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Apart from the fact that our subconscious minds keep adding positive or negative energy to our auras depending on our mindset, there are other factors which can add energy to our auras, whether or not we want them to add this energy. It means that these factors can add this energy to our auras without our wish. However, in the end this secret will come out, that this too was directly or indirectly our wish and the universe acted upon our wish though we may not have expressed it in words and instead we may have expressed it through our mindset or the subconscious mind. Let’s not wait any longer and find out what this theory is, which leads to the addition of positive or negative energy to our auras, and which can change the net equation of energy in our bodies as well as in our auras.

Hold your positions as we are now going to dig deep into the bottom of the theory which lies at the base of all the good and the bad that comes to us and which can even control the type of mindset we can have. This theory is none other than the ultimate theory of karmas, the theory of good and bad karmas. Most of you must have heard a few things about the word karma, how it can control our destiny and how it can have influence on each and every aspect of our lives. Good karma brings good results and bad karma brings bad results. It must have intrigued many of you how this theory of karma works? Well today is your lucky day to know it all and now is the time, so hold your breath and read on.

To understand it properly, let’s first get to know what karma is, and how many types of karmas there are. To start with the definition first, a karma is any action, speech and sometimes even a thought practiced by us. Hence whatever we do, whatever we say and sometimes even what we think is karma. Some of you may be wondering how saying something and even thinking something can become karma. By the time, you are done reading this, you will know each and everything about this theory of karma as good as I know, well almost as good.

Karma can be divided into three types: good, bad and neutral karma and it is easy to understand each of these types. Anything that you do or say or sometimes think, and other people or species or the universe on the whole is benefitted from it, is called a good karma. On the other hand, anything you do or say or even think and other people or species or the universe suffers a loss through it, is called a bad karma. The easiest is the third which says that anything you say, do or think which doesn’t have any direct positive or negative impact on other people, species or the universe as a whole, is a neutral karma.

Let’s try to understand these three types of karmas with the help of practical examples so that you may have perfect understanding of this theory of karma, which has been at the root of all the good and the bad happening to us since our first birth, and it will always be at the root of all the good and the bad happening to us in this life and in all the coming lives. Understanding good karmas is easy. Doing charity work, making donations, being helpful, helping others, contributing to society, promoting equality and other similar activities are good karmas.


So when you are helping a poor man or offering your service to a physically disabled person or an old person, treating an injured dog or a cat lying on the side of the road, planting more trees so that the earth may become a better and cleaner place to live, educating other people about good and bad karmas or about the ways through which they can improve their lives as well as improve the society and the earth they are living on, and you are engaging in all other similar types of activities, you are indeed doing good karmas for which you will receive rewards in the form of addition of more positive energy to your aura.

On the other hand, when you are robbing another person; indulging in physical assault or violence against other humans or other species, for reasons which don’t demand such acts in the name of justice and in order to restore peace and balance in the society or in the world; performing brutal actions like raping a girl, killing a dog or a cat or some other animal for no just reason and just for fun, doing more and more things to pollute the atmosphere and disturb the eco system as well as the life balance on this earth, misleading fellow people to engage in negative or bad deeds which can harm others, and all other similar type of activities where someone or some system is suffering by virtue of your karma and where such action or karma can’t be justified by any just reason, you are indulging in bad karmas.

Let’s now look at neutral karmas. Anything you do, say or think that doesn’t directly benefit or harm others is a neutral karma. For example, while you sleep, drink water, eat and do other such things which are either your daily need activities or activities done for fun or time-pass, as long as these activities don’t directly harm or benefit others, are called neutral karmas. It should be mentioned here that thinking is most of the time a neutral karma and it seldom becomes a good or a bad karma and that is when it gains importance. The definition of good or bad karma includes certain types of thinking patterns and thoughts which we will understand with the help of examples.

Though most of our thoughts and mind patterns involve us and us only and they don’t cause direct profit or loss to the others; thereby falling in the category of neutral karmas, there are some specific type of activities of our minds which are classified as good or bad karmas. For example, when you pray for the benefit of other people or other species, such prayers are included in good karmas provided they don’t include any direct benefit of yours and they are done for selfless reasons. This means if you are praying for your father to become a billionaire, it is at the most a neutral karma and not a good karma, since deep down you know that if your dad becomes a billionaire, you too will benefit and hence it is not a good karma.

However, if you are praying for some stranger or for some other causes which don’t bring any direct benefit to you and you are aware of this fact that the benefit of these prayers if any, will all go to the ones you are praying for and nothing will come to you directly if such prayers are answered, you are certainly doing a good karma even though you are just praying within your mind which in other words, is merely your positive thought pattern. Hence all such activities or thought patterns which wish good luck or which pray for good things to happen to the others without any benefits coming to you are classified as good karmas. You see, how smart are the people who devote their lives to praying for the others without their own benefits in those prayers as they are continuously doing more and more good karmas and as a result, more and more positive energy is being added to their auras, thereby increasing their chances of achieving whatever they wish to achieve.

Looking at the other side of the picture, any thoughts or thought patterns which come to your mind and that wish bad for others, or in other words when you curse others without any just cause or reason and without any injustice done by them to you, such thoughts or thought patterns are classified in the category of bad karmas. For example, wishing that a person should fall ill or that something bad should happen to him so that he may not come to a competition or a job interview and you may win the competition or get that job due to his absence, is a negative karma, since you tried and sent negative energy to this person through your mind so that he may be harmed and you may benefit.

All other thoughts or thought patterns of this type are classified as bad karmas and they all bring negative energy to your aura and more negative energy means more troubles in the future. It should however be noted that praying or cursing is most of the time not as potent a good karma or a bad karma as potent a good or bad karma is by physically doing something to benefit or harm the others. As a general rule, mind patterns cause mild good or bad karmas, speeches or writings cause comparatively stronger good or bad karmas depending on whether they are positive or negative and the physical karmas done by us cause the strongest types of good or bad karmas, once again, depending on the positive or negative nature of such karmas.

You are now aware of the power of good as well as bad karmas and you may also realize now; why wise men say, ‘think well for the others, speak well for the others and do good for the others and at the same time, don’t think bad for the others, don’t speak bad for the others and don’t do bad to the others’. This is due to the reason that all these wise men know that by doing, saying or thinking such good or bad things, you are engaging in good or bad karmas. Good karmas will add positive energy to your aura and improve it, whereas bad karmas will add negative energy to your aura and make it even worse than it was.

So think good, say good, do good and then nothing can stop the good from coming to you. Though that good may take shorter time in some cases and longer time in some other cases, depending on the initial positive or negative strength of your aura but one thing is sure: the good has to come to you if you spread the good. On the other hand, the bad will certainly come to you if you keep thinking bad, saying bad and doing bad, and once again, it may come to you sooner or later depending on the initial positive or negative strength of your aura. By now, many of you must have understood the meaning of the saying, “Man is the maker of his own destiny”. This is rightly so, because only you can shape your future by choosing to engage in good or bad karmas.


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Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari

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