Manglik Dosh

Match Making and Manglik Dosh

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Manglik Dosh

What is Manglik Dosh

Mars is a fiery planet which is loaded with energy. When Mars is functionally benefic in a horoscope, this energy can be used for various constructive purposes. It is like we can use fire to cook food, to warm ourselves, to run our industries and to do many other things. However, when Mars is functionally malefic in a horoscope, the same fire becomes destructive like the forest fire which can burn anything and everything that comes within its reach. Malefic Mars can cause various types of problems for the native under its influence and some of these problems are related to marriage; when Mars forms Manglik Dosh in a horoscope.

How is Manglik Dosh Formed in a Horoscope

Manglik Dosh is among the most feared defects mentioned in Vedic astrology and many people reject marriage alliances, merely because of presumed Manglik Dosh. According to the prevalent definition of Manglik Dosh, it is said to be formed in a horoscope if Mars is present in first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of such horoscope. Once found present, this defect is associated with delay in marriage, troubled marriages, disputes, separations, divorces, widowhood and many other disturbing events. Though there are no doubts that a planet like Mars is actually capable of doing all this and even more; the question is ‘does it do such things so often’? Through this article, we are going to find the answer to this question as well as the answers to a number of other questions associated with this defect.

A horoscope has twelve houses and the probability of each planet being placed in any one of these houses is one out of twelve. Since Manglik Dosh is said to be formed when Mars is placed in any one of the already mentioned six out of twelve houses, the probability of presence of Manglik Dosh in a horoscope is one out of two. This is because the probability of Mars being placed in any one of these six houses out of twelve houses in total is one out of two which means a probability of 50%. Therefore, this definition tells us that 50% people across the globe are suffering from Manglik Dosh. As a remedy to this defect, it is often suggested that a Manglik person should get married to another Manglik person. A native who has Manglik Dosh in his horoscope is called Manglik. The logic behind such alliances is that if both natives have Manglik Dosh in their horoscopes, they will balance each other out. Having known this much, let’s now dig deeper and check the authenticity of these claims or beliefs.


Mars can Be Benefic

First of all, if something affects 50% population of the world, it becomes a norm and not something special. Moving on, the literal meaning of the term Dosh is defect. As the general as well as logical thinking goes, a defect should be associated with a malefic planet and not with a benefic planet as benefic planets form good yogas and not defects. So is it assumed that Mars placed in these specific six houses is always malefic or the fact that even benefic Mars forms Manglik Dosh in these houses? As far as the first assumption is concerned, no planet can become malefic merely by placement in a house as each and every planet among Navagraha is fully capable of producing malefic as well as benefic results in each and every house of a horoscope. That leaves us with the second assumption that even benefic Mars placed in these specific six houses can form Manglik Dosh.


Mars – The Planet of Energy

If we try to look into this assumption, it can be found that Mars is a planet of energy and marriage is a delicate relationship. The extra energy featured by Mars may not be good for marriage and hence it may break marriage or even cause death of the partner. It means when a person is affected by such assumed Manglik Dosh, he may bring too much energy to the sphere of marriage and this excessive energy may cause serious problems in marriage or to the partner. It is like the person affected by Manglik Dosh may be very aggressive, stubborn, argumentative, impulsive, violent or he may possess other such personality traits which are caused by excess of energy; since such excess tends to balance itself out through outward expressions like the ones mentioned.

This may sound convincing and we may assume for a moment that it may be true also. But then, how can the marriage of one Manglik with another Manglik be the solution for this defect? Is there any wisdom in bringing even more energy to a marriage through another Manglik when there is already too much to handle, because of one Manglik? Does it sound wise that an aggressive, impulsive, stubborn, argumentative or violent person should be paired with the one who possesses the same personality traits? Are we trying to make a positive by bringing two negatives together?

The concept which gives a positive through two negatives is called multiplication and not addition, in mathematics. When two negatives are added, the resultant is an even bigger negative. The best way to reduce a negative number is to add a positive number to it. For example, if +8 is added to -10, the resultant is -2 which means the negativity has decreased. However, if -8 is added to -10, the resultant is -18 which means the negativity has increased. Coming to real life; an aggressive or violent person is better matched with a wise and tolerant person and not with another one of his kind. Two aggressive, argumentative, impulsive or violent people put together in a relationship like marriage may end up causing disasters in most cases. It means the belief which says a Manglik should be married to another Manglik is not a wise one and hence it should not be followed.

How Do Other Yogas Affect Marriage?

