4 Tips to Find the Best Astrologer

4 Tips for finding Best Astrologer

Let’s look at some tips which should be used to find best astrologer for yourself, when you are searching online. Though there may be a number of astrologer in India and abroad, who have expertise in various branches of astrology; you need to find the best astrologer for you. This may take some effort and search, but they may all be worth when you find an astrologer who meets your requirements. Let’s look at some important points which should be kept in mind while searching for the best astrologer for you.

Language is an important aspect in Astrological Readings

One thing you need to ensure in your search to find the best astrologer is that you and the astrologer should have a common language. Without having a common language to interact, you may not benefit from the expertise of even the best astrologer in India or abroad. Hence it is advisable to find an astrologer who speaks in your language. If you speak only one language and that language is not a common one, you may go for email reports. It means if you and your astrologer don’t have a common language but the astrologer knows English, you may opt for email readings. You may translate such astrological readings into your language through a software or with the help of someone. If you know a common language like English but your astrologer doesn’t, you may need to look for other options.

Transparency is a Virtue the Best Astrologers should have

The next thing you should look for is how transparent the approach of the astrologer is. Look at the consultation section and see how transparent his terms of service are. If the website mentions contact details, waiting period, mode of payment and refund policies clearly; the astrologer is likely to be good at professional ethics; though he may or may not be the best astrologer when it comes to knowledge.

Find an Astrologer practicing in a Faith you are comfortable with

There are many branches of astrology and accordingly, there are a number of astrologers practicing in different branches. You should look for an astrologer in India or abroad who practices in a faith that you may understand. For example, astrology practiced in west is quite different from Vedic astrology practiced in India. If you feel you are comfortable with western astrology; you should try it first. This is because even the best astrologers practicing in Vedic astrology may not make much sense to you. Likewise, if you feel comfortable with Indian astrology, you should find an astrologer practicing in Indian astrology. If you are comfortable with all forms of astrology, this is an added bonus. This is because your window for finding the best astrologer for you becomes bigger.

There is no substitute for knowledge

This is the most important factor. The astrologer must possess good amount of knowledge, if you wish to consult him for a long period of time or for life. There is a simple test for this. The astrologers who put you at ease during consultations, are likely to possess good knowledge. On the other hand, the astrologers who you find confusing, may not prove good for you. Some of these astrologers may not possess sufficient knowledge of astrology to answer your questions in satisfactory manners. Some of these astrologers may possess good knowledge but their way of explaining things may not match with your way of understanding things. Hence you should find an astrologer who makes you understand things easily. After this, wait and see how good his predictions hold and how much improvement you witness after doing remedies recommended by him. If an astrologer fits these criteria; he may be the best astrologer for you.