Acknowledgments and Prelude

Heaven and Hell Within Part 02

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Om Namah Shivaay

This book has become possible with the Grace of Lord Shiva and every valuable word in this book is only due to his Blessings. This Book is dedicated to the advancement and development of the good in people. The primary aim of this book is to make our lives as well as those of others, better and better by improving ourselves continuously.

                                                                      Om Namah Shivaay


                                                                     They Come First

After bowing to Lord Shiva, let me take this moment to thank the person who has been an influence so strong and supportive in my life that she is second only to my Lord Shiva himself. She is none other than my respected and adorable mother, Smt. Jeewan Lata. So much can be said about her contribution to my life and her support in making me what I am today, that a whole book can be written about it! But, I will consider her like Lord Shiva and hence move onto the next person, after bowing to her, as even an ocean of words can’t describe her real contribution in my life and for this book.

Second on the list of acknowledgments is my dear and respected father Lt. Sh. Bodh Raj Shangari. Though he left us when I was nine only, the mere fact that he along with my mother brought me to this world, makes me indebted to him for this life as well as for many lives to come. God Bless your soul father, wherever you are! Even though you are physically not with me anymore, you have always been present in my mind, through all the sweet memories of my childhood, and you will always be.

This list will not be completed without mentioning my dearest and loving maternal grandmother Smt. Seeta Rani who has been showering her love and blessings on me through all these years. A big part of whatever success I have achieved is due to her true and pure blessings and I am truly humbled by her love and blessings. Keep blessing me like this ‘MaataJi’ as your blessings bring the grace of gods closer to me.

I also want to bow to my dear aunt Smt. Sanjogita Kundra for always sending her blessings to me through all these years. She is one person who never forgets to bless me whether it is a New Year morning or some other important day of my life. I’m grateful to you for all your true love and blessings ‘Bua Ji’ and I hope to keep receiving your pure love and blessings.

One more person who has blessed me a lot and who has been a fatherly influence for me during the past few years, is Sh. Jagat Singh Yadav, the father of one of my dearest friends Sh. Perdhuman Yadav. Whenever I meet him or speak to him and he blesses me, I can clearly feel his absolutely pure love and unadulterated blessings for me. It has happened to me many times that whenever he blesses me in the morning, very good things happen throughout the day. Such is the power of his love for me. I’ truly humbled and obliged by your love and blessings ‘Uncle Ji’ and I don’t know what have I done to deserve them?

The next person on this list is a very dear friend of mine, Arun Sharma Pappu. He has stood by me in so many difficult times that even my difficult times are afraid of him now as they know that he is not going to let me suffer alone and he is going to get me out of them. He is a blessing of Lord Shiva to me and I thank my lord for giving him to me.

Let me now take this opportunity to thank my dearest friend, Sh. Yusuf Kirmani, the person who pushed me hard to start writing books. If I have been able to write books during this time, most credit goes to him as otherwise, I may not have done it for many more years. Thanks a lot Kirmani Ji, and keep blessing me with your friendship.


                                                                      Special Thanks

Though I have received great support from many loving friends, readers, clients and other people; the following names belong to the people who went above and beyond to support and promote the first part of ‘Heaven and Hell Within’, as well as to love and support me. I’m truly thankful to all these people and I’m blessed to have them in my life.

The names have been mentioned in alphabetical order, and the order doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s level of importance in particular.


Amardeep Singh Maana (Mohali, Chandigarh, India)

Dalwinder Singh Chadha (Jalandhar, India)

Deepinder Singh (Mohali, India)

Divya Kundra (Gurgaon, India)

Gaurav Kumar (Brussels, Belgium)

Harish Chander Nakhwal (Jalandhar, India)

Harish Kumar Arora (Jalandhar, India)

Harnoop Singh Dhillon (Chandigarh, India)

Harpreet Kaur (Jalandhar, India)

Ishita Yadav (Lagos, Nigeria)

Kamal J.S Mann (New Delhi, India)

Karanvir Singh Rehal (Mohali, India)

Manu Duggal (Jalandhar, India)

Nitin Nagar (New Delhi, India)

Perdhuman Yadav (Chandigarh, India)

Pushap Jain (Jalandhar, India)

Rakesh Sharma (Kapurthala, India)

Ravinder Kumar Sharma (Amritsar, India)

Sutej Singh (Jalandhar, India)

Sanjay Rawat (Chandigarh, India)

Savvy Dadwal (Mumbai, India)

Varun Sharma (Karnal, India)

Vivek Sinha (Bangalore, India)


It’s only been a short period of time that the first part of this book reached you, and here we are again, talking about one more book. All this has happened because of your overwhelming love and support for the first part of ‘Heaven and Hell Within’ as well as for me. In fact, it is only you people who have convinced me to start writing the second part so soon, as many of you kept encouraging me to write the second part at the earliest and you also suggested various topics for the second part.

Hence it is you people who gave me all the points for this picture and all I had to do was to join those points and complete the picture. So the credit for this book goes to you more than me. I hope to receive the same love and support for this second part also, as I have done my best to come up to your expectations and do justice to the topics given by you, through this book.

This book is divided into two parts where the first part covers about 85% of the book leaving about 15% for the second part. The first part deals with eight big negative habits which can affect your performance in a negative way, as well as create many problems for you in various spheres of your life. These habits include Being too Possessive, Lack of Concentration, Too many Grudges, Lack of Trust and some other negative habits.

As suggested by many readers, this time the topics have been elaborated in even bigger details and more examples from real life have been provided, compared to the first part. Many readers have suggested that each habit should be explained even more so that they may get an even better idea about how it develops, how to understand its working and how to get rid of it effectively. I have honored their suggestions and accordingly, I have elaborated the topics more so that they should be easier to understand.

Many readers have also requested me to dedicate a complete chapter to the theory of Rebirth as they read about this topic, in the first part of this book and they wanted to understand it in details. Hence I have included a second section which has only one chapter named Rebirth and its Reasons, which deals with all possible reasons for a soul being born again and again, as well as with the ways through which a soul can achieve liberation. This topic too has been explained in details and many examples from real life have been given so that everyone should be able to understand it with ease.

I have received so many complements about my choice of easy to understand English for the first part of this book and accordingly, I have used the same easy to understand language for this book also. The primary objective of these books is for people to understand them with ease so that they may make the most of these books, and that is why I am using easy to understand English.

With these words, I now take you to the book and hope you like this part as much as the first part, and even more.

Lord Shiva Bless You

Himanshu Shangari


Contents :

Section 01 : How to Improve Yourself


Being too Possessive

Lack of Concentration

Too many Grudges

Too much Work

Too much Complaining

Being OverAmbitious

Being too Greedy

Lack of Trust


Section 02 : Rebirth and its Reasons


Rebirth and its Reasons