your aura shift towards more positivity, making you a more positive person.

On the other hand, when you hurt animals, say you hurt a dog by beating it with a stick or you inflict a wound on its body or try to harass it, you’ll find that the sound coming out of its mouth has changed. This changed sound is the carrier of packets of negative energy which once again target your aura and are added to your aura, irrespective of whether you want these packets of negative energy sent by this dog or not. With the addition of these packets of energy to your aura, your aura becomes comparatively more negative, which reduces the chances of good things happening to you, and increases the chances of you falling victim to sufferings or problems.

Such additions of positive or negative energies will be only as strong as your good or bad karmas done to this dog are. For example, if you harass the dog for some time, you may get a small quantity of negative energy, if you beat it for some time, you may get a relatively stronger negative energy in response and if you injure it badly or kill it, you may have to deal with an even bigger amount of negative energy being added to your aura. Though you may only receive a small amount of negative energy by harassing an animal, you should always remember that even a small amount of negative energy added to your aura is going to make you more vulnerable to sufferings as your aura becomes more negative. Hence you are losing and not gaining. Therefore, avoid or reduce such practices as much as you can.

Let’s now go beyond humans as well as animals and deal with plants, rivers and other naturally occurring things and let’s understand how these entities are capable of transferring and adding positive or negative energies to our auras. Let’s consider that you have planted and raised an apple tree. Let’s say that you’ve worked hard on it and it has grown into a big fruit-bearing tree. Each time you served this tree with water, added fertilizer or tended to it with any other services, the tree receives positive energy from your side and in response to this positive energy, it releases positive energy which targets your aura, gets added to it and makes your aura more positive.

But this doesn’t stop here and it goes further. Since it is a fruit-yielding tree, it starts giving apples sooner or later. These apples reach people and they start eating the apples. Each time a person eats the apples from this tree, he is benefitted in terms of health, taste and other aspects, and accordingly, a corresponding amount of positive energy is sent by the person eating the fruits of this tree, to this tree. This whole mechanism works on the subconscious level in such a way that you may not even consciously feel that you have sent positive energy to a tree and if you want to know when you might have last done that by eating a fruit and how was this done, let me help you out.

While eating your last apple and enjoying it, one of these thoughts could have come to your mind to the effect that the apple is tasty, delicious, or that you love it, or are grateful for it. All these thoughts and thought patterns are thanksgiving patterns. As thankfulness comes to your mind in response to something good that has happened to you, a corresponding amount of positive energy flows out of your aura and it tracks the person or thing that caused this good thing to happen to you. In this case, it is an apple tree and your positive energy targets it, finds it and gets added to the aura of this apple tree.


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