Coming back to the belief which may assume that even benefic Mars forms Manglik Dosh in six specific houses of a horoscope; it is also not supported by logic and real life experiences; like all other beliefs related to the prevalent definition of Manglik Dosh. It doesn’t hold good on logical grounds because we don’t see benefic planets making defects in horoscopes but we see them making good yogas. It doesn’t hold good in real life since we don’t see so many negative and troublesome outcomes of marriages, as many should be caused by the prevalent definition of Manglik Dosh. On a random basis, Manglik Dosh alone should cause divorces, deaths and other tragic events in about 50% of marriages; according to its prevalent definition.

Before reaching any conclusions, let’s be reminded that Manglik Dosh is only one of the defects which can cause serious problems in marriage and it is not the only one. There are serious defects like Kaal Sarp Yog, Pitra Dosh, Grahan Yog, Guru Chandal Yoga and such defects which can cause equal amount of damage or even more, to the marriage of an affected native or to his spouse. Then there are other defects like Nadi Dosh, Bhakoot Dosh and other such defects formed during Match Making, which may not be as troublesome as the ones mentioned earlier; but which can still cause significant problems. When we look at the bigger picture; it seems like no marriage in the world should happen or survive. Since that is not the case today; and that was absolutely not the case many years back when there used to be marriages only and no divorces; especially in India; the prevalent definition fails the real life test also.


Placement of Malefic Mars Causes Manglik Dosh

It means we need to approach the formation of Manglik Dosh with the same guideline which proves itself correct time and again; and which forms the basis of defining each good and bad yoga in Vedic astrology. This guideline says good planets form good yogas and bad planets form bad yogas. It means Mars has to be functionally malefic in a horoscope in order to form Manglik Dosh in such horoscope; and benefic Mars can’t form Manglik Dosh in a horoscope. Hence the corrected definition of Manglik Dosh is; if malefic Mars is placed in first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of a horoscope, Manglik Dosh may be formed in such horoscope.

As you can see, the phrase ‘may be formed’ has been used instead of the phrase ‘is formed’. It means that even the presence of malefic Mars in one of these six houses is not sufficient to form Manglik Dosh and there is another condition which needs to be met in order to give this defect the kind of fearsome edge it is associated with. When any good or bad yoga is formed in a horoscope, the next question to ask is how strong or weak is such yoga. This one question can change everything related to a good or bad yoga on its own and hence it is a must ask question. The answers to a number of questions in various spheres of life are subjective and asking objective questions almost always gives us incomplete answers or sometime, almost incorrect answers.

Let me ask you a quick question and try to reply it at the earliest without reading the next line or without thinking much. If water is added to milk, will milk be diluted? You see, it is one of the easiest questions and anyone can tell in a second that the answer is ‘Yes’. But the answer is yes only when you take it like an objective question which most of us do; whereas this question is a subjective question like many other questions. When you say ‘Yes’, let me check the validity of this answer with an added clause, ‘What if a drop of water is added to 100 or 1000 litres of milk? The equation as you see has become complicated now and your answer seems almost incorrect. This is because a drop of water will not cause any significant dilution to 1000 litres of milk which means such drop may cause almost no dilution. It means the answer was incorrect.

The answer was incorrect because the question was attempted from one dimension only whereas many things, concepts and questions are multi-dimensional. Hence we should wait before answering such a question like the present one, we should think about other possible dimensions and then only we should give the answer; ‘it depends on how much water is added to how much milk’. Now this answer looks complete. We should take the same approach before answering any subjective looking question and we should try to find if there are other dimensions or aspects related to this question. Considering one other such question; can you eat 1 Kg red chilli powder? While most people may answer it as No, my answer is Yes. This is because I can eat 1 Kg red chilli powder in one year, consuming it slowly. The question doesn’t mention, in how much time.

Likewise, most people concerned about having this defect in their horoscopes want a simple and objective answer to the question, whether or not they have Manglik Dosh in their horoscope. Some people are more aware about astrology and they may ask whether or not Mars placed in one of the specific six houses is malefic in their horoscopes. The objective answer to these questions leads to the fact that they have Manglik Dosh in their horoscopes. However, the subjective view is different as it is, most of the time. Each and every defect comes with a strength just like every good or bad person, every good or bad bacteria or virus and most other good or bad things or people have their own strengths. So unless we ask this question, how strong; the answer is incomplete. If Manglik Dosh is like a viral infection in general; it’s like you are asking the question, do I have a viral infection, without asking about any other details. As I answer yes; you may start fearing that this virus may kill you or trouble you a lot as it may be a Corona Virus infection or even worse, an HIV infection.

What you didn’t bother to ask is what type of infection? Had you asked, the answer might have been, you have a common cold viral infection. You see, it changes everything; and you should have asked what type of viral infection and how destructive is this infection. In case of Manglik Dosh, the most relevant question to ask is, how strong is Manglik Dosh, once we know it is formed in the horoscope. In about 50% cases; this defect even if formed, is less than 50% in strength and in many of such cases, it is even less than 30% in strength. When any defect is less than 30% in strength, it behaves like common cold which can irritate you every now and then, trouble you at times, then go away, it may come back and do the same to you at a different times in your life and go away again. If you have Manglik Dosh this strong; you don’t need to worry much or worry at all.


How Does Manglik Dosh Impact Marriage

Astrologically it means that such Manglik Dosh can delay your marriage for a couple of years or maybe even less and the alliance may go through some ups and downs before getting finalized. Once your marriage is conducted, your equation with your wife may take more time to build and you may face problems related to mental understanding in particular; though they may not be high in quantum. Hence some arguments, some differences of opinion, some impulsive actions or some quick outbursts of energy may be seen during the first couple of years of marriage and then things should settle down. The way I see, this is how majority of marriages are built, as a couple faces challenges during the first year or two; the couples learn to deal with such challenges and through this wisdom to deal, a beautiful and meaningful relationship which can actually be called marriage, may be born. Hence Manglik Dosh with strength of 30% or less is not a cause of concern and you should be fine with it, even without remedies. Then we can use astrological remedies like gemstones and Poojas and we can do even better.

Manglik Dosh With 50% Strength

Manglik Dosh having strength of around 50% is something that needs to be paid attention to though it is not something which can cause disasters. Manglik Dosh this strong can cause all the above mentioned problems but on a larger scale. For instance, one or two alliances may break before an alliance is finalized, the disputes and arguments may be higher in quantum and even when some common understanding is reached by the couple; such disputes and arguments may keep troubling every now and then. However with this type of Manglik Dosh also, your marriage should be able to survive; unless such Manglik Dosh is formed in seventh house of your horoscope. Seventh house of a horoscope directly deals with marriage and the presence of Manglik Dosh even with a strength of 50% is capable of breaking at least one marriage of the native on account of mismatch of personalities, in most cases. If such Manglik Dosh is formed in any of the other five houses; you should be fine, when it comes to continuation of marriage. We will deal with effects of Manglik Dosh in different houses of a horoscope, through separate articles.

Is Manglik Dosh at 75% – a Cause for Worry

Moving on, If Manglik Dosh has strength which lies around 75%, this is a troublesome one and you will very likely not be able to deal with this on your own. If formed in any one of the six specific houses except the seventh house; it can easily break one marriage and it can give you troublesome experiences. In some cases when the horoscope of the spouse is not strong enough to protect her lifeline, such Manglik Dosh may even cause the death of first spouse. When Manglik Dosh this strong is placed in seventh house; it becomes more troublesome. It can now break two or three marriages and it can cause death of one or two spouses; if their own horoscopes are not strong enough to protect their lifelines. With Manglik Dosh of 75% strength, you must avail astrological remedies if you wish to have a decent marriage and married life.


Rarest Manglik Dosh with 90% or More Strength

In rare cases, Manglik Dosh achieves strength of more than 90% and this is when it may cause all the fearsome events associated with it. In any of the six specific houses except seventh house, such Manglik Dosh may delay the marriage till late, it may break two or three marriages and it may cause death of one or two spouses. When such Manglik Dosh is placed in seventh house of a horoscope, it simply means no marital bliss at all and that too, throughout the life of the native; unless there are strong marriage favouring planets in the horoscope of such native. Hence this native may either not get married throughout his life or he may go through two, three, four, five, six or any number of failed marriages and no marriage of this native is likely to sustain; no matter how many times he gets married. Some of the spouses may die, if their horoscopes are not strong enough to protect their lifelines. This is the type of Manglik Dosh which may completely prohibit the native from having marital bliss, no matter how many times he gets married. In some cases, it may increase the quantum of troubles with each new marriage. In the end, the native may get so scared of marriage that he may choose to remain unmarried. Whether this decision is reached after first failed marriage or after seventh failed marriage; varies from native to native or so to say, from horoscope to horoscope. This is the one which will need potent as well as dedicated astrological remedies to fix and you simply can’t win over it, on your own.


Placement of Mars in the Horoscope

After we have assessed the strength of Manglik Dosh, the next thing to look for is the placement of Mars in the horoscope. Manglik Dosh formed in six specific yet different houses of horoscope causes different types of problems related to marriage and hence this factor will help us determine the types of problems we are likely to face. For instance, Manglik Dosh formed in second house or in eighth house is primarily happy with delaying the marriage whereas Manglik Dosh formed in seventh house primarily takes pride in breaking marriages. We will deal with the effects of Manglik Dosh in different houses through separate articles.

Timing of the Impact

Moving on, the next factor to check is the timing of impact, which generally applies after the marriage has been conducted. When Manglik Dosh formed in a horoscope tends to break a marriage or cause the death of spouse, such events happen during specific time windows and not anytime. For one native, this time window may activate after two years of his marriage for one year; whereas for another native, this window may activate soon after his marriage for two years. This is why we see that among the marriages which fail or break, some break during the first year of marriage, some during the second year and some may break after 14 years or even longer. The timing of impact of any good or bad yoga equips such yoga with maximum power to strike and this is when such yoga will reach its optimum expression, whether such expression is good or bad for the native. Vedic astrology provides guidelines to check timing of impact of all good and bad yogas, including Manglik Dosh. Hence this factor should be checked properly. Let’s try to understand it with the help of an example.

Suppose, malefic Mars forms Manglik Dosh of 70% strength in the seventh house of a horoscope in Taurus, a benefic combination of exalted Venus and Rahu is placed in fifth house in Pisces, Ketu is placed in eleventh house in Virgo, benefic Jupiter is placed in first house in Scorpio, a benefic combination of Sun and Mercury forms Budh Aditya Yoga in sixth house of horoscope and the rest of the horoscope varies. According to the basic setup of this horoscope, the native is likely to get married around his age of 24 or 25; provided the rest of his horoscope is supportive. This native is likely to perform a love marriage and his wife is likely to belong to some other community, religion or to another country. The couple may face issues related to control or dominance, which means both the partners may try to gain control over each other; in their own ways. Whereas the native may use his intelligence and aggression to do so; his wife may do so through sensual channels. It means she may try to get her opinion validated during the night when she feels the native is willing to engage in sexual contacts.

As the native is also likely to be stubborn; this may create problems and many of them may be created during bed time. The native may want to mate without any discussions about any topics, the wife may raise some topics for discussion so that she may get native’s approval on them; the native may get irritated, the night may get spoiled and the tension may rise. This may keep happening and the tension may start gaining more and more strength. As a result, the couple may start fighting with each other over small issues as none of them is able to dominate the other. Somewhere around native’s age of 28 or 29, the problems may peak out and the native may ask for a divorce. During the same time, the native may also engage in an extramarital affair with someone, with two intentions. One of them is the physical satisfaction which he may not be getting from his wife due to conflict. The second is the fact that the native may have already started visualizing the end of this marriage and he may have started preparing for a new marriage with a new partner.

Accordingly, this marriage may end anywhere between native’s age of 29 and 30; and the native may get married again; very soon; unless there are strong grace saving factors in the horoscope of this native. Though his second marriage is also likely to be troubled and it may break sooner than the first one; we will not get into that. Looking at some grace saving factors in this horoscope, if benefic exalted Moon is placed in seventh house of this horoscope in Taurus along with malefic Mars; and benefic Saturn is placed in eighth house in Gemini, the problems may reduce a lot. The malefic impact of Manglik Dosh may reduce by a factor of about 30 to 40% in this case, due to the presence of benefic exalted Moon with it, as well as due to the presence of benefic Saturn in eighth house. As a result, the native may be able to save his marriage; provided his wife’s horoscope doesn’t have serious issues related to marriage.

Due to the benefic influence of these two planets; the couple may form a strong emotional bond with each other. Though they may still have a number of mental differences and clashes; this emotional bond initiated by Moon is likely to win over them in the end. The benefic influence of Saturn in eighth house in Gemini may help this native control his anger and he may be able to behave in a wiser way, thereby reducing the number of arguments as well as the duration of such arguments or issues. It means though the couple may still have arguments; they may not last long and the couple may reconcile soon. The presence of benefic exalted Moon can help this couple get out of the phase where both of them may want to control each other; and it may help them reach a phase; where both of them may think as one and become one. It means they may come to understand that their differences are a part of the relationship and they are not the entire relationship. Hence they may keep enjoying their relationship more and more; despite having such differences which may keep existing till the end of their lives. The status of this relationship may be something like; I will love you, I will fight with you and I will never leave you because life is beautiful with you.

Should a Manglik Marry Another Manglik

The next fact to note is that a Manglik should never be married to another Manglik; especially if both of them have Manglik Dosh in the seventh house. Such marriage may not last even for a year and hence this practice should be avoided absolutely. Once all these factors have been assessed properly, the next stop is to look for remedies. Vedic astrology provides rich remedial measures for each defect including Manglik Dosh. Through timely guidance and with proper remedial measures which may include application of gemstones, Poojas, yantras and donations; most people suffering from Manglik Dosh can enjoy healthy marriages.


Himanshu Shangari